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New Mexico
McConnell Highway bridge - Coppermine - 3626.jpg
McConnell Highway bridge

Rio Grande Gorge Bridge

Steel truss bridge across a mountainous river gorge. Bridge deck is at an approximate elevation of 2000 m.

Originally uploaded to Coppermine on Sep 29, 2005 by J N Winkler
US-64 Carson National Forest.jpg
US-64 in New Mexico
US 64 New Mexico.jpg
My 300 horsepower hire car in a layby high up in the mountains of New Mexico.
I-25 I-40 stack.jpg
I-25 I-40 junction Albuquerque, NM. This is a kind of stack but with some of the left turn ramps positioned outside the right turn ramps.
I-25 Exit 393.jpg
Frontage road adjacent to I-25 in New Mexico
Falling rock sign in northwestern New Mexico, using a symbol design unapproved by FHWA, photographed in the winter of 2000-01: this was later photoshopped into a widely circulated 'Beware of Loch Ness Monster' warning sign photo
US-66 New Mexico.jpg
Section of former US Route 66 near Laguna, New Mexico
20170919-2345 - Welcome to New Mexico, entering Mountain Time Zone - I-40 35.1827531N 103.0416651W.jpg
Welcome to New Mexico - Entering Mountain Time Zone
20170919-2346 - I-40 west New Mexico 35.1826297N 103.0713458W - cropped.jpg
I-40 westbound New Mexico
20170920-0005 - I-40 westbound, NM 35.1611287N 103.4586201W - cropped.jpg
I-40 westbound, New Mexico
20170920-0035 - Route 66 West Tucumcari Boulevard, NM 35.1676449N 103.753427W - cropped.jpg
Route 66 (I-40 business route) West Tucumcari Boulevard, NM
20170920-0134 - I-40 heading west near Santa Rosa, NM 34.9761658N 104.9825944W 2.jpg
I-40 heading west near Santa Rosa, NM
US550 New Mexico.jpg
US550 in New Mexico on a hot summer's day. Notice the resurfaced opposite carriageway which continues into the far distance at the top left of the picture.
US New Mexico.jpg
A rural section of US 60 in New Mexico


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