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Junctions in North West England > Eccles Interchange

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Eccles Interchange
Eccles Interchange - M60 or M60.jpg
A choice of M60s at the Eccles Interchange, with a right-hand exit.
M602 Eccles Worsley Improvement - Coppermine - 11362.jpg
M60/M62/M602 Eccles Worsley Improvement

The main problem here is although the existing junction is a full freeflow, it's radii are much too tight and the main flow of traffic has to TOTSO. There's also the problem of weaving between J12 and J13. To overcome this the main traffic flow needs to cut the corner and so the M62-M60 North TOTSO is removed. J12 now only needs 3 of the 4 turning movements providing and extra slips remove the weaving between here and J13. Simple eh?

Originally uploaded to Coppermine on Apr 26, 2007 by Truvelo
M62 J12 Eccles interchange sign - Coppermine - 18058.JPG
M62 J12 Eccles interchange sign

See 'A puzzling gantry' thread

Originally uploaded to Coppermine on May 16, 2008 by RoadaddictReece
M60. M602 and M62 - Geograph - 2473369.jpg
M60. M602 and M62 Travelling clockwise on the M60 to junction 12 you're spoilt for choice of direction with three motorways coming together.