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Junctions in Sussex

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This is a list of junctions within the historical boundaries of Sussex. For a list of junctions maintained by East Sussex County Council, see East Sussex Council (Junctions). For a list of junctions maintained by West Sussex County Council, see West Sussex Council (Junctions). For a list of junctions maintained by Brighton and Hove Council, see Brighton and Hove Council (Junctions).

Name Location Roads Type
Patcham Interchange Brighton A23, A27 Dumbbell with freeflow links
Farthings Hill Interchange Horsham A24, A264, A281 Roundabout Interchange
Stockbridge Roundabout Stockbridge, Chichester A27, A286 Roundabout
Pevensey Roundabout Pevensey, Eastbourne A27, A259 Roundabout
Fishbourne Roundabout Chichester A27, A259 Roundabout
Cop Hall Roundabout Polegate A22, A27 Roundabout
Bognor Road Roundabout Chichester A27, A259 Roundabout
Beddingham Roundabout Beddingham, Lewes A27, A26 Roundabout
Oving Crossroads Chichester A27, B2144 Crossroads
Tangmere Roundabout Boxgrove, Chichester A27 Roundabout
Ashcombe Roundabout Long Hill, Lewes A27, A277 Signalised roundabout
Whyke Roundabout Kingsham, Chichester A27, B2145 Roundabout
Grove Lodge Roundabout Broadwater, Worthing A24, A27 Roundabout
Offington Corner Worthing A24, A27, A2031 Roundabout
Kensetts Corner Ashington A24, C9 (West Sussex) Unique Diamond GSJ
Robin Hood Roundabout (Horsham) Horsham A24, B2237 Roundabout
Chichester Road Roundabout Bognor Regis A29, A259, B2166 Roundabout
Great Daux Roundabout Horsham A24, A264 Roundabout
Hop Oast Roundabout Between Horsham and Southwater A24, B2237, C178 (West Sussex) Roundabout
Portfield Roundabout Westhampnett, Chichester A27, A285 Roundabout
Poling Corner Poling A27 Give way with Slip Roads
Whiteways Lodge Roundabout Whiteways Lodge Roundabout A29, A284, B2139 Roundabout
Washington Roundabout Washington A24, A283 Roundabout
Kennel Corner Roundabout Ringmer B2124, B2192 Mini Roundabout
Prison Crossroads Lewes A275, A277 Signalised crossroads
Adur Interchange Shoreham-by-Sea A27, A283 folded diamond
Albourne Junctions Albourne B2116, B2118 T Junctions, no longer used
Balcombe Road Junction Maidenbower, Crawley M23, B2036 Half dumbbell
Bolney Park Farm Junction n of Bolney A23 three sliproads
Bridge Road Roundabout Littlehampton A259, B2187 Roundabout
Causeway Roundabout Arundel A27 Roundabout
Clapham Interchange Clapham A27, A280, A2700 Dumbbell
Coldean Interchange Stanmer Park A27, A270 Fork + partially-grade-separated junction
Coopers Corner (Hurst Green) North of Hurst Green A21, A229 T-junction
Crawley Interchange Crawley M23, A264, A2011 Signal Controlled Roundabout
Dale Hill Junction A23, A281 Modified Fork
Devils Dyke Interchange Westdene A27, A2038 Dumbbell
Eastbourne Road Junction Polegate A27, A2270 T-junction
Falmer Interchange Falmer A27 • B2123 Modified dumbbell
Findon Roundabout Findon A24, A280, C559 Roundabout
Fishmarket Road Roundabout Rye A259, A268 Roundabout
Flimwell Crossroads Flimwell A21, A268, B2087 Crossroads
Fontwell East Roundabout Fontwell A27, A29 Roundabout
Fontwell West Roundabout Fontwell A27, A29 Roundabout
Ford Roundabout Arundel A27, A284 Roundabout
Glyne Gap Roundabout Glyne Gap A259, A2036 Roundabout
Golden Jubilee Roundabout Dittons A22, A27 Roundabout
Goring Crossways Goring-by-Sea A259, A2032, A2700 Roundabout
Handcross Junction Handcross A23, B2110, B2114
Hangleton Interchange Benfield Valley A27 Dumbbell
Hickstead Interchange Hickstead A23, A2300 modified dumbbell
Hollingbury Interchange A27 Modified dumbbell
Holmbush Interchange Kingston By Sea A27, A270 Fork + Roundabout
Hooe Junction A259, B2095 T-junction
Hurstpierpoint Junction South of Hurstpierpoint A23, B2117 Quarter Diamond, Quarter Folded Diamond
Kettle O'Fish Roundabout Rye A259, A268 Roundabout
Lancing Manor Roundabout North Lancing A27, A2025 Roundabout
Little Common Roundabout Little Common A259, B2182 Roundabout
Mill Lane Roundabout Rustington A259, B2187 Roundabout
Northbridge Street Roundabout Northbridge Street A21 Roundabout
Pease Pottage Interchange Broadfield, Crawley M23, A23, A264, C49 (West Sussex), (B2114) Roundabout Interchange with Traffic Lights
Pyecombe Interchange Pyecombe A23
Roundstone Road Roundabout Angmering A259, B2225 Roundabout
Roundstone Roundabout Roundstone A259, A280, B2140 Roundabout
Sayers Common Junction North of Sayers Common A23, B2118 unique
Seven Dials (Brighton) Brighton A2010, B2120, B2121, B2122 Roundabout
Slaugham Junction Slaugham A23 Folded diamond.
