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Location Map
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Primary Destinations
East Kilbride • Glasgow
Other Important Destinations
Abington • Airdrie • Coatbridge • Hamilton • Lanark • Rutherglen
Current Highway Authorities
Glasgow • North Lanarkshire • South Lanarkshire
Ayrshire • Dumfriesshire • Dumbartonshire • Midlothian • Peeblesshire • Renfrewshire • Stirlingshire • West Lothian
Transport Scotland Roads
M8 • M73 • M74 • M77 • M80 • A8 • A74(M) • A702 • A725 • A726

Lanarkshire is a large traditional county in the central belt of Scotland. Almost landlocked, save for the banks of the River Clyde, the county is now largely covered by three council areas - Glasgow City, North Lanarkshire and South Lanarkshire.

Geography & Economy

Glasgow Cross, the historic heart of the city

Lanarkshire was once a large rural county, but much of the north is now urbanised by the huge sprawl of Glasgow, Scotland's largest city, and the nearby towns which have grown until they are almost indistinguishable from the suburban fringe of Glasgow. The south of the county, stretching through Strath Clyde is much more rural, and retains a lot of agricultural land. It is also an industrial corridor, however, started by mills on the banks of the Clyde, and propogated by the valley being an ideal corridor for the railway and later the main roads, up to the modern M74. Either side of the valley, the land climbs, around a series of side streams, to the hills of the Southern Uplands, where farming gives way to forestry and open moorland. Even here, though, wind farms provide a quasi-industrial aspect to the landscape.

Glasgow, of course, dominates the county, the huge urban area stretching way beyond Lanarkshires borders. The industrial and coal mining areas areas around Airdrie helped power the industrial growth of one of Britain's largest cities just as much as the docks and port of Glasgow itself on the Clyde. Today the city is a bustling, vibrant and cosmopolitan place, with pockets of deprivation contrasting with some very wealthy areas. To the south, East Kilbride, Hamilton and Motherwell are a mixture of over-expanded old towns and 'new town' suburbs which are slowly coalescing.


The B7086 near Strathaven

Needless to say, the vast urban area of Glasgow is well served by a network of Motorways, A and B roads. However, the further south in the county you go, the less developed the network is. The M74 corridor provides a key link from the south of the county to Glasgow, and indeed England, but getting to it is not always easy as some of the roads have only seen localised improvements, not even bypasses, in the last 50 or so years. The A702 is an important link from the motorway to Edinburgh, but the more important sounding A70, A72 and A73 can often be a slow slog through villages and urban areas only occasionally broken up by a burst through open countryside.

All non-trunk roads within the traditional county are maintained by South Lanarkshire Council, North Lanarkshire Council or Glasgow Council. The Trunk roads are managed by Transport Scotland and include the A8, A702, A725 and A726 as well as the motorway network. Improvements in 2016/7 to the A725 / M74 junction and approach routes will provide a boost to the local network, whilst the M74 and M8 completion works are also proving beneficial to traffic in Glasgow.

