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Kelston Toll Road

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Kelston Toll Road
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From:nr Bath (ST709664)
To:nr Kelston (ST706664)
Length:0.3 miles (0.4 km)
Met: A431, A431

The Kelston Toll Road was a private road constructed by a local landowner fed up with how long BANES Council was taking to fix the short stretch of the A431 closed due to a landslip just to the south of the new road.

The toll was £1 for motorcycles, £2 for cars and light vans under 3.5 tons, and £3 for cars towing caravans/trailers. A 12 journey ticket could be bought for the price of 10 journeys.

The unmetalled gravel road was of a 7m S2 cross-section. The toll booths were staffed 24/7 and CCTV was in operation along the road. The road cost £150,000 to build and needed about 1000 vehicles a day to break even. There was a 10mph advisory speed limit on the road.

It opened early August 2014, with the A431 having closed on February 17th. It closed when the council reopened the original road on November 17th, ahead of the anticipated Christmas opening date. Because of this, the toll road company suffered a shortfall of around £10-15,000.


Kelston Toll Road
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