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Knightsford Bridge
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Knightsford Bridge - Geograph - 56078.jpg
Knightsford Bridge
Where the A44 Worcester to Leominster road crosses the River Teme. Taken from the weir downstream of this bridge dated 1958 on the <a href=''>SO7355 : Knightsford Bridge Plaque</a>
Knightsford Bridge Plaque - Geograph - 554531.jpg
Knightsford Bridge Plaque Just to assure readers that it is called Knightsford even though it is near Knightwick. Presumably there was a suitable fording place near here dictating the location of the route that is now a road. Eventually a series of bridges replaced the ford up to the latest dated 1958.
Teme footbridge, Knightwick - Geograph - 3540256.jpg
Teme footbridge, Knightwick The footbridge replaces the previous A44 road bridge, demolished when the main road's course was realigned.
Milepost at Knightwick - Geograph - 3557806.jpg
Milepost at Knightwick Milepost on a minor road to Suckley from the A44 at Knightwick.
Former A44 at Knightwick surgery - Geograph - 3540250.jpg
Former A44 at Knightwick surgery The course of the original A44 now provides access to the local doctors' surgery among other premises.