Route From To Length
A70 Edinburgh Ayr 75.5 miles View
A702 Edinburgh St John's Town of Dalry 83 miles View
A706 Borrowstounness Lanark 28.5 miles View
A71 Edinburgh Irvine 67.6 miles View
A72 Hamilton Galashiels 52.2 miles View
A720 Roberton Symington 7.2 miles View
A721 Maryville Kirkdean 34.0 miles View
A722 Wishaw Newmains 1.83 miles View
A723 Strathaven Holytown 12.7 miles View
A724 Rutherglen Hamilton 8.3 miles View
A725 East Kilbride Coatbridge 11.0 miles View
A726 Strathaven Erskine 31.2 miles View
A727 Darnley Thorntonhall Roundabout 5.4 miles View
A727 Gorbals Cross Clarkston Toll 5 miles View
A728 Camlachie / Gorbals, Glasgow King's Park 2.6 + 2 miles View
A729 Pollokshaws Road Laurieston Road 0.1 miles View
A73 Roberton Cumbernauld 38.1 miles View
A730 Gorbals Cross, Glasgow Burnside 4.2 miles View
A731 Bridgeton Richmond Park, Glasgow 0.75 miles View
A732 Maryville Glasgow 5.3 miles View
A736 Braehead Irvine 24.1 miles View
A739 Craigton, Cardonald Canniesburn Toll, Bearsden 5.0 miles View
A74 Glasgow Uddingston 7.1 miles View
A74(M) Abington Gretna 48.5 miles View
A743 Lanark Ravenstruther 2.8 miles View
A744 Strathaven Kirkfieldbank 10.7 miles View
A749 East Kilbride Glasgow 7.0 miles View
A752 Thorniewood Muirhead 7.2 miles View
A753 Carnwath Kirkdean 10.0 miles View
A754 Carluke Carstairs 6.5 miles View
A754 Braehead Nitshill 3.5 miles View
A761 Port Glasgow Glasgow 19.1 miles View
A763 Carmyle, Glasgow Cambuslang 1.4 miles View
A77 Glasgow Portpatrick 91.7 miles View
A775 Bellshill Newhouse 3.9 miles View
A776 East Kilbride Burnbank 4.4 miles View
A8 Edinburgh Greenock 68.8 miles View
A8(M) Baillieston Interchange (M8, M73) Swinton Roundabout (A8, A89) 0.17 miles View
A80 Glasgow Mollinsburn 7.2 miles View
A8010 Coatdyke Rawyards 1.4 miles View
A802 Glasgow city centre Parkhead 2.8 miles View
A803 Glasgow Champany 33.3 miles View
A804 Anderston Townhead 2.5 miles View
A804 Kelvingrove, Glasgow Townhead, Glasgow 2.2 miles View
A805 St. Enoch, Glasgow Cowcaddens, Glasgow 0.6 miles View
A806 Kirkintilloch Stepps 3.9 miles View
A806 Canniesburn Scotstoun 3.0 miles View
A807 Milngavie Torrance 5.0 miles View
A81 Glasgow Callander 35 miles View
A814 Glasgow Arrochar 40.0 miles View
A82 Glasgow Inverness 167 miles View
A876 Glasgow Bowling 10.9 miles View
A879 Glasgow Allander Toll 4.5 miles View
A89 Glasgow Newbridge 35.5 miles View
B7001 Birkenshaw Bellshill 2.7 miles View
B7010 Stane Longridge 5.6 miles View
B7011 Wildmanbridge Garrion Tower 5.5 miles View
B7011 Green Street Bridge Street 0.2 miles View
B7012 Crossbasket Burnbank 3.6 miles View
B7016 Rootpark Broughton 19.0 miles View
B7017 High Street Hyndford Road 0.28 miles View
B7018 Lesmahagow Kirkfieldbank 4.4 miles View
B7019 Shawsburn Larkhall 1.6 miles View
B7028 Holytown Chapelhall 1.1 miles View
B7029 Mossend Bellside 5.4 miles View
B7032 Wishaw Netherton 0.68 miles View
B7033 Main Street Kirk Road 0.3 miles View
B7039 Crossford Harestanes 2.1 miles View
B7040 Leadhills Elvanfoot 4.6 miles View
B7053 Shettleston Millerston 2.4 miles View
