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IMG 5390.JPG Broad Lane South.jpg
Broad Lane South, Wednesfield. Concrete columns with a mix variety of lanterns seen here. MA50, Urbis, Holophane QSM, etc. This is just going over the canal bridge.
IMG 5391.JPG Broad Lane North.jpg
Broad Lane North, Wednesfield. Concretes on one side of the bridge, and modern columns with LEDs on the other side. Broad Lane South still has a lot of concrete columns, but once you cross the canal bridge and the road becomes Broad Lane North then they're all metal columns now. The prievious street lights along Broad Lane North were concretes too, but they were renewed with whats there now around 2012/2013.
A4124 - 01.JPG
Pre-Worboys local signage on A4124 in Wednesfield, Wolverhampton. Removed July 2010, and is believed to have been the last pre-worboys directional sign extant in Wolverhampton. Sign was donated by Wolverhampton City Council to Steven upon removal.
Bowmans Harbour Island.jpg
Bowmans Harbour Island (C) Gordon Griffiths
The view down New Cross Avenue over the Wyrley and Essington Canal at Bentley Bridge Wednesfield.
Ashmore park sign.jpg
Pre-Worboys directional signage for Ashmore Park Estate, Wolverhampton. Rescued on 17.7.2010
Bentleybridge Island - Geograph - 3414187.jpg
Bentleybridge Island The view down Wednesfield Way next to Bentley Bridge Retail Park.
March End Road - Geograph - 4619389.jpg
U99 March End Road, Wednesfield. Looking west from A4124 Lakefield Road.
March End Road, Wednesfield looking west at the junction with Neachells Lane. The U99 turns left here.
Roundabout on Blackhalve Lane - Geograph - 668247.jpg
Roundabout at junction of B4156 and B4484, Wednesfield
Parting of the ways - Geograph - 562955.jpg
A460, Fallings Park, Wolverhampton. This junction on the Cannock Road in Wolverhampton dates back to the building of the turnpikes. The current Cannock Road to the left shortened the route by cutting off two sides of a triangle.
Cannock Road - Geograph - 1091002.jpg
Plain fingerpost on A460, Wolverhampton
Former bus turning circle, Cannock Road, Underhill - Geograph - 3896128.jpg
Former bus turning circle, Cannock Road, Underhill Now partly built over in the foreground, this patch of road was once used as a turning circle by trolleybuses (latterly on routes 12 and 13). The destination shown was "Low Hill (Pear Tree)", the Pear Tree being a pub out of frame to the left; nowadays, Low Hill is more associated with the interwar housing estate a mile or two west of here, and in fact the 1950s Underhill estate just reaches Cannock Road here (right). Nowadays, the main bus service along Cannock Road goes into the estate, leaving only the out of town route to Cannock serving this stop.
Roundabout At Newbolds - Geograph - 2355277.jpg
A460 Roundabout At Newbolds
Brand new Philips Iridium lantern and column.jpg
Just heading out of New Invention, along the A462, main road from Willenhall to Cannock. This is a fairly new column with a Philips Iridium lantern. It was only installed a few months ago.
Roundabout on the Cannock Road - Geograph - 3121717.jpg
Roundabout on the Cannock Road on the A460 at The Scotlands.
U120 Raynor Road.JPG
U120 Raynor Road, Wolverhampton looking southwards.
Neachells Lane - Geograph - 424382.jpg
U99 Neachells Lane, Wolverhampton
Neachells Lane View - Geograph - 4756929.jpg
Neachells Lane View The view northwards along U99 Neachells Lane in Wednesfield.
IMG 4455.JPG
Deep-bowl Urbis ZX2 on 10 metre column. Neachells Ln, Wolverhampton.
IMG 5388.JPG Coppice Farm Way.jpg
Coppice Farm Way, New Invention, near Willenhall. The street lights here have Thorn Riviera lanterns, very similar to the Thorn Alpha 2000. Along with the Urbis ZX2, this lantern is very common all over the district borough of Walsall.
IMG 4222.JPG wednesfield march.jpg
Thorn Alpha 1s on concretes. Wednesfield, Wolverhampton.
IMG 6950.PNG
Concrete column, day-burning Thorn Alpha 1, and zebra Urbis ZX3.
IMG 4416.JPG
Bracket for 4 lanterns on one column. WRTL MRL6s. Just off Neachells Lane near Wednesfield.
Lichfield Road Island - Geograph - 4610635.jpg
Wood End Island The view in Wednesfield, Wolverhampton.
Alfred Squires Road - Geograph - 6080835.jpg
Alfred Squires Road The view in Wednesfield.
IMG 6662.JPG wednesfield roundabout.jpg
Wednesfield Way, approaching the roundabout.
6674.JPG December 2018 Philips MA Concrete Column.jpg
Image from December 2018. Concrete column with Philips MA90 lantern. In the background is newer installation with Holophane QSM lantern, which would of replaced an old concrete column. There are also zebra crossing ZX3s on shorter columns too. Quite a mix variety of street lights along this stretch of road.
New Bentley Bridge - Geograph - 334396.jpg
New Bentley Bridge This bridge over the Wyrley and Essington Canal was built as a link between the new Wednesfield Way and New Cross Hospital.
Wyley and Essington Canal - Ward's Bridge - Geograph - 916043.jpg
Wyley & Essington Canal - Ward's Bridge Typical of a number of bridges over the Wednesfield section of canal.
Heathtown, New Bentley Bridge - Geograph - 2241017.jpg
Heathtown, New Bentley Bridge Dated 1986, taking New Cross Avenue across Wyrley and Essington Canal; behind it, the much older brick New Cross Bridge.
Castle Bridge, from the south - Geograph - 5793028.jpg
Castle Bridge, from the south With a pipe bridge directly in front of it. The bridge carries the Lichfield Road A4124 over the Wyrley and Essington Canal.
IMG 1169.JPG DayBurning Thorn Alpha 5.jpg
Day-burning Thorn Alpha 5 on Neachells Lane in Wednesfield, Wolverhampton.
IMG 1170.JPG older columns with new Kirium Pros.jpg
A few older 1970s style of street lights with new Windsor Kirium Pros (LED). The original lanterns were Thorn Alpha 5s (LPS/SOX), and you can still see one Philips MA50 (LPS/SOX) left which was a replacement from before. This is along Neachells Lane, Wednesfield, Wolverhampton.

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