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Village scene, Margaretting - Geograph - 1358245.jpg
Village scene, Margaretting
Junction of Star and Poynters Lanes - Geograph - 66778.jpg
Junction of Star and Poynters Lanes
Dereliction on the Mersea Rd - Geograph - 188420.jpg
Dereliction on the Mersea Rd
Frinton-on-Sea- The level crossing - Geograph - 1474448.jpg
Frinton-on-Sea: The level crossing
A970 Lands End Sign Isbister - Coppermine - 23676.jpg
A970 Lands End Sign Isbister

A970 northern most end at Isbister, Lands End Sign at side of road - yes that is an aeroplane fuselage at the house in the background!

Originally uploaded to Coppermine on Dec 09, 2009 by loch_cuan73
Higham Village Green - Geograph - 40585.jpg
Higham Village Green
Swaffham Bulbeck- Sign to Commercial End - Geograph - 881033.jpg
Swaffham Bulbeck: Sign to Commercial End
B1113 at lane junction - Geograph - 576950.jpg
B1113 at lane junction
B1115 road junction - Geograph - 724634.jpg
B1115 road junction
Cookley Road Junction - Geograph - 1472713.jpg
Cookley Road Junction
Roadsign on the B1119 - Geograph - 1429303.jpg
Roadsign on the B1119
Old Windsor- Straight Road signpost - Geograph - 887056.jpg
Old Windsor: Straight Road signpost
Old Bell Cross: finger post signing the B3221 between Rackenford and Tiverton in Devon
Fingerpost at Eastington (detail) - Geograph - 1015934.jpg
Fingerpost at Eastington (detail)
Cuckfield Road - Geograph - 1109097.jpg
Cuckfield Road
Signpost, Tollhouse Cross - Geograph - 1548175.jpg
Signpost, Tollhouse Cross
Signpost at Bosent Cross - Geograph - 1539375.jpg
Signpost at Bosent Cross
Parham- Old WSCC signpost - Geograph - 1500231.jpg
Parham: Old WSCC signpost
Greatham- Old WSCC signpost - Geograph - 1500000.jpg
Greatham: Old WSCC signpost
No through road in Molesworth - Geograph - 1498330.jpg
No through road in Molesworth
Clifton Street, Swindon - Geograph - 1099262.jpg
Clifton Street, Swindon
Oak tree at road junction, Barnt Green - Geograph - 127292.jpg
Oak tree at road junction, Barnt Green
Junction on the A5086 - Geograph - 1500527.jpg
Junction on the A5086
A5120 Bedford Road - Geograph - 234091.jpg
A5120 Bedford Road
Welcome to Awsworth - Geograph - 616372.jpg
Welcome to Awsworth
A6108 Halfpenny House junction - Geograph - 1411999.jpg
A6108 Halfpenny House junction
Park Corner - Geograph - 754844.jpg
Park Corner
B582 Barlestone Road - Geograph - 1287113.jpg
B582 Barlestone Road
B727 - Geograph - 462984.jpg
Roadsigns at Llanyblodwel - Geograph - 559811.jpg
Roadsigns at Llanyblodwel
Croachy - Geograph - 192133.jpg
Signs By Road - Geograph - 801042.jpg
Signs By Road
Signs at Burngate junction, Dorset.jpg
Junction of B1123 - Geograph - 996297.jpg
Junction of B1123,Blyford
Old road signs in Sutton Scotney - Coppermine - 13960.jpg
Old road signs in Sutton Scotney Originally uploaded to Coppermine on Jul 16, 2007 by leopard680
View along Repps Road (B1152) - Geograph - 853068.jpg
View along Repps Road (B1152)
Precise Directions - Geograph - 464517.jpg
Precise Directions
Road junction on B1202 - Geograph - 1203822.jpg
Road junction on B1202
Hook Moor - Geograph - 40778.jpg
Hook Moor
Sign on B5132 at SJ465715 - Coppermine - 22278.jpg
Sign on B5132 at SJ465715

This sign on the B5132 is intended to illustrate a reason why people may no longer understand the purpose of blue borders on signs.

Unfortunately, the people who designed the signs with black borders don't appear to know the significance of numbers such as 1/4.

Originally uploaded to Coppermine on May 29, 2009 by kieron
Signpost - Geograph - 178537.jpg
Huddle Cross - Geograph - 907840.jpg
Huddle Cross
Exmoor signpost - Coppermine - 6389.jpg
Exmoor signpost

A wooden fingerpost sign with a spectacular backdrop at Woody Bay, Exmoor.

Originally uploaded to Coppermine on Jun 16, 2006 by DavidBrown
Another moorland road - ) - Coppermine - 6799.jpg
Another moorland road - ) Originally uploaded to Coppermine on Jul 17, 2006 by Lonewolf
Fingerpost at Night - Coppermine - 8562.jpg
Fingerpost at Night

An unusual photograph of a post-worboys fingerpost sign round the corner from where I live, taken at night using my flash. Incidentally, it was taken the day before my seventeenth birthday...

Originally uploaded to Coppermine on Oct 18, 2006 by RichieGraham
B1246 at Warter - Geograph - 1541167.jpg
B1246 at Warter
Beeford - Geograph - 73579.jpg
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