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Greshop Roundabout

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Greshop Roundabout
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Transport Scotland
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A96/ B9011
Junctions related to the B9011

The Greshop Roundabout lies on the A96 at the western end of Forres, where the bypass turns around the north side of the town. When originally built it was more or less on the edge of town, but the growth of the industrial estate to the north has seen the town stretch out to the west, and now a new roundabout to the west, built along with the towns flood defences, marks the entrance to the town. The roundabout is sited off the original A96 line, set slightly to the north to allow the B9011 to be turned to meet it, so giving fairly equal spacing between the four arms.

The roundabout is dominated by the Tesco store which sits in the fork between the A96 bypass and the B9011, which follows the former line of the A96 through the town itself. The fourth arm of the roundabout leads into the Greshop Industrial Estate, which sits between the A96 and the railway line, and has grown considerably in the last 20 years.

With government plans to fully dual the A96 by the 2030s, Forres is expected to receive a second bypass, although they are still at the early stages of route selection. This would see the A96 re-routed again, as there is not room to provide a full dual carriageway in the land available between the town and railway line, even with the plans to move the railway back out to it's original position (the station was built on a junction just off the straight through line, but it was the curve that was retained when the junction closed). It is possible that the current A96 bypass would then become unclassified, particularly if the new bypass passed to the south.


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Aberdeen, Fraserburgh (A98)




Greshop Industrial Estate

Greshop Roundabout
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