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Ermine Street
Waiting for a train - Geograph - 1393247.jpg
Waiting for a train
Ermine Street 1 - Geograph - 1393260.jpg
Ermine Street 1
Ermine Street 2 - Geograph - 1393262.jpg
Ermine Street 2
Ermine Street, Appleby - Geograph - 1213063.jpg
Ermine Street, Appleby
Ermine Street - Geograph - 338451.jpg
Ermine Street
To the Woods - Geograph - 11842.jpg
To the Woods
Newport Arch, Lincoln - Coppermine - 1913.JPG
Newport Arch, Lincoln

The oldest archway in the country that can still be driven through, it formed the northern gateway to the city, spanning Ermine Street. Originally there was a third arch, on the left. The ground level is about 10 feet higher than in Roman times so it was much taller when it was built in c200AD. The main arch was damaged by a lorry in 1964. Unusually for the 1960s, it was not seen as an opportunity to widen the road, but was rebuil

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Old Milestone - Geograph - 1484801.jpg
Old Milestone Old milestone near to Little Stukeley, Cambridgeshire.


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