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Hertfordshire Council

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Hertfordshire County Council
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Hertfordshire • Middlesex
Primary Destinations
Hemel Hempstead • Hertford • St Albans • Stevenage • Watford
Other Important Destinations
Baldock • Bishops Stortford • Cheshunt • Hatfield • Hitchin • Letchworth • Hatfield • Potters Bar • Puckeridge • Rickmansworth • Royston • Tring • Welwyn Garden City
Barnet Council • Buckinghamshire Council • Cambridgeshire Council • Central Bedfordshire Council • Enfield Council • Essex Council
National Highways Roads
M1, M25, A1(M), A1, A5, A405 (part), A414 (part)

Hertfordshire County Council is the Highway Authority for all roads in the Administrative County of Hertfordshire, with the exception of Trunk roads managed by National Highways.

The vast majority of the council area falls within the historic county of Hertfordshire, although the Potters Bar area is within Middlesex.

Highways Management

In 2013, Hertfordshire managed over 5,100km in total section length, comprising:

  • 711 km of A Roads
  • 330 km of B Roads
  • 830 km of C Roads
  • 3231 km of Unclassified Roads

De-trunked roads consisting of 213km of carriageway make up 30% of the total A road network in the county, with some of these A roads carrying up to 60,000 vehicles per day.

Primary Destinations

The following Primary Destinations are located within the council area:

Trunk Roads

The following roads that run through the council area are at least partially Trunk Roads, and therefore managed by National Highways:

Principal and Classified Numbered Roads

The following is a list of A and B classified roads that are at least partially managed by the council:

Route From To Length


A10 Monument, London Hardwick Roundabout, King's Lynn 99.7 miles View
A41 London Birkenhead 204 miles View
A111 Palmers Green Potters Bar 6.8 miles View
A119 Ware Watton at Stone 7.4 miles View
A120 Puckeridge Harwich 63.7 miles View
A121 Waltham Cross Woodford Wells 10.0 miles View
A404 Marylebone, London Maidenhead 43.5 miles View
A405 Leavesden Green Park Street 4.8 miles View
A409 Harrow Bushey Heath 4.7 miles View
A411 Barnet Hunton Bridge 13.8 miles View
A412 Slough Garston, Watford 18.9 miles View
A414 Apsley, Hemel Hempstead Maldon 66.9 miles View
A416 Amersham Berkhamsted 8.1 miles View
A505 Leighton Buzzard Great Abington 49.2 miles View
A507 Brogborough Buntingford 31.4 miles View
A600 Hitchin Bedford 18.2 miles View
A602 Hitchin Ware 15.6 miles View
A1000 East Finchley, London Welwyn Garden City 21.0 miles View
A1001 Millward's Park Oldings Corner 4.1 miles View
A1005 World's End Potters Bar 3.9 miles View
A1010 Bruce Grove, Tottenham Waltham Cross 7.0 miles View
A1057 Hatfield St Albans 4.2 miles View
A1060 Bishop's Stortford Sandon, Chelmsford 21.5 miles View
A1070 Horizon Technology Park Stevenage Town Centre 0.3 miles View
A1072 Broadhall Way Verity Way 4.0 miles View
A1081 High Barnet Luton Airport 20.5 miles View
A1155 Gunnels Wood Road Martins Way 2.5 miles View
A1170 Ware By Pass Turnford 8.5 miles View
A1184 Harlow Bishop's Stortford By Pass 6.9 miles View
A1250 Stortford Park Birchanger Green 3.0 miles View
A4008 Watford East Hatch End, Harrow 5.5 miles View
A4125 Northwood, London Watford 3.9 miles View
A4140 Brent Bushey Heath 6.3 miles View
A4145 Batchworth Watford 4.6 miles View
A4146 Hemel Hempstead Milton Keynes 16.7 miles View
A4147 Hemel Hempstead St Albans 8.3 miles View
A4178 Oxhey Watford 1.2 miles View
A4251 Kings Langley Wigginton 12.1 miles View
A5135 Rowley Green Elstree Studios 1.2 miles View
A5183 Elstree Dunstable 21.8 miles View
A6129 Hatfield (N) Welwyn Garden City 1.5 miles View


