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Southern end of M3 - Geograph - 24233.jpg
Southern end of M3
Bridges on Lordshill Way, at it\'s GSJ with Woburn Road as viewed from a footpath
M271 A3057.jpg
Destination overkill at the M271/A3057 junction
M271 top end.jpg
How can the M271 be pathetic - look how many places it goes!
M271 j1.jpg
Approaching M271 junction 1 from Southampton
M272 through Portswood
Northern End of the M272
M272 skirting Central Southampton
Swaythling- A335 Stoneham Way - Geograph - 1684288.jpg
Swaythling: A335 Stoneham Way
Itchen Bridge 2.jpg
Coming down the other side now, I wouldn't want to be cycling up here.
No reported incidents on Romsey Road - Geograph - 1715519.jpg
No reported incidents on Romsey Road
The Itchen Bridge, Southampton - Geograph - 1733248.jpg
The Itchen Bridge, Southampton
The Itchen Bridge, Woolston - Geograph - 1735026.jpg
The Itchen Bridge, Woolston
Itchen Bridge under construction - Geograph - 1479998.jpg
Itchen Bridge under construction
Itchen Bridge - Geograph - 1403249.jpg
Itchen Bridge
Toll Bridge at Woolston - Geograph - 598874.jpg
Toll Bridge at Woolston
Itchen Bridge - Geograph - 445909.jpg
Itchen Bridge
Itchen Bridge (central span) - Geograph - 445898.jpg
Itchen Bridge (central span)
Itchen Bridge - Geograph - 22418.jpg
Itchen Bridge
A27 Mansbridge Road (Southampton) - Coppermine - 3386.JPG
A27 Mansbridge Road (Southampton)

Isn't the road quiet today. Little over twenty years ago before the gap in the M27 was plugged this was the south coast trunk route!

Originally uploaded to Coppermine on Aug 31, 2005 by sotonsteve
Foys Corner, Shirley, Southampton, 1949 - Geograph - 1116005.jpg
Foys Corner, Shirley, Southampton, 1949
A334 Charles Watts Way - Coppermine - 11093.JPG
A334 Charles Watts Way

Heading outbound from the Kanes Hill Roundabout towards Jct 7 of the M27. The local transport plan will see this road widened to S2+1, although D2 would be better, as you get long traffic queues forming in both directions; inbound caused by a single set of Southampton's traffic lights at the junction of Thornhill Park Road and Hinkler Road, which don't give enough time to A334 traffic in rush hour and create horrendous delays.

Originally uploaded to Coppermine on Apr 05, 2007 by sotonsteve
Former A335 Wide Lane, Southampton - Coppermine - 7177.JPG
Former A335 Wide Lane, Southampton

Looking north along Wide Lane, formerly the A335 until Stoneham Way was built in the late 1980s. The road is quite knackered, although it may not be so evident at this particular location.

Originally uploaded to Coppermine on Aug 08, 2006 by sotonsteve
A334 Thornhill Park Road - Coppermine - 6634.JPG
A334 Thornhill Park Road

Looking outbound towards the parade of shops.

