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Scottish Scenic Routes Initiative
'Woven Sound' at Falls of Falloch - Geograph - 5113745.jpg
'Woven Sound' at Falls of Falloch The 'Woven Sound' installation which provides a different viewpoint for the falls. Constructed from steel rods by John Kennedy; the installation features an entry from Dorothy Wordsworth's diary that recalls the thoughts of those who visited the falls during the days of the Grand Tour.

See [[[5113966]]] for the words.

More information can be found at
The words of Woven Sound - Geograph - 5113966.jpg
The words of Woven Sound Dorothy Wordsworth (sister of the poet William) penned the following words in 1803.

'Being at a great height on the mountain, we sate down, and heard, as if from the heart of the earth, the sound of torrents ascending out of the long hollow glen. To the eye all was motionless, a perfect stillness. The noise of waters did not appear to come this way or that, from any particular quarter: it was everywhere, almost, one might say, as if 'exhaled' through the whole surface of the green earth. Glenfalloch, Coleridge has since told me, signifies the Hidden Vale; but William says, if we were to name it from our recollections of that time, we should call it the Vale of Awful Sound.

Dorothy Wordsworth, 1803'

This appears in a brass plaque at the end of the metal rod sculpture.[[[5113745]]]

More information can be found at
'Woven Sound' at Falls of Falloch - Geograph - 5361725.jpg
'Woven Sound' at Falls of Falloch Provides a bird's eye view of the main fall, but it looks industrial and out of place to me. See 5113745 for information.
Neptune's Mirror at Banavie - Geograph - 5360122.jpg
Neptune's Mirror at Banavie One of those mirrors that make one slimmer or fatter as well as reflecting the landscape, which is its main intention 5357293.
Neptune's Mirror in action - Geograph - 5357296.jpg
Neptune's Mirror in action Reflecting the upper part of the loch staircase, and Geographer. 5357293
Look Out - Neptune's Mirror - Geograph - 5357293.jpg
Look Out - Neptune's Mirror One installation of the 'Scottish Scenic Routes' Initiative, by Angus Ritchie and Daniel Tyler. A mirrored, wood-framed look-out has benches which gives views of the landscape while reflecting vistas on its mirrored surfaces. 5357296 No one web site gives full information about the project -
View through the box at The Still Viewpoint - Geograph - 5845048.jpg
View through the box at The Still Viewpoint


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