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Hogarth Roundabout

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Hogarth Roundabout
Location Map ( geo)
Hogarth Flyover - Chiswick - Geograph - 800790.jpg
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Highway Authority
Transport for London
Junction Type
Roundabout,Traffic Lights and Flyover
Roads Joined
A4, A316

Hogarth Roundabout is a junction on the A4 in west London, at the northern end of the A316. A 'temporary' flyover has taken northbound A316 traffic over the roundabout to the London-bound A4 (and the A316 north of the junction) for decades. The junction is named after the painter William Hogarth, whose house was near the site of the junction, and still exists and can be visited.

Plans for a permanent flyover existed before the temporary structure was built. During the 1960s several ideas were investigated for a permanent solution. These ranged from a simple flyover to an elevated road and a centre slot system. The plain flyover was deemed to offer few benefits unless the A4 further into London was upgraded to take the increased traffic flow whereas the elevated and centre slot schemes upgraded the entire section between Chiswick Roundabout and Hammersmith Flyover. Neither was pursued.

Early 1970s proposal as part of the London Ringways

The Ringways proposals called for the A316 to be upgraded forming an extension of the M3 into London and this would require freeflow links to the A4 at Hogarth Roundabout. The 1960s proposals discussed in the previous paragraph allowed only for an A4 flyover. Three designs for the junction are known to exist all featuring east facing forks. The most plausible is shown on the left which allows full access to the local road network. This plan was exhibited during the inquiry into the London Ringways and ultimately resulted in the Ringways being scrapped. Therefore the junction has remained unchanged since the temporary flyover was built and there are no plans for its replacement.


Route To Notes


The WEST, Heathrow Airport, (M4)


Central London, Hammersmith


The SOUTH WEST, Richmond, (M3)




Hogarth Roundabout
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15. Hogarth Flyover - Coppermine - 1853.JPGHogarth Roundabout Ringway plan.png
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