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Hanson's Bridge - Geograph - 598507.jpg
Hanson's Bridge, A4123 near Dudley
Holly Hall - Geograph - 1117923.jpg
Holly Hall
BrumQ27 - Coppermine - 1775.jpg

Downtown Dudley: looking across the A4037 towards the zoo

Posted by DadgeCity on 2/18/2005

Originally uploaded to Coppermine on Apr 29, 2005 by M4Simon
Streetlights - Coppermine - 9530.jpg
Arched columns about to bite the dust

These columns on the A459 between Dudley and Netherton are among the last remaining in the area. When these go the only ones remaining are a couple further along the A459 towards Gornal. All the other installations were replaced a couple of months ago.

Originally uploaded to Coppermine on Dec 16, 2006 by Truvelo
Priory Road, Dudley - Geograph - 1994952.jpg
A4168 Priory Road, Dudley
View in the direction of the island crossroads with The Broadway.
Priory Road, Dudley - Geograph - 1994949.jpg
Priory Road, Dudley
View from the corner of Ednam Road in the direction of The Broadway.
Wolverhampton Street, Dudley - Geograph - 2000165.jpg
Wolverhampton Street, Dudley
Near the Trinity Road junction.
Ednam Road, Dudley - Geograph - 1987484.jpg
Ednam Road, Dudley
View from The Broadway in the direction of Priory Road.
Ednam Road, Dudley - Geograph - 1987476.jpg
Ednam Road, Dudley
View from Priory Road in the direction of The Broadway.
New Street, Dudley - Geograph - 1994039.jpg
New Street, Dudley
View into Priory Road.
The Broadway, Dudley - Geograph - 1982927.jpg
The Broadway, Dudley
View in the direction of Dudley College from the corner of Castle Street. On the 1901 Ordnance Survey map this section of The Broadway was named as Downing Street. Possibly named after Francis Downing, Mayor of Dudley in 1818/19 and 1831.
Wolverhampton Street, Dudley - Geograph - 2000158.jpg
Wolverhampton Street, Dudley
View in the direction of Eve Hill.
Castle Hill, Dudley - Geograph - 1982951.jpg
Castle Hill, Dudley
View in the direction of Dudley Zoo entrance, with the Birmingham Street junction on the right.
Empty Bypass - Geograph - 2013559.jpg
Empty Bypass
The Dudley Southern Bypass closed for the Titanic Anchor procession.
Stafford Street, Dudley - Geograph - 1996439.jpg
Stafford Street, Dudley
View in the direction of Steppingstone Street from the corner of High Street
Stafford Street, Dudley - Geograph - 1996420.jpg
Stafford Street, Dudley
View from the top of The Inhedge in the direction of High Street.
Hall Street View North - Geograph - 2434282.jpg
A461 Dudley Southern Bypass, Hall Street View North
Southern Bypass - Geograph - 2434217.jpg
A461 Dudley Southern Bypass
Exit from A4100 northbound towards the B4173.JPG
The junction from the A4100 northbound to the B4173. (According to some maps, the roads don't quite touch, but these are the roads that connect them.) The A4100 northbound runs bottom to top of the left of the picture; on the right is a filter lane coming from the B4173 for left turns onto the A4100 southbound; and the main connection between the roads is visible in the centre of the picture, just underneath the green advertisement.
The B4173 approaching the A4100 multiplex.jpg
The B4173, looking northwards towards its multiplex with the A4100. To the left is a filter lane that connects to the A4100 southbound; the main junction with the A4100 is ahead (blocked from view here by a blind summit).
Railway bridge on the B4173.jpg
The railway bridge over the B4173, looking southbound. This gives something of an impression of how hilly this road can be.
The B4173 over the Stour Valley.jpg
The B4173, looking southbound over the valley through which the River Stour runs. The road runs sharply downhill to the river, then sharply uphill afterwards, providing this excellent view.
Lyde Green signed as the B4174.jpg
The junction with the B4173 and Lyde Green. Lyde Green is signposted as the B4174; however, according to most maps (and the signs at the other end of the road), it is unclassified.
View from the B4173 southbound.jpg
The B4173 climbs steep hills in both directions, especially northbound. At top of the northbound climb, you can turn round and see this view along the B4173 southbound.
The B4174 TOTSO at Lyde Green.jpg
