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Newhaven Swing Bridge - Geograph - 592762.jpg
Newhaven Swing Bridge
Viewed from the bridge to Denton Island. The only major crossing point south of Lewes and the cause of many a long traffic tailback when opened. The original, manually operated, swing bridge was to the south and was replaced by this one in the mid 1970s.
B259 Newhaven.png
Original B259 meeting the western half of the A259 in Newhaven
Evelyn Avenue
Built in the first decade or so of the 20th century and runs between Lewes Road and Murray Avenue. For many years it was a rat run for drivers who wished to avoid the ring road until the entrance via Murray Avenue on Brighton Road was closed.
WP 20170619 17 11 33 Pro - Newhaven Swing Bridge.jpg
Photo showing Newhaven Swing Bridge, with the footings of the older bridge visible on the east bank downstream
20170619-2108 - Swing Bridge Mechanism.jpg
Newhaven Swing Bridge Mechanism Stop Buffer
20170619-2109 - Nehaven Swing Bridge Information.jpg
Newhaven Swing Bridge Information
20170619-2109 - Newhaven Swing Bridge.jpg
Newhaven Swing Bridge
20170619-2112 - Newhaven Railway Flyover and Level Crossing.jpg
Newhaven Railway Flyover and Level Crossing
20170619-1735 - Cote D'Albatre reversing out of harbour at Newhaven.jpg
Cote D'Albatre reversing out of harbour at Newhaven
20170619-2055 - Seven Sisters docked in Newhaven.jpg
Seven Sisters docked in Newhaven