Originally uploaded to Coppermine on Jul 03, 2006 by sotonsteve
Six Dials junction, Southampton - Geograph - 26486.jpg
Six Dials junction, Southampton
Southampton's infamous 'Six Dials' junction, near St Marys.
Cobden Bridge, Southampton - Geograph - 1765092.jpg
Cobden Bridge, Southampton
Viewed from Riverside Park
Cobden Bridge, Southampton - Geograph - 13667.jpg
Cobden Bridge, Southampton
Cobden Bridge links Bitterne Park on the right with St Denys on the left. Taken looking upstream along the Itchen.
Northam Bridge, Southampton - Geograph - 26963.jpg
Northam Bridge, Southampton
Northam Bridge, looking North East; one of the main routes out of Southampton.
Northam Bridge, Southampton - Geograph - 415270.jpg
Northam Bridge, Southampton
Looking across the River Itchen from Centurion Industrial Park. In the foreground is the boat Isabella, marked PRIVATE KEEP OFF, which looks to be in a poor state.
Portswood Road in early summer 1974 - Geograph - 754641.jpg
Portswood Road in early summer 1974
A nostalgic shot of this area of Southampton nearly 35 years ago. View believed to be Portswood high road looking towards the city centre. Originally a Kodak ektachrome slide but recently digitally scanned. The car nearest the camera is a Vauxhall Viva (Mk2). Rear entrance double-deckers and two man operation (driver + ticket collector) have long since disappeared from public transport in Southampton.
The Avenue, Southampton - Geograph - 1785186.jpg
The Avenue, Southampton
Bottom of the Avenue where it meets London Road
Milestone on The Avenue - Geograph - 620963.jpg
Milestone on The Avenue
Stone marker on the main road north from Southampton, leading to Winchester and London. The Avenue here has a wide grassy centre and has become a stretch of dual carriageway. Here it is lined by grand, substantial detached stone buildings.
The Avenue - Geograph - 24276.jpg
The Avenue
The busy tree-lined entrance to Southampton
Bevois Valley Road, Southampton - Geograph - 766163.jpg
Bevois Valley Road, Southampton
Kingsbury Road foreground right.
Shirley Road, Shirley - Geograph - 24428.jpg
Shirley Road, Shirley
Looking northwest along Shirley Road towards the Shirley local high street. Photo taken from a pedestrian island in the middle of the road.
The Avenue heading into the city centre - Geograph - 947740.jpg
The Avenue heading into the city centre
The Avenue passing Padwell Road heading into the city centre
Western Esplanade - Geograph - 1502627.jpg
Western Esplanade
Seen from top of multistorey car park on West Park Road. The silver dome in the distance is on the far side of the River Test at <a href=''>SU3911 : Marchwood Incinerator</a>.
The Avenue, Southampton - Geograph - 1785191.jpg
The Avenue, Southampton
Looking north
Roundabout at the top of Hill Lane - Geograph - 1780295.jpg
Hollybrook Roundabout at the top of Hill Lane
Junction of Hill Lane, Winchester Road and Lordswood Road
Woodmill Bridge, Southampton - Geograph - 26911.jpg
Woodmill Bridge, Southampton
Woodmill Bridge, a narrow crossing over the River Itchen near Swaythling.
Thomas Lewis Way, Southampton - Geograph - 26918.jpg
Thomas Lewis Way, Southampton
Looking North along Thomas Lewis Way, a fairly new road to take traffic into Southampton from Eastleigh avoiding the motorway and the congested areas of Swaythling and Portswood. This picture was taken from the Woodmill Lane bridge.
A3024 Maybray King Way - Coppermine - 3393.JPG
A3024 Maybray King Way

Looking inbound from Bursledon Road.

Originally uploaded to Coppermine on Sep 01, 2005 by sotonsteve
A3024 Bursledon Road - Coppermine - 3398.JPG
A3024 Bursledon Road

A new set of traffic lights has been installed at the junction with Orpen Road. At the same time the old footbridge has been removed. The council have taken a backward step here, as the traffic lights don't have meshed lenses that stop the lenses from reflecting sunlight.

Originally uploaded to Coppermine on Sep 01, 2005 by sotonsteve
C502 Portswood Road - Coppermine - 3897.jpg
C502 Portswood Road

Formerly the A335 before Thomas Lewis Way was opened in 1989. Street scene improvements in progress.

Originally uploaded to Coppermine on Oct 28, 2005 by sotonsteve
Home Zone ENDS - Coppermine - 16384.JPG
Home Zone ENDS

Showing the signs that greet you as you leave Southampton's home zone.

Originally uploaded to Coppermine on Jan 05, 2008 by sotonsteve
Southampton Home Zone - Coppermine - 6342.JPG
Southampton Home Zone

The Augustine Road part of Southampton's home zone. Parts of it are a bit of a mess to be honest!

Originally uploaded to Coppermine on Jun 11, 2006 by sotonsteve
Two way traffic sign misuse - Coppermine - 21585.jpg
Two way traffic sign misuse

Misuse of the 'two way traffic' road sign on Wide Lane in Southampton.

Originally uploaded to Coppermine on Mar 05, 2009 by sotonsteve
Level Crossing, or not - Coppermine - 13231.JPG
Level Crossing, or not

Apparently there is a level crossing with automatic barrier and warning lights ahead. Not from what I can see; just a modern high security gate that is opened and closed manually. A sign from the past in Redbridge, Southampton?

Originally uploaded to Coppermine on Jun 20, 2007 by sotonsteve

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