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York Street Interchange
Potm aug 12.jpg
The start of the M2 in Belfast.
Gantry Sign on the Northern Irish A12.JPG
A broken Gantry sign at York Street on the Northern Irish A12
A typical UK flag sign found on the A12 (NI).JPG
A typical flag sign at the York Street junction on the A12 (NI)
Gantry sign, Belfast - Geograph - 1746974.jpg
Gantry sign, Belfast
Gantry sign in York Street, approaching Gt George�s Street <a href=''>J3375 : Great George's Street, Belfast</a> and the Westlink <a href=''>J3475 : The Westlink, York Street, Belfast</a>. The Northside Park and Ride <a href=''>J3475 : 'Northside' park and ride bus stop, Belfast</a> is on the right.
A12 Westlink - Coppermine - 20057.JPG
A12 Westlink Originally uploaded to Coppermine on Sep 14, 2008 by murphaph
A12 Westlink - Coppermine - 20056.JPG
A12 Westlink Originally uploaded to Coppermine on Sep 14, 2008 by murphaph
A12 Westlink - Coppermine - 20055.JPG
A12 Westlink Originally uploaded to Coppermine on Sep 14, 2008 by murphaph
York St Interchange (resized).jpg
Abeaton's photo of the York Street Interchange, resized for editing purposes.
York Street Interchange.jpg
Signage offering the impressive range of options at the notorious York Street Interchange.
York Street gantry.JPG
One of many long and wide gantries at this impressive assortment of an interchange.
York Street motorway access.JPG
Almost a spontaneous motorway at York Street, but good signing on the approach makes the final exit clear.
The Westlink, Belfast (11) - Geograph - 1625898.jpg
The Westlink, Belfast (11)
See <a href=''>J3374 : The Westlink, Belfast (10)</a>. The overhead sign, at York Street, for north and eastbound traffic. Continue to <a href=''>J3374 : The Westlink, Belfast (12)</a>.
A patched flag sign on the A12 (NI).JPG
A patched flag sign on the A12 (NI)
Motorway sign, Belfast (3) - Geograph - 1760656.jpg
Motorway sign, Belfast (3)
See <a href=''>J3474 : Motorway sign, Belfast (2)</a>. Gantry sign, on the M3 (westbound), for traffic heading from the Sydenham bypass towards the Westlink and the M2.
Motorway sign, Belfast (2) - Geograph - 1464810.jpg
Motorway sign, Belfast (2)
See <a href=''>J3474 : Motorway sign, Belfast</a>. The same sign (amended to take account of the new terminals for the Stranraer and Isle of Man ferries) with the overhead lights showing a 40mph speed limit and lane closure due to roadworks. Continue to <a href=''>J3574 : Motorway sign, Belfast (3)</a>.
M2 foreshore section - Coppermine - 14643.jpg
M2 foreshore section

Approaching the end of the M2, the VMS warns of delays on the A12 Westlink. Photo taken 06.08.2007.

Originally uploaded to Coppermine on Aug 07, 2007 by csd
Start of A12 Westlink.jpg
Sign indicating the start of the A12 at the York Street Interchange
Westlink approaching York Street - Geograph - 1484878.jpg
Westlink approaching York Street
The A12 Westlink ends here. In the distance are Samson and Goliath, Harland & Wolff's iconic cranes. Also visible is the M3 motorway and Cross Harbour rail link - both opened in 1995.
York Street, Belfast (1983) - Geograph - 3577916.jpg
York Street, Belfast (1983) A late morning view along York Street at Gt George’s Street not long after the northern/eastern end of the Westlink had opened. Much of the former “Gallahers” factory (upper left) was still standing and (right) the Westlink contractor’s huts (middle right) were still in place. The area was later used as a “park and ride” car park. New planting (part of the Lancaster Street/Gt George’s Street landscaping) can be seen below Gallahers. The cars include a Morris Marina and a Citroen Dyane then in its last year of production. The gantry sign directs Bangor-bound traffic to the right. It used the Queen Elizabeth Bridge then, long before the construction of the M3.
Land for new road and rail links sign, York Street, Belfast (July 1983) - Geograph - 4277219.jpg
'Land for new road and rail links' sign, York Street, Belfast (July 1983) A considerable tract of land, along York Street, between Gt George’s Street and Whitla Street, had been cleared in the late 1960’s for the proposed elevated link road between the M1 and M2. The scheme was rejected after a public enquiry. The land lay vacant for many years before being reserved as the line for what was to become known as the “cross-harbour bridges”. There were many complaints that the large area of vacant ground looked like a bomb site. This sign was erected on the eastern side of York Street although it was to be another eight years before work started.

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