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A3088 Yeovil (A37-A303) Option 3 - Coppermine - 17208.jpg
A3088 Yeovil (A37-A303) Option 3

Finally an option that reroutes the A37 through West Yeovil, taking over a central portion of the A3088 and a minor road to the North. The beauty of this route is that, unlike the present congested A37, it has the space for D2 and no property frontages. To the North it continues as a bypass of the dangerous section of A37 around Yeovil Marsh and Chilthorne Domer. To the South it continues as a bypass of Yeovil, bending SE to join the existing A37, probably at the Red House Rbt. Thanks yet again to SteveA30

Originally uploaded to Coppermine on Mar 11, 2008 by jackal
A3088 Yeovil (A37-A303) Option 2 - Coppermine - 17207.jpg
A3088 Yeovil (A37-A303) Option 2

A cheap alternative to option 1. Long distance traffic is separated from local traffic as before, but this time it has to negotiate a couple of roundabouts. This is an improvement on the existing arrangement as the local traffic-clogged roundabouts are bypassed. Benefits for local traffic are as before - they use the existing layout, but it will have less traffic on it. The yellow blurs at the new roundabouts are access to possible new developments. Again, thanks to Steve A30

Originally uploaded to Coppermine on Mar 11, 2008 by jackal
A3088 Yeovil (A37-A303) Option 1 - Coppermine - 17206.jpg
A3088 Yeovil (A37-A303) Option 1

The best option for separating long distance A3088 traffic from local traffic. Two simple fork interchanges and a new S2 parallel to the short stretch of the present S2 A3088 let strategic traffic go through unhindered. Local movements are not compromised, and would benefit from the removal of through traffic. Thanks to Steve A30 for permitting map (re-)use.

Originally uploaded to Coppermine on Mar 11, 2008 by jackal
A30 Sherborne Road - Yeovil - Geograph - 1736100.jpg
A30 Sherborne Road - Yeovil


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