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This is a gallery of images of ring roads and orbital routes.

Ring Roads
Coventry Ringway Junction 8 Clockwise Nov 2013.JPG
Coventry Ringway Junction 8 looking clockwise in November 2013
Coventry Ringway nr J3.JPG
Coventry Ringway near Junction 3 taken from 'inside' the ring.
Cork inner ring road, junction 5 sign on the R610 Anglesea Street.
Basingstoke ring road - Geograph - 1688582.jpg
Basingstoke ring road
Ringway West - Geograph - 1761957.jpg
Ringway West
Heading north, view from Brunnel Road.
IMG 3801.JPG
Bachelors Quay in Cork City. Part of the Cork inner ring road system. There is a sign on the left hand side for this in its usual style which indicates junction 21. The bridge ahead is called Griffith Bridge, and if you cross that you head onto Shandon Street. Across the river on the left hand side is the R846 North Mall.
Christy Ring Bridge, Cork city. This is near the southern end of the N20, crossing the north channel of the River Lee. Across the bridge and to the left is the end of the N20 with the junction of the N8 and N22.
Sign for Cork Inner Ring Road on Griffith Bridge, looking like it needs a bit of a clean!
Cork inner ring road junction 20 sign. Notice that the sign has a white background. This means that you are approaching a junction on the Inner Orbital Route, but are not currently on it
Ringway West, Worting Road Bridge - Geograph - 4159369.jpg
Ringway West, Worting Road Bridge The A340 starts at the Winchester Road Roundabout, which is at the south western corner of Basingstoke's ring road. This first section is dual carriageway and forms the western section of the Basingstoke ring road (Ringway West).
Basingstoke ring road - Geograph - 2452983.jpg
Basingstoke ring road The truck has just left the large Houndmills distribution depot.

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