B7055 Rigside Lamington 7.3 miles View
B7056 Crossford Netherton 7.8 miles View
B7057 Easter Baton Blairmains 1.4 miles View
B7058 Garrowhill Mount Vernon 1.4 miles View
B7058 Petersburn Rawyards 2.4 miles View
B7066 Carfin Whitburn 12.5 miles View
B7070 Orbiston Shawhead 2.1 miles View
B7071 Hamilton Tannochside 4.5 miles View
B7076 Gretna Elvanfoot 44.5 miles View
B7078 Merryton Abington 23.2 miles View
B7086 Strathaven Hazelbank 10.6 miles View
B714 Carnwath Kirkdean 9.9 miles View
B715 Headless Cross Forth 4.1 miles View
B715 Ravenstruther Lanark 2.8 miles View
B716 Croftfoot Newton 6.3 miles View
B716 Carluke Carstairs 6.5 miles View
B717 West Tarbrax Harthill 4.4 miles View
B718 Harthill Blackridge 1.8 miles View
B740 Crawick Thirstone 13.7 miles View
B743 Prestwick Strathaven 36.4 miles View
B743 Strathaven Hazelbank 10.6 miles View
B744 Muirkirk Rutherglen 27.5 miles View
B745 Drumclog Dungavel 2.1 miles View
B752 Clark Street Carlisle Road 0.4 miles View
B753 Coatbridge Coatdyke 2.0 miles View
B754 Motherwell Overtown 5.1 miles View
B755 Hamilton Cadzow 1.5 miles View
B756 Uddingston Fallside 1.1 miles View
B757 Auchinloch Milton of Campsie 4.2 miles View
B758 Blantyre Uddingston 3.5 miles View
B759 Busby Cambuslang 5.2 miles View
B760 Cambuslang Tollcross, Glasgow 1.8 miles View
B761 College Milton East Mains 1.9 miles View
B761 Carmyle Fullarton 0.3 miles View
B762 Hurlet Eastfield 8.4 miles View
B762 Braidfauld Shettleston 1.0 mile View
B763 Dennistoun Shawlands 4.5 miles View
B763 Dalmarnock Parkhead 1.3 miles View
B764 Peel Park, East Kilbride Eaglesham 3.7 miles View
B765 Carmyle, Glasgow Auchinairn 6.3 miles View
B765 Rutherglen Govanhill 2.1 miles View
B766 Battlefield, Glasgow Thorntonhall 3.3 miles View
B767 Cathcart, Glasgow Eaglesham 5.5 miles View
B768 Ibrox, Glasgow Eastfield 5.8 miles View
B770 Renfrew Nitshill 3.6 miles View
B783 East Kilbride Westwood 1.2 miles View
B797 Mennock Abington 14.8 miles View
B799 Chapelhall Motherwell 4.0 miles View
B801 Coatbridge Clarkston 2.4 miles View
B802 Kilsyth Chapelhall 12.3 miles View
B803 Falkirk Coatbridge 16.3 miles View
B8039 Riggend Central Way, Cumbernauld 2.7 miles View
B804 Coatbridge Gartcosh 4.2 miles View
B8049 Hillfoot Allander Toll 1.9 miles View
B8053 Clark Street Aitken Street 0.5 miles View
B8058 Rawyards, Airdrie Calderbank 2.9 miles View
B805 Shettleston Baillieston 2.7 miles View
B806 Gartcosh Ruchazie 3.3 miles View
B807 Alexandra Parade Duke Street 0.4 miles View
B808 Partick Springburn 3.6 miles View
B808 Millerston St Rollox 2.6 miles View
B809 Trongate Buchanan Street 0.4 miles View
B810 Glasgow Anniesland 2.9 miles View
B811 Great Western Road Garscube Road 0.6 miles View
B812 Colston Boghead 3.2 miles View
B812 Glasgow Bardowie 4.2 miles View
B813 Partick Anniesland 1.6 miles View
B819 Cadder Muirhead 5.4 miles View
B825 Caldercruix Linlithgow Bridge 12.8 miles View
B860 Paisley Road, Glasgow Shieldhall 3.7 miles View
C100 Gartcosh Walk Earn Avenue 1 mile View
C101 James Street Bellshill Bypass 0.1 miles View
