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Regulatory Sign/No Stopping
A404(M) Maidenhead - Coppermine - 6886.JPG
A404(M) Maidenhead

hmmmmmm end of the motorway already

Originally uploaded to Coppermine on Jul 22, 2006 by andy31m
Newbridge roundabout - Coppermine - 15171.JPG
Newbridge roundabout Originally uploaded to Coppermine on Sep 06, 2007 by A8000_Bob
Forest of Signs - Coppermine - 688.JPG
Forest of Signs

This is the junction of the Service Road running next to the A3 with South Lane, New Malden. This plethora of signs, including a bus gate featured in the New Scientist

Originally uploaded to Coppermine on Apr 14, 2005 by t1(M)
Looking north on the A9 heading away from Tore Roundabout. It's S2 in case you hadn't spotted!
2012-07-15 18.44.01.jpg
A683 Heysham-Lancaster Bypass, side road always National Speed Limit, no change. Odd signing though.
Hanger Lane Gyratory and LT Station, 1993 - Geograph - 4675802.jpg
Hanger Lane Gyratory and LT Station, 1993 View NW to the entrance to the station (LT Central Line, West Ruislip branch), across the major - and infamous - gyratory intersection of the North Circular Road (A406) with the Western Avenue (A40). To the left is Hanger Lane, going southward to Ealing Common etc., Western Avenue goes from London to the right, and to the left to Greenford, Hillingdon and eventually merges with the M40 Motorway; across past the station the North Circular Road continues round north and east via Neasden, Brent, Finchley etc. The gyratory system here dates from about 1982.
Bank of daisies - Geograph - 1910364.jpg
Current layout of the Boot and Shoe Roundabout Bank of daisies - On the south side of the reconfigured A63. Were they deliberately sown, or is it a bit of serendipity?
A127-A130 junction - Geograph - 913908.jpg
A127-A130 junction
Approach road to the A3 - Geograph - 1702187.jpg
Approach road to the A3 This is the approach to the northbound A3 at Woolmer Down. The red flag is flying at the MoD training area.
Junction of A and B roads near Buriton - Geograph - 2194851.jpg
Junction of A and B roads near Buriton The B2070, which used to be the A3, joins with the new A3 here.
TSRGD 642.jpg
TSRGD diagram 642 - No Stopping (Clearway)

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Road junction near Woolley - Geograph - 2131351.jpg
Road junction near Woolley The lane from Alconbury meets the road from the A1 to Woolley.


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