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Warning Sign/Roadworks
B322, Kings Road - Geograph - 1086929.jpg
B322, Kings Road
A66 Upgrade to Dual Carriageway - Geograph - 199108.jpg
A66 Upgrade to Dual Carriageway
Start of M8 - Coppermine - 8304.JPG
Start of M8

The recently-opened M8 starts at this roundabout, just north of Fermoy. Note the unusual destination, 'Toll'.

Originally uploaded to Coppermine on Oct 16, 2006 by csd
A1 upgrade at the end of the M1 - Coppermine - 6633.jpg
N1/A1 upgrade at the end of the M1

Clearance for the new road can be seen to the left of the picture. The first structure, a bridge carrying a local road, is nearing completion just north of this point. The roundabout which currently forms the end of the improved road is straight ahead. This roundabut will evemtually form part of the dumbbell interchange at this point.

Originally uploaded to Coppermine on Jul 02, 2006 by csd
New roundabout and school, Omagh - Geograph - 1238152.jpg
New roundabout and school, Omagh
The location is at the junction of Bankmore Road and the Crevenagh Road
N4 widening project - Coppermine - 16106.JPG
N4 widening project

Approaching N4 on the R120 northbound. Major roadworks here for a year or so to GSJ this junction and widen the N4 which is the last one between the M50 and M4 to need this treatment. Finally it will soon be freeflow from M50 to the M4 and onwards. N4 could possibly get motorway restrictions here when these works are finished but unlikely IMO.

Originally uploaded to Coppermine on Dec 01, 2007 by murphaph
H advisory road works limit - Coppermine - 13889.JPG
65 km/h advisory road works limit

At the northern tie-in of the Gorey bypass.

Originally uploaded to Coppermine on Jul 15, 2007 by csd
Cardiff road sign sculpture 4 - Coppermine - 621.jpg
Cardiff road sign sculpture 4 Originally uploaded to Coppermine on Apr 14, 2005 by Jonathan B4027
Fochabers Bypass WSH.jpg
'Work starts here' sign on the A96 approaching Cowfords Roundabout on the completed Mosstodloch bypass
20160121-0850 - B1039 Chrishall Fingerpost 52.0237714N 0.1108177E.jpg
Chrishall Fingerpost
Carraun - Geograph - 1258899.jpg
Carraun Roadworks at the junction of the R339 with a minor road. A feature of Irish roadworks is the mobile dot natrix information signs. They are also used for advertising.
Birmingham, Ashted Circus - Geograph - 3307830.jpg
Birmingham, Ashted Circus Approaching Ashted Circus via the A4540, Lawley Middleway. Notice the different styles of road signs ahead:

?? two red triangle (hazard) signs warn respectively of the roundabout and that there are roadworks on the road to the left; ?? the brown sign with white lettering is typical of the type of sign used to give directions to tourist attractions. They usually include pictograms; examples in this case include silhouettes of a flower (for the Botanical gardens), a boat (for the canal) etc.

?? two temporary signs with black text on a yellow background provide details of diversion routes or direction signs through roadworks.
Signs that were not there 2 years ago
TSRGD 7001.jpg
TSRGD diagram 7001 - Road works ahead

Traffic signs are Crown copyright. They are part of legislation (Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2002, often referred to as TSRGD). The numbers in the image filenames relate to the TSRGD numbering.

You may reproduce traffic signs free of charge and without having to seek permission, but you must reproduce them accurately and not in a misleading context (e.g. not on roadside billboards where they could mislead drivers). You should also include a statement that these images are Crown copyright.

Please also read the fuller conditions for Open Government Licence.
Dublin Outer Orbital J73.jpg
One of the signs for J73 of the Dublin Outer Orbital, on North Circular Road.
West-link brand sign.jpg
Signage for the West-Link.
Advanced Warning Road Closure Sign.jpg
An Advanced Warning of a Road Closure in Castletown for 1 day on the 18th December.


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