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Harwich - Hoek van Holland ferry

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Harwich - Hoek van Holland ferry
Location Map ( geo)
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From:  Harwich
To:  Hook of Holland
Distance:  205.4 km (127.6 miles)
Duration:  6.5 hours
Current Operator
Stena Line
Crossings related to the A120

The Harwich to the Hook of Holland crossing is operated by Stena Line. There are two crossings per day in each direction, seven days per week. The duration of the crossing is 6.5-7 hours by conventional ferry; although when it was in operation the HSS crossing time was 3h40.


English Side

Route To Notes


Colchester; London, The MIDLANDS (A12)

Dutch Side

Route To Notes


Hoek van Holland, Rotterdam, Amsterdam
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Name IMO Operator Dates Notes
Stena Hollandica 9419163 Stena Line 2010-date
Stena Britannica 9419175 Stena Line 2010-date
Stena Hollandica 9145176 Stena Line 2001-2010
Stena Britannica 9235517 Stena Line 2003-2010
Stena Britannica 9145164 Stena Line 2000-2003
Stena Discovery 9107590 Stena Line 1997-2007 High Speed Ship
Rosebay 7429229 Stena Line 1998-2000
Stena Searider 7305772 Stena Line 1997-2000
Stena Europe 7901760 Stena Line 1994-1997
Stena Britannica 7911545 Stena Line 1991-1994
Stena Seatrader 7301491 Stena Line 1990-2001


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Harwich - Hoek van Holland ferry
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