C103 Bellshill Road Council Boundary 0.1 miles View
C103 Main Street Council Boundary 1 mile View
C104 Old Edinburgh Road Dead End 0.3 miles View
C104 Bellshill Road Croft Wynd 0.3 miles View
C105 Bothwell Road Blantyre Farm Road 0.8 miles View
C107 Millburn Netherburn 1.8 miles View
C108 Dalserf Stonehouse 3.1 miles View
C10 Langmuir Road Dykehead Road 0.3 miles View
C10 Kirkfieldbank Sandilands 3.9 miles View
C110 Shawsburn Blackwood 4.6 miles View
C111 Larkhall Stonehouse 4.3 miles View
C112 Church Street Burnhead Road 0.8 miles View
C114 Stonehouse Boag 2.2 miles View
C116 Clarklands Sandford 3.1 miles View
C117 Stonehouse Sandford 2.2 miles View
C118 Gill Stonehouse 2.6 miles View
C119 Eddlewood Low Kittymuir 3.3 miles View
C11 Lesmahagow Wellshields 3.8 miles View
C121 Kittymuir Chapelton 4.5 miles View
C122 Strathaven Newhouse 3.7 miles View
C123 Thorniehill South Quarter 2.2 miles View
C124 Thorniehill Laigh Muirhouses 2.4 miles View
C125 Eddlewood Drumloch 4.1 miles View
C126 Hamilton East Kilbride 4.3 miles View
C127 Hamilton Dykened 1.3 miles View
C128 Chapelton Burnbank 1.7 miles View
C129 Chapelton 1.6 miles View
C12 Petersburn Road Towers Road 1.1 miles View
C12 Happendon Netherhall 3.8 miles View
C131 East Kilbride Rutherend 5.9 miles View
C133 Netherholm Council boundary 6.4 miles View
C136 Drumclog Gillhall 1.6 miles View
C137 Strathaven Council Boundary 6.7 miles View
C138 Caldermill East Kilbride 7.5 miles View
C13 Lesmahagow Cairnhouses 6.8 miles View
C141 Netherholm Castle Brocket 3.2 miles View
C143 Strathaven Udstonhead 1.7 miles View
C144 East Kilbride Council Boundary 1.4 miles View
C145 Jackton Auldhouse 2.8 miles View
C146 Peel East Kilbride 1.9 miles View
C148 Kittochside Phillipshill 0.7 miles View
C149 Dikehead Council Boundary 0.8 miles View
C14 Deadwaters Coalburn 5.5 miles View
C150 Greenleeshill East Kilbride 1.7 miles View
C151 Greeleeshills Letterick 1.5 miles View
C153 East Kilbride Road Burnside Road 0.5 miles View
C154 High Blantyre East Kilbride 4.9 miles View
C155 Flemington East Kilbride 1.6 miles View
C156 Hamilton Road Flemington Road 1.8 miles View
C157 Hamilton Road Hamilton Road 0.7 miles View
C158 Hallside Boulevard Westburn Road 0.6 miles View
C159 Hamilton Road Overton Road 0.2 miles View
C15 Glespin Eastertown 5.4 miles View
C160 Hamilton Road Westburn Road 0.7 miles View
C162 Mill Street Kings Park Avenue 0.6 miles View
C164 Newhousemill Road Basket 1.7 miles View
C165 High Blantyre Kerlaw 1.4 miles View
C166 High Blantyre Hamilton 1.4 miles View
C167 Wellhall Road Meikle Earnock Road 1.1 miles View
C168 Glasgow Road Hunthill Road 0.7 miles View
C16 Crawfordjohn Glengonar 3.3 miles View
C170 Glasgow Road Livingstone Memorial Park 0.5 miles View
C17 Coatbank Street Calder Street 0.6 miles View
C17 Roberton Sornfalla 3.3 miles View
C180 Langmuir Road Rosebank Terrace 0.2 miles View
C181 Bredisholme Road Queens Crescent 0.4 miles View
C185 Kirkintilloch Road Auchinairn Road 0.4 miles View
C186 Torrance Roundabout Crosshill Road 0.1 miles View