B156 Potters Bar Turnford 7.4 miles View
B157 Brookmans Park Cuffley 3.3 miles View
B158 Brookmans Park Tonwell 10.9 miles View
B176 Waltham Cross Turnford 2.7 miles View
B180 Stanstead Abbotts Widford 3.7 miles View
B181 Great Amwell North Weald Bassett 13.6 miles View
B194 Waltham Abbey Broxbourne 6.0 miles View
B195 Cole Green Lemsford 4.4 miles View
B197 Hatfield House Baldock 19.0 miles View
B198 Goff's Lane, Cheshunt Turner's Hill, Cheshunt 1.8 miles View
B440 Hemel Hempstead Leighton Buzzard 12.4 miles View
B462 Radlett Oxhey 4.1 miles View
B486 Tring town centre Tring Wharf 0.89 miles View
B487 Hemel Hempstead Harpenden Common 5.9 miles View
B488 Tring Linslade 9.9 miles View
B489 Buckland Dunstable 10.6 miles View
B556 Potters Bar Radlett 7.5 miles View
B651 St Albans Rush Green 12.3 miles View
B652 Harpenden Kimpton 4.7 miles View
B653 Luton Stanborough 10.7 miles View
B655 Barton-le-Clay Hitchin 7.5 miles View
B656 Welwyn Pixmore Way, Baldock 15.5 miles View
B691 Chequer Street Hatfield Road 0.7 miles View
B1000 Welwyn Garden City Hertford 4.3 miles View
B1001 Ware bypass Ware town centre 0.7 miles View
B1004 Bishop's Stortford Ware 13.1 miles View
B1037 Pin Green, Stevenage Cottered 5.5 miles View
B1038 Buntingford Newport 11.7 miles View
B1039 Royston Wendens Ambo 11.2 miles View
B1197 Hoddesdon Hertford 3.1 miles View
B1368 Puckeridge Hauxton 19.6 miles View
B1383 Bishop's Stortford Stump Cross 17.5 miles View
B1455 Holwell Caravan Site Essendon 0.5 miles View
B1502 Hertford Great Amwell 2.4 miles View
B1529 London Road Hadham Road 1.0 mile View
B4505 Chesham Boxmoor 6.5 miles View
B4506 Northchurch Whipsnade 7.3 miles View
B4540 Whipsnade (W) Luton 7.8 miles View
B4542 Eastbury The Rookery 3.5 miles View
B4630 Noke roundabout, Chiswell Green St Stephen's, St Albans 1.6 miles View
B4635 Bucklandwharf Tring(SE) 2.0 miles View
B5378 Elstree London Colney 7.2 miles View
B6424 London Road Victoria Street 0.21 miles View
B6426 The Comet Roundabout, Hatfield Great North Road, Hatfield 1.6 miles View

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Classified Unnumbered (Class III) Roads

Main Article: Hertfordshire Council (Class III roads)

For its Class III road network, Hertfordshire County Council uses "C" prefixes.


The local authority is responsible for the maintenance of the majority of junctions within its boundary.

Main Article: Hertfordshire Council (Junctions)

Bridges, Tunnels, and other Crossings

Main Article: Hertfordshire Council (Crossings)


Hatfield Tunnel - Concept to Reality

Watch the Hatfield Tunnel being built in this fascinating documentary produced jointly by the University of Herts, formerly Hatfield Polytechnic and Hertfordshire County Council.

Watch video > >

A602 Improvements - drive through

Have a look at what we've been doing to reduce rush hour queues on the A602 between Stevenage and Ware

Watch video > >

Little Hadham Bypass - Drone Footage of Construction (October 2019)

Aerial video of the construction site for the Little Hadham Bypass and Flood Alleviation Scheme, shot by the scheme's survey drone

Watch video > >

Little Hadham Bypass - Timelapse (September 2019)

Construction work on the A120 Little Hadham Bypass and Flood Alleviation Scheme is now well underway. Here's some of what's been happening on site over the last month or so.

Watch video > >

New River Bridge named Claire Bayless Bridge

The Claire Bayless Bridge and the Debbie Pezzani Footbridge were officially named at a special event on 27 September 2021 in Hoddesdon.

Watch video > >


Hertfordshire Council
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