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Filter 1.jpg
Filter ahead!
Filter 2.jpg
The infamous filter signs
Parking restriction.jpg
Parking restrictions
Pedestrian sign.jpg
Pedestrian sign in French and English
Roudabout 1.jpg
New(ish) sign for one of the few roundabouts on the island. This one is pretty much UK standard
Roudabout 2.jpg
Guernsey standard roundabout sign uses a green colour
Speed limit sign.jpg
25 MPH limit. Most of the island is 35 although the signage is poor generally.
Stopping and parking restriction.jpg
Stopping and parking restriction
Tempoary parking restriction.jpg
Temporary restrictions are hand written, even for signs visible when driving
Zebra crossing.jpg
Zebra crossing, warning sign is in Metric and Imperial
IMG 20180131 094729.jpg
Route Tranquille - These signs are used on some of the smaller lanes. An yes they used the Comic Sans font as well!
IMG 20180130 100513.jpg
Standard parking sign. All public parking is free and you use a paper disc on the dash to indicate when you parked.
IMG 20180130 100941.jpg
Filter junction with signage in St Peter Port
1972 Kodachrome St Peters Port compressed.jpg
St Peters Port, Guernsey Filter in Turn on Circle

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