C187 Kirkintilloch Road Cadder 0.4 miles View
C188 Kirkintilloch Road Woodhill Road 0.8 miles View
C18 Weavers Road South Bigger Road 0.7 miles View
C191 New Edinburgh Road Old Edinburgh Road 0.25 miles View
C195 Chapelton Millwell 2.5 miles View
C196 Dykehead Strathaven? 3.4 miles View
C19 Symington Broadfield Cottage 1.8 miles View
C1 Carluke West Brownlee 2.7 miles View
C202 Lesmahagow Johnshill 1.5 miles View
C203 Carnwarth Council boundary 6.7 miles View
C204 Duneaton Bridge Crawfordjohn 3.4 miles View
C205 Law Carluke 1 mile View
C207 Wilsontown Auchengray 3.4 miles View
C208 St Leonard Street St Vincent Place 0.1 miles View
C209 High Street Kirkstyle 0.05 miles View
C20 Biggar Road Main Street 0.5 miles View
C210 Carlisle Road Dead End 0.4 miles View
C212 Boghead Stoneyburn 0.9 miles View
C21 Queenzieburn Kilsyth 1.2 miles View
C21 Coulter East Mains 0.7 miles View
C22 Biggar Council Boundary 0.7 miles View
C23 Parkfoot Street Market Street 0.2 miles View
C24 Blackwood Roundabout Old Inns Junction 3.9 miles View
C24 Cornhill Thankerton Bridge 3.4 miles View
C25 Biggar Wolfclyde 1.3 miles View
C26 Warrenhill Hecklebirnie 3.5 miles View
C27 Millhill Pettinain 2 miles View
C28 Kilsyth Cumbernauld 1.8 miles View
C28 Fallburn Sherrifflats 1 mile View
C29 Wardpark East Banknock 1.1 miles View
C29 Carstairs Junction Thankerton 4.9 miles View
C2 Carluke Council boundary 2.1 miles View
C30 Upperton Cumbernauld 2.9 miles View
C30 Carstairs West End 2.3 miles View
C32 Blackwell Tryst Thankerton Bridge 3.5 miles View
C33 Elsrickle Blackwell Tryst 1.9 miles View
C34 Ogscastle Blackwell Tryst 2.3 miles View
C35 North Road Airdrie Road 1.4 miles View
C35 Dolphinton Council boundary 0.7 miles View
C36 Kildrum Kildrum 5.2 miles View
C36 Dolphinton Newbigging 6.8 miles View
C37 Carbrain Ward Park 3.2 miles View
C37 Harelaw Maiden Hill 9.5 miles View
C38 Lesmahagow Boghill 1.4 miles View
C39 Kirkintilloch Road Council boundary 1.7 miles View
C3 Carluke Bowridge 0.8 miles View
C40 Kirkintilloch Road Westerhill Road 1.3 miles View
C41 Kirkintilloch Road Robroyston Road 1.8 miles View
C42 Auchinloch Council Boundary 1.3 miles View
C43 Stepps Auchinloch 1.3 miles View
C45 Mollinsburn Interchange Chryston 1.8 miles View
C46 Cumbernauld Road Lindsaybeg Road 0.7 miles View
C48 Gartferry Road Drumcavel Road 0.8 miles View
C49 Mount Ellen Annathill 2 miles View
C4 Lanark Kilcadzow 3.4 miles View
C50 Johnston Road Drumcavel Road 0.6 miles View
C52 Mollinsburn Interchange Blackwood 1.5 miles View
C53 Mollinsburn Interchange Brackenhirst 3.3 miles View
C54 Cumbernauld Summerhill 1.3 miles View
C55 Bellstane South Medrox 2.6 miles View
C57 Coatbridge Lochend 2.1 miles View
C59 Coatbridge Road Wilson Street 1.2 miles View
C5 Cleghorn Bridge Ravenstruther 1 mile View
C60 Glenboig Greenfoot 0.8 miles View
C61 Gartliston Gartsherrie 1.5 miles View
C62 Bellstane Upperton 2.5 miles View
C64 Whifflet Street Woodside Street 1.1 miles View
C65 Upperton Eastfield 2.7 miles View
C66 Airdrie Wattston 3.2 miles View
