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Elkesley Junction
WP 20160522 17 26 19 Pro.jpg
Elkesley Junction looking southbound from service road alongside the northbound carriageway
WP 20160522 17 27 55 Pro.jpg
Elkesley Bridge Road - looking north east across the A1
WP 20160522 17 28 15 Pro.jpg
The A1 at Elkesley viewed from the junction overpass
WP 20160522 17 28 19 Pro.jpg
Elkesley Junction - A1 and the southbound sliproads opposite
WP 20160522 17 30 00 Pro.jpg
Coalpit Lane meets Eskil Way
WP 20160522 17 37 01 Pro.jpg
Roundabout at Jockey Lane This is the roundabout at the north eastern end of Elkesley Junction. Previously, Jockey Lane (signposted to as the right exit on the roundabout ahead) met the A1 at a T junction to the left of the picture. The local access road this picture is taken from did not exist, and needless to say nor did the roundabout!
WP 20160522 17 37 06 Pro.jpg
Elkesley Junction - north eastern roundabout Straight ahead to access the A1 southbound, or turn right and go across the bridge to the village and access to the A1 northbound.
WP 20160522 17 37 16 Pro.jpg
The bridge at Elkesley Junction
The A1 is ahead - Geograph - 2781671.jpg
The A1 is ahead Junction with jockey Lane onto the A1 prior to the upgrade work
A1 approaching junction to Eaton and Retford - Geograph - 4036579.jpg
A1 Southbound approaching Jockey Lane (to the left) Roadworks during the upgrade to construct a grade separated junction.
A1 Southbound - Geograph - 1327133.jpg
A1 Southbound The layby on the northbound carraigeway here was removed when the Elkelsey Bridge was built in this location.
Northbound A1, New Flyover at Elkesley - Geograph - 4892712.jpg
Northbound A1, New Flyover at Elkesley

Up to 43000 vehicles per day use the A1 through the East Midlands; almost a third of them heavy goods vehicles. Elkesley was unusual in that the road layout did not allow for any access between the local road network and the village other than by using a short length of the requiring right turns to be made across the carriageways to access the village.

The Elkesley Accident Reduction Scheme involves the construction of a new junction at Elkesley, with links providing a new local route to Retford avoiding the A1. Main construction started on 7 May 2014, the bridge opened to traffic one way in August and both ways in September. All the new road links were finally opened to traffic on 5 November 2015.
New bridge over the A1 - Geograph - 4647371.jpg
New bridge over the A1 Now complete and open but still with some ancillary work to be finished.
New bridge over the A1 - Geograph - 4790286.jpg
New bridge over the A1 Only opened in late 2015.
Carriageway Crossing on A1 - Geograph - 3448421.jpg
Carriageway Crossing on A1

Prior to the construction of the grade separated junction. This allows a legal U turn to head back towards Newark.


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