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Lady Lane Junction

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Lady Lane
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Roads Joined
A419, A4311, B4019, B4534
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Lady Lane Junction and Turnpike Junction, were built in 2008 as part of the Blunsdon Bypass. The A419, a major primary route acting as a link between the M4 and M5 passes through the junction, while routes into Swindon (A4311), and local side routes (B4534, B4019) all tie in here. This junction combines and replaces a surface roundabout and crossroads which used to be major bottlenecks on the A419.

The junction is referred to as Turnpike Junction on signs heading northwestbound on the A419, and Lady Lane Junction on signs heading southeastbound. This is as they are considered two separate junctions, rather than the one staggered one that they functionally are.


(See also: Blunsdon Bypass.)

Originally the A419 followed Ermin Street, an old Roman Road, at this point, passing through the village of Blunsdon. Whilst the A419 had become a dual-carriageway through the village, it's junctions with the A4311 into Swindon and Lady Lane (B4534, B4019) were both at-grade; the former being a signalled roundabout, the latter, signalled crossroads.

The need to bypass Blunsdon became increasingly apparent as the A419 / A417 route was becoming increasingly used as a link between the M4 and M5 motorways. As part of the bypass project, the need to redevelop both junctions were included. Originally two junctions were envisioned, but to save costs and due to the proximity of both junctions, the plan to combine them into one junction, with a new link road, became the preferred option.

Construction began in 2007 with the demolition of a petrol station and Little Chef at the old Turnpike Roundabout, and finished in 2008.

the Junction in the late 1950s


Due to it's unusual layout and reliance on traffic signals, the junction has faced heavy criticism. The link between the A419 northbound and A4311 especially has caused confusion, with drivers apparently trying to join the A419 northbound offslip.

When the traffic lights failed in 2012, there were multiple crashes, with drivers uncertain who had priority.


Lady Lane Junction

Route To Notes


no northwestbound access or exit


(M4), Marlborough (A346)


(M5), (A419 North), Swindon N & W, Park and Ride road marked on OS maps as B4534


Highworth, Hannington


Blunsdon St Andrew, Abbey Stadium
Blunsdon, Chapel Farm Disposal Site
Turnpike Road. No Through Road

Turnpike Junction

Route To Notes


(M5), Cirencester, Cricklade


no southwestbound access or exit


Swindon N & W, Park and Ride


(M4), Marlborough, (A419) South, Highworth, Blunsdon (B4019)


Newspaper article about traffic light failure at Lady Lane junction

Lady Lane Junction
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