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Hutton Moor Roundabout

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Hutton Moor Roundabout
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Highway Authority
North Somerset
Junction Type
Roads Joined
A370, B3440

The Hutton Moor Roundabout was constructed as part of the Flowerdown Bridge project to provide Weston-super-Mare with a dualled link to the M5 Motorway. It lies a little to the west of the original alignment for the A371. However, due to the narrow bridges over the railway line, the A371 was later split to provide one-way links to the town, via Locking Moor and Hutton Moor Roads.

Herluin Way, which leads off to the west was originally built as an S2 unclassified road linking the Retail Parks to the A371, before being widened and upgraded to A370 when the bridge was completed. For a few years after that, the bridges over the railway were classified as part of the B3440, but they are now unclassified.


Route To Notes


Town Centre, Oldmixon


M5, Bristol, Wells (A371), Locking, Banwell
Recycling Centre
Leads to Housing Development

Hutton Moor Roundabout
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