The B4174 northbound turns left (and southbound turns right) at Lyde Green (which is to the right in the image, which was taken from the south of the junction). This junction is quite confusing, because a sign (most likely a flag sign saying 'B4174') pointing down the southbound seems to have been removed, and because Lyde Green is (probably incorrectly) signed from the other end as the B4174. The result is that all three roads here are signed as the B4174 at the other end, but only one is signed as the B4174 at the junction.
Curve on the B4174.jpg
A sharp bend to the right on the B4174, which has a number of sharp bends; this image was taken looking northbound. The picture also shows a crossing of the River Stour, near the centre.
The north end of the B4174.jpg
The north end of the B4174, at its junction with the A4100.
Sedgley, Bull Ring - Geograph - 4292994.jpg
Sedgley, Bull Ring The centre of village life; coming from Wolverhampton and Bilston, with roads to Dudley, Tipton and Gospel End ahead.
Burnt Tree Junction - Geograph - 4736905.jpg
Burnt Tree Junction The view from the supermarket car park of the A4123 junction at Burnt Tree, Dudley.
20181023-0752 - Castle Gate Island Sign, Dudley.jpg
ADS for Castle Gate Island, Dudley
IMG 4277.JPG
Thorn R2L2s and Holophane V-Max lanterns in Dudley.
IMG 4276.JPG
Philips Digistreet lanterns on concrete columns in Dudley.
IMG 4278.JPG
Urbis Axia 2s and Holophane V-Max lanterns in Dudley.
IMG 4460.JPG
Urbis Amperas in Dudley, just outside Tesco. The prievious lanterns were WRTL Arcs.
IMG 4461.JPG
WRTL 2600s in Dudley, with Urbis Amperas in the background, just outside Tesco. These lanterns now run on cosmo. Photographed in the day.
IMG 4462.JPG
WRTL 2600s in Dudley, with Urbis Amperas in the background, just outside Tesco. These lanterns now run on cosmo. Photographed at night.
IMG 4463.JPG
Urbis Amperas lit up at night. Dudley, just outside Tesco.
IMG 4464.JPG
Urbis Amperas lit up at night. Dudley, just outside Tesco.
20181023-0752 - Castle Gate Island, Dudley.jpg
Castle Gate Island
6675.JPG Dudley to Merry Hill junction.jpg
Around Holly Hall and Woodside in Dudley, coming from Brierley Hill. This is just at the junction where Stourbridge Road (A461) and Highgate Road (A4036) meet. Picture taken in February 2019.
8528.JPG Urbis Axia 2 Old Column Dudley.jpg
Trinity Road, Dudley. Old 1950/60s style columns with new Urbis Axia 2 lanterns which are LED. The original lanterns probably would of been SOX/LPS.
8529.JPG Urbis Ampera Midi Old Column Sedgley.jpg
Bilston Street, Sedgley. Old 1960/70s style columns with new Urbis Ampera Midi lanterns which are LED. The original lanterns probably would of been SOX/LPS.
8530.JPG Thorn Civiteqs Old Column Coseley.jpg
Shaw Road, Coseley. Old 1970s style column and Thorn Civiteq lanterns which are LED. The original lantern on the old column was a GEC Z9554 (SOX/LPS), and the more modern post-top would have had an Industria/WRTL Arc 80 (SON/HPS).
IMG.8888.JPG 1 chevron Holophane VMax 12m columns.jpg
Along Stourbridge Rd heading into Dudley. This section is a duel carriageway and an important busy main-road, yet strangely the street lights are 12m post-top columns but with very small LED 1-chevron Holophane V-Max lanterns, which is quite strange. Previously I think the lanterns were SON/HPS and much bigger than these new LED ones.
IMG.8080.JPG Urbis Ampera Midi Thorn R2L2 Dudley.jpg
Just coming off Scotts Green Island and heading into Dudley town centre. The roundabout is lit with Urbis Ampera Midis and the road is lit with Thorn R2L2s, both LED types. Previously the old lanterns were flat-glass Thorn Rivieras (SON/HPS) which got replaced in 2018.
IMG 8665.JPG A491 between Stourbridge and Kingswinford.jpg
Heading up the hill to Kingswinford, which is along High Street (A491) coming from Stourbridge. This is also just at the junction for the B4180 as well, which goes to Brierley Hill, to the right.
IMG 8642.JPG A458 in Lye.jpg
Coming into Lye along High Street (A458), heading from Halesowen to Stourbridge. The lanterns seen in the background are Urbis Ampera Maxis.
IMG 8636.JPG A458 and roundabout in Halesowen.jpg
At one of the big roundabouts in Halesowen, just as you go down the A458 to Stourbridge.

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