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M12 (Northern Ireland)
M12 at Ballinacor, Portadown - Geograph - 527100.jpg
M12 at Ballinacor, Portadown
This photograph was taken from the Charlestown Road bridge looking northeast towards, possibly, the only 'roundabout' on a motorway in the British Isles. Note the Traffic Calming Strips to alert motorists to slow down for the roundabout ahead. The construction of this 'roundabout' saved the Government some 2-3 million pounds in alternative construction methods. Concern at such a construction on a motorway did result in some spectecular spills from large vehicles negotiationg the roundabout. Thankfully no one has been badly injured and re-adjustments to the camber of the road has proved successful so far.
The M1 at Ballynacor - Geograph - 1591427.jpg
The M1 at Ballynacor
The M1 (Northern Ireland) at Junction 11, where the M12 breaks away to Craigavon and Portadown - as well as a link to the A3 to Armagh and Monaghan. The view is towards Dungannon. Townland of Ballynacor.

The M1 reached here in November 1967 and the next section (to Junction 12 at The Birches) opened in January 1968.
The M1-M12 near Portadown - Geograph - 350735.jpg
The M1-M12 near Portadown
This section of the M1, between Lurgan and Ballynacor, near Portadown, opened in 1967. The M12 opened in part in 1970. It was intended to bypass Portadown for traffic heading to Newry and Armagh. In the event that road was built as a limited-access single carriageway <a href=''>J0053 : The Northway, Portadown (1)</a>. This is the view towards Dungannon at the junction with the M12. The bridge carries the Aghacommon Embankment across the motorway.
The M12 near Portadown - Geograph - 2448546.jpg
The M12 near Portadown
M12 midway roundabout.JPG
Approaching the midway roundabout on the M12 from the newer link road, with this misleading sign. The road on the left barely counts as a slip road, as the previous sign says.
M12 (NI) current layout.png
M12 motorway Northern Ireland
M12 (NI) suggested new layout.png
M12 new layout (suggested changes)
M12 Carn roundabout.png
M12 Carn roundabout
M1 Northern Ireland 1970 strip map re M12 junction.jpg
A strip map of M1 Northern Ireland showing the M12 junction and connection to B2
The M12 at Ballinacorr near Portadown (1980) - Geograph - 3374112.jpg
The M12 at Ballinacorr near Portadown (1980) The M12, looking towards Belfast from the Charlestown Road bridge.

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