C67 Caldercruix Shottsburn 4.3 miles View
C68 Main Street Heatheryford Gardens 1.3 miles View
C69 Dunbeth Road Riddell Street 0.7 miles View
C6 Lanark New Lanark 1.4 miles View
C71 Chapelhall Airdrie 1.5 miles View
C72 Plains Airdrie 2.5 miles View
C73 Allanton Moffat 7.2 miles View
C75 Glasgow and Edinburgh Road Hirst Road 1 mile View
C78 Shotts Hillhouseridge 1.2 miles View
C79 Allanton Morningside 2.3 miles View
C80 Shotts Hartwood 1.6 miles View
C81 Bellside Foulburn 1.1 miles View
C82 Bonkle Newhouse 3.6 miles View
C82 Hyndshaw Council Boundary 0.05 miles View
C84 Cleland Hareshaw 1.2 miles View
C85 Cleland Newhouse 2.3 miles View
C86 Wishaw Cleland 1.9 miles View
C87 Wishaw Cleland 1.6 miles View
C88 Linrigg Hareshaw 0.7 miles View
C89 Newmains Council Boundary 1.3 miles View
C8 Blackwood Lesmahagow 2.3 miles View
C90 Overtown Road Cambusnethan Street 0.4 miles View
C92 Legbrannock Cleland 1.8 miles View
C93 Newarthill New Stevenston 1.5 miles View
C95 Clydesdale Road Motherwell Road 0.6 miles View
C97 Airdrie Bellshill 3.1 miles View
C98 Motherwell Road Hamilton Road 0.3 miles View
C99 Newmains Allanton 2.3 miles View
C9 Boghead Lesmahagow 1 mile View
Clyde Valley Tourist Route Elvenfoot Hamilton 42 miles View
E05 Greenock Southampton 454 miles View
E100 Derry Edinburgh View
E111 Stranraer Glasgow 85.8 miles View
E16 Derry Edinburgh 108.3 miles View
E31 London Glasgow 405 miles View
E31 London Glasgow 446 miles View
E32 Abington Perth 81.2 miles View
E33 London Glasgow 405 miles View
East Kilbride Motorway M74 Cathkin View
Glasgow Inner Ring Road Townhead Townhead View
Hamilton - Cumbernauld Motorway Hamilton Cumbernauld View
M73 Birkenshaw, Lanarkshire Moodiesburn, Lanarkshire 6 miles View
M74 Glasgow Abington, Lanarkshire 32.5 miles View
M8 Edinburgh, Midlothian Bishopton, Renfrewshire 61 miles View
M80 Glasgow Bannockburn, Stirlingshire 25 miles View
M81 Port Dundas Milngavie View
M82 Ruchazie Drumry View
M83 Provanmill Cardonald View
NCN7 Sunderland Culloden Moor View
75 Leith Tarbert View
NCN754 Clydebank Edinburgh 60 miles View
Paisley - Hamilton Motorway Paisley Hamilton View
T12 London Inverness View
T27 Edinburgh Glasgow View
T28 Gretna Stirling View
T89 West of Biggar Edinburgh View
T90 Abington Cumbernauld View
T91 Glasgow Monkton View 


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Parkhead) • B764 • B765 • B765 (Rutherglen) • B766 • B767 • B768 • B770 • B783 • B797 • B799 • B801 (Airdrie) • B802 • B803 • B8039 • B804 • B8049 • B8053 • B8058 • B805 (Barlanark) • B806 • B807 • B808 • B808 (Millerston - St Rollox) • B809 • B810 (Great Western Road) • B811 • B812 • B812 (Glasgow - Bardowie) • B813 • B819 • B825 • B860 (Glasgow) • C100 (North Lanarkshire) • C101 (North Lanarkshire) • C103 (North Lanarkshire) • C103 (South Lanarkshire) • C104 (North Lanarkshire) • C104 (South Lanarkshire) • C105 (South Lanarkshire) • C107 (South Lanarkshire) • C108 (South Lanarkshire) • C10 (North Lanarkshire) • C10 (South Lanarkshire) • C110 (South Lanarkshire) • C111 (South Lanarkshire) • C112 (South