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Kildrum South Roundabout

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Kildrum Southn Roundabout
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North Lanarkshire
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The eastern arm side of the roundabout

Kildrum South Roundabout is an unfinished GSJ on the B8054 in Cumbernauld. It is quite clear from the flared approaches on the B8054 that it was originally intended for a flyover to carry the dual carriageway over the junction, but this was never built, leaving an over large flat roundabout junction set amongst parkland. If the flyover had been built, then it is likely that weaving would have been a problem on the B8054, due to the close proximity of three sets of sliproads for the three junctions, Kildrum South being the middle of the three. Curiously, a footbridge spans the B8054 sliproads to the north of the roundabout, at precisely the level that the flyover would have crossed at, suggesting that the decision to leave the junction as a flat roundabout was made soon after it was built.

The roundabout is therefore a large oval junction with the B8054, Lye Brae, passing through from north west to south east. To the north east, Kildrum Road curves round in a large loop through the suburbs, while to the south west South Carbrain Road is a distributor road which connects through to the B8039 at Janes Brae Interchange.

A footbridge on the north flank of the junction shows the proposed vertical alignment, with the bridge spanning the two carriageways of the B8054, Lye Brae, but dipping in the middle across the face of an embankment. This would have been to carry the footbridge under the proposed flyover, albeit with a low headroom.


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Abronhill, Lenziemill, Palacerigg Country Park


(A8011), (M80), Town Centre, Seafar, North Carbrain
South Carbrain, Park and Ride

Kildrum South Roundabout
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