Station Road Roundabout (Angmering) Angmering A259, B2140 Roundabout
Temple Bar Interchange nr Tangmere A27, A285 dumbbell
The Body Shop Roundabout A259, B2187 Roundabout
Warninglid Interchange east of Warninglid A23, B2115 Folded Diamond
Wick Roundabout Wick A259, A284 Roundabout
Crossbush Interchange Crossbush, Arundel A27, A284 Roundabout
East Worthing Crossroads Worthing A27 Controlled Crossroads
Jobs Corner Hickstead A2300 Crossroads
Hamlins Corner Goddards Green A2300 T Junction
Cuckfield Road Roundabout Goddards Green A2300 Roundabout
A2300 Northern Arc Roundabout Goddards Green A2300 roundabout
Burgess Hill Link Road Roundabout Burgess Hill A2300, A273 roundabout
A273 Northern Arc Avenue Crossroads Goddards Green A273 crossroads
Fairplace Hill Roundabouts Burgess Hill A273, B2036 roundabout
Sussex Way Roundabout Burgess Hill A273 roundabout
Coulstock Road Roundabout Burgess Hill A273 roundabout
Jane Murray Way Roundabout Burgess Hill A273 roundabout
A273 Northern Arc Roundabout Goddards Green A273 roundabout
Tescos Roundabout (Burgess Hill) Burgess Hill A273 roundabout
London Road Roundabout (Burgess Hill) Burgess Hill A273, B2036 roundabout
B2036 Northern Arc Avenue Junctions Burgess Hill B2036 T Junction
Boarshead Roundabout (Crowborough) Crowborough A26, B2157 Roundabout
Maple Drive Junction Burgess Hill B2036 crossroads
Queen Elizabeth Roundabout Burgess Hill B2113, B2036 roundabout
Civic Way Roundabout Burgess Hill B2113 roundabout
Church Road Junction (Burgess Hill) Burgess Hill B2113 roundabout
Hoadleys Corner Burgess Hill B2113 roundabout
Tylers Green Roundabout Haywards Heath A272, B2272 roundabout
Bolnore Roundabout Haywards Heath A272, A273 roundabout
Lower Village Roundabout Haywards Heath A272 roundabout
Highbank Roundabout Haywards Heath A272 roundabout
Sandrocks Roundabout Haywards Heath A272 roundabout
Foxhill Roundabout Haywards Heath A272, B2112 roundabout
The Birch Hotel Roundabout Haywards Heath A272, B2272 roundabout
Bedales Corner Haywards Heath A272, B2111 t junction
Sergisons Arms Roundabouts Haywards Heath B2272 roundabout
Chownes Mead Junction Haywards Heath A272 t junction
Butlers Green Junction Haywards Heath B2272 t junction
Muster Green Gyratory Haywards Heath B2272, B2028 Gyratory
Sussex Square Haywards Heath B2272, B2112 roundabout
The Princess Royal Hospital Roundabout Haywards Heath A272 roundabout
Lindfield High Street Junction Haywards Heath B2111, B2028 t junction
Gravelye Lane Junction Haywards Heath B2111 t junction
East Mascalls Lane Junction Haywards Heath B2111, C312 t junctions
Fox and Hounds Inn Junction Haywards Heath B2112 roundabout
Danes Crossroads North of Walberton A27, B2132 Crossroads
Resort Hotel Roundabout Westhampnett, Chichester C69, C606 Roundabout
Richmond Road Junction Worthing A24, A259 T junction
Chapel Road Roundabout Worthing A24, A259 Roundabout
Teville Road Roundabout Worthing A24, A2031 Roundabout/t-junction
Newland Road Roundabout A24, C260 Roundabout/t-junction
Sompting Avenue Junction A24, B2223 Crossroads
Broadwater Roundabout (Worthing) Broadwater, Worthing A24, C271 Roundabout
Buckbarn Crossroads West Grinstead A24, A272 Traffic Light Controlled Offset Crossroads
South Farm Road Junction Worthing A24, A2032 T junction
Findon Gate Worthing A24, C282 T junction
