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Helland Bridge
Helland Bridge - Geograph - 5676260.jpg
Helland Bridge The listed bridge crosses the River camel, which is here the parishboundary between Helland (this side) and St Mabyn, and there are two listed building descriptions, one for each parish - nothing very unusual in that. What is odd is that the Helland entry grades this at I, while St Mabyn has it as grade II*. Doubtless one of them is out of date, but I'm not sure which, although the Helland listing is older. Anyway, useful as both these descriptions are, that for the bridge as an Ancient Monument is more detailed .
Helland Bridge - Geograph - 1060707.jpg
Helland Bridge The packhorse bridge at road level, looking west.
Helland Bridge - Geograph - 668357.jpg
Helland Bridge This is an early 15C bridge, little altered since then although the second arch (from the north end) has been rebuilt with a very pointed arch and the first has a parapet supported by a long granite slab on granite corbels. The image is leaning rather heavily to the right, but I thought it was worth submitting because it can be compared with the two on the imagesofengland site. The first of these was taken in March 2004 and shows grass growing under the first two arches. Mine was taken in March 2001 and shows a pool of water under the first arch and a large pile of silt under the second. The second English Heritage image was taken in May 2007, and shows the space under the first arch again full of soil.


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