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Images by Johnathan404
M27 no road markings 1.jpg
The M27 with no road markings following carriageway longevity work. Also note the slippery road signs which inundated this section of road last year, presumably meaning all drivers now have to take extra care.
M27 no road markings 2.jpg
The M27 with no road markings, looking west. The westbound side was recently repainted.
A27 Eastern Way.jpg
An early morning on the A27 Eastern Way in Fareham.
A27 Quay Street rbt 1.jpg
Part of the new Quay Street Roundabout. The A32 flows to the left, whilst the A27 westbound passes overhead.
A27 Quay Street rbt 2.jpg
The north-eastern corner of the newly-signalised Quay Street Roundabout. The original roundabout followed the alignment along the far right.
A27 Quay Street rbt 3.jpg
The new 'throughabout' addition to the Quay Street Roundabout in Fareham.
A27 Quay Street rbt 4.jpg
Looking north on the world-famous Gosport Road.
A32 Gosport Road.jpg
Good morning Gosport!
A27 Quay Street Roundabout 5.jpg
The newly-modified Quay Street Roundabout, built as part of a supermarket development - guess which one?!
M27 east Rownhams.jpg
Looking east along the M27. The same view in 2005.
M27 west Rownhams.jpg
In the cutting where traffic enters from Rownhams services.
A3057 M27 bridge.jpg
Romsey Road, at the M27 overbridge.
A27 Stockbridge looking east.jpg
An afternoon queue approaching the Stockbridge Roundabout.
A27 Stockbridge Roundabout.jpg
Stockbridge Roundabout on the A27.
A27 lethal crossing 1.jpg
Three lives lost in three separate incidents over three months.
A27 lethal crossing 2.jpg
The crossing.
A27 lethal crossing 3.jpg
Improved signage at the crossing.
Chichester Bypass between roundabouts.jpg
A short drag strip between roundabouts on the Chichester Bypass.
Hampshire BRT Palmerston Drive 1.jpg
One of the new crossings on the bus route, at Palmerston Drive. In the railway days, this was a brick arched bridge. The traffic lights rest on red, giving priority to buses when they approach.
Hampshire BRT Palmerston Drive 2.jpg
Looking north from Palmerston Drive, to the new bus stops. The road rises as the old railway line was built on an embankment.
Hampshire BRT Palmerston Drive 3.jpg
A bus driver's view, looking towards the Palmerston Drive junction. Newgate Lane passes overhead, once a level crossing.
Hampshire BRT Redlands Lane 1.jpg
Looking up Redlands Lane, towards the start of the bus lane.
Hampshire BRT Redlands Lane 2.jpg
The start of the bus lane. At night the barriers come down. The footpaths seem to contradict the 'no pedestrian' signs.
Hampshire BRT Redlands Lane 3.jpg
The old bridge on Redlands Lane, where the railway line continues up to Fareham. The traffic signals are new.
Portland Street bus lane.jpg
The new bus lane in Fareham town centre proves effective!
Very slippery road.jpg
Slippery road.
Tichbourne Way new traffic lights.jpg
New and seemingly pointless traffic lights on Tichbourne Way - they hold traffic back when buses make the tight turn out of the busway.
End of phase 1a.jpg
The end of the bus link, where phase 1a meets the unbuilt 1b, with bus.
BRT low bridge.jpg
A low bridge on the bus way. Out of shot is a second, oncoming bus which caused this one to slow right down.
Tichbourne Way traffic lights.jpg
New junction with the bus link, and bus.
Looking up the bus way.jpg
Built on an old railway line, making it flat and straight.
Pre-Worboys cattle grid.jpg
A pre-Worboys cattle grid warning sign.
New Forest warning sign.jpg
Animals on road day and night, WATCH OUT!
Dry ford New Forest.jpg
A ford in the New Forest, although it was unusually dry at the time.
Cattle grid Wellow.jpg
A cattle grid and warning sign near Wellow.
A31 near Rufus Stone.jpg
Approaching the A31 from the Rufus Stone turning.
A31 Rufus Stone turning.jpg
A van makes a u-turn on the A31 at a side-turning near Rufus Stone.
A31 Stone Cross west.jpg
Looking west along the A31 near Stoney Cross.
A31 Stone Cross east.jpg
Looking east along the A31 on a Wednesday afternoon - it's a busy road!
Fareham torch relay Gosport Road.jpg
The Olympic torch being handed over on the A32, with the Newgate Lane gyratory in the distance.
Fareham torch relay Quay Street RBT.jpg
The Olympic torch convoy passing through the Quay Street Roundabout, while crowds of people block off the entrances.
No entry Titchfield Gyratory.jpg
Absolutely do not turn right here.
M6 southbound from Pennine Tower.jpg
The M6 southbound from the Pennine Tower.
M6 northbound towards J37.jpg
Looking north towards J37 on the M6.
M6 southbound from J37.jpg
Looking south from M6 J37.
M6 Lune Valley viewpoint.jpg
The M6 from the viewpoint at the Lune Valley.
Looking north towards M6 J32.jpg
Looking north towards M6 J35.
Start of the A601(M).jpg
The start of the infamous section of the A601(M).

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