Cross Lane Junction South of Findon A24 T junction
Findon South Junction Findon A24, C110 T junction
Findon North Junction Findon A24, C110 LILO
Highden Bridge A24 Link Bridge
Washington South Junction Washington A24 T junction
Rock Crossroads Rock A24, C31 Crossroads
Ashington Interchange Ashington A24, B2133, C9 Dumbbell Interchange
Dial Post South Dial Post A24, C129, C177 Crossroads
Dial Post North Dial Post A24, C117 T Junction
Partridge Green Turn West of West Grinstead A24, B2135 T junction
Copsale Turn South of Southwater A24, C87 Unique T Junction
Pollards Hill Roundabout Southwater A24, C178 Roundabout
High Wood Hill Interchange Broadbridge Heath A24, A264 Dumbbell
Westons Junction Warnham A24, C39 offset crossroads
Kingsfold Junction Kingsfold A24, C191 T junction
Colestock Crossroads A264, B2026 Offset Crossroads
Holtye Crossroads Holtye A264 Crossroads
Shepherds Grove Lane Junction A264 T Junction
Shovelstrode Lane Junction A264 T Junction
Beeching Way Gyratory A22, A264, B2110 Gyratory
Blackwell Hollow Roundabout East Grinstead A264, B2110 Roundabout
Snow Hill Junction (Crawley) between Crawley and East Grinstead A264, B2037 Fork
Dukes Head Roundabout Copthorne, Crawley A264, B2028 Roundabout
Borers Arms Road Junction Copthorne, Crawley A264, C323 (West Sussex) T Junction
Copthorne Hotel Roundabout Copthorne, Crawley A264, A2220, C322 Roundabout T Junction Crossroads
Copthorne Way Roundabout Crawley A264 Roundabout
Tollgate Hill Roundabout Crawley A264, C420 Roundabout
Bewbush Manor Roundabout Crawley A264, A2220 Roundabout
Kilnwood Vale Roundabout Crawley A264 Roundabout
Faygate Roundabout Faygate A264, C57 Roundabout
Roffey Roundabout Horsham A264, B2195 Roundabout
Rusper Road Roundabout Horsham A264, C190 Roundabout
Billingshurst Road Roundabout Broadbridge Heath, Horsham A264, A281 Roundabout
Lyons Corner Broadbridge Heath, Horsham A264, C76 T Junction
Fulfords Hill Junction west of Horsham A264, C64 T Junction / Fork
Bashurst Hill Junction A264, C24 (West Sussex) Roundabout T Junction Crossroads
Five Oaks Roundabout Five Oaks A29, A264 Roundabout
Gossops Green Junction Gossops Green, Crawley A23, C405 T Junction
Ifield Roundabout Crawley A23, C33 Roundabout
Ewhurst Roundabout Crawley A23 Roundabout
Fleming Way Roundabout Crawley A23, C418 Roundabout
Lowfield Heath Roundabout Lowfield Heath, Crawley A23, C200 Roundabout
Gatwick Road Roundabout Gatwick, Crawley A23, C207 Roundabout
Airport Way Roundabout East Gatwick Airport M23, A23 Roundabout
Gatwick Interchange Gatwick Airport, Crawley M23 Partially Signal Controlled Roundabout Interchange
Hazelwick Roundabout Crawley A2011, A2004, C207 Roundabout
Forge Wood Junction Crawley A2011, B2036 Half Diamond
Water Lane Junction Angmering A280, C618 T Junction
Ridleys Corner Pound Hill, Crawley A2220, B2036 Roundabout
Worth Road Junction Pound Hill, Crawley A2220, C142 T Junction
Hazelwick Avenue Junction Three Bridges, Crawley A2220, C207 T Junction
Paymaster Generals Roundabout Crawley A2220, C143 Roundabout
Three Bridges Roundabout Three Bridges, Crawley A2220 Roundabout
County Mall Junctions Crawley A2220, A2004 T Junction
Station Gyratory Crawley A2220, A2219 Gyratory
Ifield Road Roundabout Crawley A2220, A2219 Roundabout
Broadfield Roundabout Crawley A2220, C406 Roundabout
