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A30-A33 - Coppermine - 12419.jpg

Moving west to beyond Basingstoke, this is the multiplex with the A33, just before they separate again. M3 is glimpsed in the gap in the trees on left, at J8

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Multiplex - Coppermine - 12418.jpg

Approaching the parting of the ways. Note the long right turn lane, provided in a 1960's improvement.

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A30-A33 - Coppermine - 12417.jpg

The long right turn lane was an attempt to ease congestion, as queues for turning traffic were a major problem here.

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Goodbye - Coppermine - 12416.jpg

This is the point where you felt you really were on the road to the west, having parted from the Southampton traffic. The sign reflects the original set up, whereby the A303 didn't start at the M3 but, further down at Micheldever rbt.

Originally uploaded to Coppermine on Jun 05, 2007 by SteveA30
A33-A35 Redbridge Road - Coppermine - 11975.jpg
A33-A35 Redbridge Road

Looking westbound at the Redbridge Roundabout and Flyover.

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Parliament Square - Coppermine - 8533.jpg
Parliament Square

Parliament Square is in Zone three. It is also a multiplex with the A3212 & A302 sharing it. And yes, no view of Parliament Square is complte without the famous Big Ben and the houses of Parliament.

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A30-A33 - Coppermine - 14834.jpg

Heading east to the first DC after the 2 roads combined. This was the scene of much manic overtaking in the old days. It lasts about a mile, reduced to 1 lane e/bnd. The first of 9 bits of D2 before Camberley, 7 of which survive.

Originally uploaded to Coppermine on Aug 17, 2007 by SteveA30
The Newry bypass (3) - Geograph - 2435692.jpg
The Newry bypass (3)
A40-A449 Multiplex.JPG
A40 and A449 multiplex signage.
A2 CH - Coppermine - 8005.JPG
A1/A2 CH

In the middle of switzerland, the meain East-West and North South routes multiplex for 5km on D2. The road is slow and worn out.

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Approaching the mini roundabout in Carnwarth on the A70. It then multiplexes west with the A721
The A70 and A721 multiplex passing through Carnwarth at the junction with the B7016
The western end of the A70 and A721 multiplex near Carstairs

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