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Delme Roundabout
Delme Roundabout sliproad.jpg
Sliproad from the Delme Roundabout towards the M27, in the distance are several cars which couldn't make the climb last night.
Delme east side.jpg
The Delme Roundabout.
A27 Delme ADS.jpg
The unusual signs for the Delme Roundabout, before the Cams Hall traffic lights.
Delme Roundabout north.jpg
Delme Roundabout: approach from the M27.
Delme Roundabout west.jpg
The western side of the Delme Roundabout.
Delme Roundabout postcard.jpg
The original layout of the Delme Roundabout, showing the A27.
A27 Delme Roundabout 1985 signs.jpg
Signs on the Delme Roundabout in 1985: the A27 is shown in primary green, and the M27 link road is shown in motorway blue - with the A32 multiplex highlighted.
Delme sign.jpg
A sign for the Delme Roundabout, approaching on the A27 westbound, with the railway viaduct in the background and another junction in the foreground. To be honest, I thought I had a better photo of this, and if anyone else does they should upload it.


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