Breezehurst Roundabout Crawley A2220, C406 Roundabout
Northgate Avenue Roundabout Northgate, Crawley A2004 Roundabout
Crawley Multiplex West Green, Crawley A2219, C33 (West Sussex) Roundabout
Carden Avenue Roundabout Patcham, Brighton A23 Roundabout
Crown and Anchor Junction Preston, Brighton A23 T Junction
Preston Park South Junction Preston, Brighton A23 T Junction
Beaconsfield Crossroads Hollingdean, Brighton A23 Crossroads
Preston Circus Round Hill, Brighton A23, A270 Five Ways
Ditchling Road Crossroad Round Hill, Brighton A23 Crossroads
Open Market Brighton A23, Crossroads
St Peters Church Brighton A23, A270 Unique
Richmond Parade Brighton A23, A270 Unique
North Road Brighton A23 Unique
Pavilion Parade Brighton A23 Unique
Old Steine Brighton A23, B2066 Gyratory
Grand Junction (Brighton) Brighton A23, A259 Roundabout
Newtimber Junction Newtimber A23 T-Junction
Quarry Junction (Newtimber) A23 Half diamond, half folded diamond
Berwick Roundabout Polegate A27 Roundabout
Upper Avenue Roundabout Eastbourne A2040 Roundabout
Earwig Corner Lewes A26, B2192 Give Way, Junction
Johns Cross John's Cross A21, A2100 Roundabout
Birch Roundabout Eastbourne A2290 Roundabout
Crowborough Cross Crowborough A26, B2100 Signalised Crossroads
Willingdon Roundabout Eastbourne A2270, A2021 Roundabout
Tushmore Gyratory Crawley A23, A2011, A2219, C415 Roundabout with Traffic Lights
Memorial Roundabout (Eastbourne) Eastbourne A259, B2106 Roundabout
Station Roundabout (Eastbourne) Eastbourne A259 Roundabout
Priory Roundabout (Eastbourne) Eastbourne B2191 Roundabout
Broadwater Roundabout (Eastbourne) Eastbourne A2280 Roundabout
Harbour Roundabout (Eastbourne) Eastbourne A259 Roundabout
Highfield Roundabout (Eastbourne) Eastbourne Roundabout
Mountfield Roundabout Eastbourne Roundabout
Copwood Roundabout Uckfield Bypass A22, B2102 Roundabout
Bolney Crossways Bolney A23, A272 half folded diamond, half dumbbell
Boship Roundabout Hailsham A22, A267, A271 Roundabout
Black Down Roundabout Ringles Cross A22, A26 Roundabout
Manor Royal Junction Crawley A23, C417 T Junction
Soverign Roundabout Eastbourne Roundabout
Southgate Roundabout (Crawley) Crawley A23, A2004, A2219 Roundabout
Shinewater Roundabout Eastbourne A22, B2191 Roundabout
Seaside Roundabout Eastbourne A259, A2290 Roundabout
Scotney Castle Roundabout Lamberhurst A21, B2169 Roundabout
Rodmill Roundabout Eastbourne A2280 Roundabout
Bedfordwell Roundabout Eastbourne A2040, A2021 Mini Roundabout
Budletts Roundabout Maresfield A26, A272 Roundabout
Cheals Roundabout Crawley A23, A2220 Roundabout
Meads Roundabout Eastbourne Mini Roundabout
Marshall Roundabout Eastbourne Roundabout
Martello Roundabout Eastbourne A259 Roundabout
Hide Hollow Roundabouts Eastbourne B2191, B2104 Roundabout
Lampool Roundabout Lampool A22, B2026 Roundabout
Langney Point Roundabouts Langney Point, Eastbourne Linked Roundabouts
Langney Roundabout Eastbourne A259 Roundabout
Little Horsted Roundabout Little Horsted A22, A26 Roundabout
Lottbridge Roundabout Eastbourne A22, A2280, A2290 Roundabout
Langhurst Wood Roundabout Horsham A264 LILO
Sussex Pad Shoreham-by-Sea A27, C13 controlled crossroads
Crockerhill Junction Crockerhill A27, B2233 Staggered crossroads

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