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Great Barr Interchange
M6 Motorway Heading South - Approaching Junction 7 For A34 - Geograph - 1291141.jpg
M6 Motorway Heading South - Approaching Junction 7 For A34
A34 approaching M6 - Geograph - 1490755.jpg
A34 approaching M6
M6 Junction 7 from Walsall Road - Geograph - 1139836.jpg
M6 Junction 7 from Walsall Road
M6 Motorway Heading South - Junction 7 For A34 - Geograph - 1291143.jpg
M6 Motorway Heading South - Junction 7 For A34
M6 interchange Great Barr - Geograph - 1490778.jpg
A34/M6 interchange Great Barr
Great Barr gantry.jpg
An original gantry on the unusual roundabout at Great Barr.
M6 J8 queue - Coppermine - 18079.jpg
M6 J8 queue

Typical evening rush hour traffic

Originally uploaded to Coppermine on May 19, 2008 by Truvelo
Great Barr ADS.jpg
The unusual ADS at Great Barr Interchange.
M6 Birmingham - Coppermine - 13860.jpg
M6 Birmingham

M6 heading south through Birmingham

Originally uploaded to Coppermine on Jul 13, 2007 by Kenny1975
Scott Arms.jpg
Here's a simple way of removing much of the congestion at this notorious set of lights. Grade separation has been on the cards for 40+ years. Early plans was for a flyover which changed to an underpass later on due to the visual impact. The underpass plans were still floating around into the 1990's but were quietly dropped after that. If those plans were realised it would have had an effect on the businesses that front all four corners of the junction as there simply isn't the room to do anything without acquiring additional land. What I've done instead is to have a tunnel with the portals well away from the junction. This means the shops will be unaffected and only parts of front gardens will be required where the tunnel mouths are. I've also continued the tunnel southwards as an underpass to clear the B4124 as well.
M6 Junction 7.jpg
Queue at M6 J7 caused by an overturned car at Spaghetti.
M6 Junction 7 - Coppermine - 1956.jpg
M6 Junction 7

ok i cheated-i edited the photo more than just brightness to clarify the odd slip road sign. under the western half of the roundabout here

Posted by 404simon on 4/25/2004

Originally uploaded to Coppermine on May 04, 2005 by M4Simon
Great Barr Interchange early design.png
Early design for M6 Junction 7
Great Barr Interchange alternative.png
1962 plan for M6 junction 7 and the eastern part of junction 8. The possibility of weaving issues between the two junctions was recognised before the motorway was built and various designs were made for the junctions to try to overcome the problem. The eastbound J7 exit slip has been lengthened and leaves before the M5 joins. Junction 7 is a regular roundabout with all the slip roads joining the outside of the roundabout. This brings the westbound entry slip closer to the M5 exit than the design that was built and it is this which may have been a factor in the rejection of this layout.


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