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Hogg's Corner

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Hogg's Corner
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Highway Authority
Transport Scotland
Junction Type
'Give Way' Junction
Roads Joined
A77, B7045

Hogg's Corner was once a series of slow bends on the A77 between Maybole and Minishant. In addition to having to navigate the bends, the B7045 also terminated from the east on one of the corners at a simple T junction. The bends are now gone, however, replaced by a single sweeping curve with a widened carriageway as part of the extensive improvements that have been carried out along the A77 to accommodate the large volume of traffic heading south for the Irish Ferries.

Today the B7045 still terminates on the A77 at a simple T junction, but with the main road realigned to the west, it uses the northern section of the otherwise abandoned old A77 to make the final connection. This has introduced a snaking S bend at the former junction location, and whilst the rest of the old road has been reclaimed by the farmer, a gate into the field still stands across the old A77 line. The B7045 is provided with lengthy deceleration and acceleration lanes on the southbound A77 carriageway, but there is no central turning lane, which can cause northbound traffic to come to a halt for turning traffic when the road is busy.


Route To Notes


Maybole, Girvan, Stranraer




Kirkmichael, Straiton Uses part of former A77 alignment

Hogg's Corner
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