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The Scott Arms
A34 Scott Arms Birmingham - Coppermine - 10449.jpg
A34 Scott Arms Birmingham

This is the notorious set of traffic lights just south of M6 J7 taken in 1994. Things have changed since then including the speed limit, all the streetlights, contemporary vehicles, including a National Express coach with the old arrow logo. Above the coach is a double arched lamppost column which was a familiar sight all along Newton Road until they were replaced by Vectras in the late 90's. Something else that's no longer with us is Gateway supermarkets and the G logo looks exceptionally dated by todays standards.

Originally uploaded to Coppermine on Feb 28, 2007 by Truvelo
Scott Arms.jpg
Here's a simple way of removing much of the congestion at this notorious set of lights. Grade separation has been on the cards for 40+ years. Early plans was for a flyover which changed to an underpass later on due to the visual impact. The underpass plans were still floating around into the 1990's but were quietly dropped after that. If those plans were realised it would have had an effect on the businesses that front all four corners of the junction as there simply isn't the room to do anything without acquiring additional land. What I've done instead is to have a tunnel with the portals well away from the junction. This means the shops will be unaffected and only parts of front gardens will be required where the tunnel mouths are. I've also continued the tunnel southwards as an underpass to clear the B4124 as well.


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