Lanarkshire) • C114 (South Lanarkshire) • C116 (South Lanarkshire) • C117 (South Lanarkshire) • C118 (South Lanarkshire) • C119 (South Lanarkshire) • C11 (South Lanarkshire) • C121 (South Lanarkshire) • C122 (South Lanarkshire) • C123 (South Lanarkshire) • C124 (South Lanarkshire) • C125 (South Lanarkshire) • C126 (South Lanarkshire) • C127 (South Lanarkshire) • C128 (South Lanarkshire) • C129 (South Lanarkshire) • C12 (North Lanarkshire) • C12 (South Lanarkshire) • C131 (South Lanarkshire) • C133 (South Lanarkshire) • C136 (South Lanarkshire) • C137 (South Lanarkshire) • C138 (South Lanarkshire) • C13 (South Lanarkshire) • C141 (South Lanarkshire) • C143 (South Lanarkshire) • C144 (South Lanarkshire) • C145 (South Lanarkshire) • C146 (South Lanarkshire) • C148 (South Lanarkshire) • C149 (South Lanarkshire) • C14 (South Lanarkshire) • C150 (South Lanarkshire) • C151 (South Lanarkshire) • C153 (South Lanarkshire) • C154 (South Lanarkshire) • C155 (South Lanarkshire) • C156 (South Lanarkshire) • C157 (South Lanarkshire) • C158 (South Lanarkshire) • C159 (South Lanarkshire) • C15 (South Lanarkshire) • C160 (South Lanarkshire) • C162 (South Lanarkshire) • C164 (South Lanarkshire) • C165 (South Lanarkshire) • C166 (South Lanarkshire) • C167 (South Lanarkshire) • C168 (South Lanarkshire) • C16 (South Lanarkshire) • C170 (South Lanarkshire) • C17 (North Lanarkshire) • C17 (South Lanarkshire) • C180 (North Lanarkshire) • C181 (North Lanarkshire) • C185 (East Dunbartonshire) • C186 (East Dunbartonshire) • C187 (East Dunbartonshire) • C188 (East Dunbartonshire) • C18 (North Lanarkshire) • C191 (North Lanarkshire) • C195 (South Lanarkshire) • C196 (South Lanarkshire) • C19 (South Lanarkshire) • C1 (South Lanarkshire) • C202 (South Lanarkshire) • C203 (South Lanarkshire) • C204 (South Lanarkshire) • C205 (South Lanarkshire) • C207 (South Lanarkshire) • C208 (South Lanarkshire) • C209 (South Lanarkshire) • C20 (South Lanarkshire) • C210 (South Lanarkshire) • C212 (South Lanarkshire) • C21 (North Lanarkshire) • C21 (South Lanarkshire) • C22 (South Lanarkshire) • C23 (North Lanarkshire) • C24 (North Lanarkshire) • C24 (South Lanarkshire) • C25 (South Lanarkshire) • C26 (South Lanarkshire) • C27 (South Lanarkshire) • C28 (North Lanarkshire) • C28 (South Lanarkshire) • C29 (North Lanarkshire) • C29 (South Lanarkshire) • C2 (South Lanarkshire) • C30 (North Lanarkshire) • C30 (South Lanarkshire) • C32 (South Lanarkshire) • C33 (South Lanarkshire) • C34 (South Lanarkshire) • C35 (North Lanarkshire) • C35 (South Lanarkshire) • C36 (North Lanarkshire) • C36 (South Lanarkshire) • C37 (North Lanarkshire) • C37 (South Lanarkshire) • C38 (South Lanarkshire) • C39 (East Dunbartonshire) • C3 (South Lanarkshire) • C40 (East Dunbartonshire) • C41 (East Dunbartonshire) • C42 (North Lanarkshire) • C43 (North Lanarkshire) • C45 (North Lanarkshire) • C46 (North Lanarkshire) • C48 (North Lanarkshire) • C49 (North Lanarkshire) • C4 (South Lanarkshire) • C50 (North Lanarkshire) • C52 (North Lanarkshire) • C53 (North Lanarkshire) • C54 (North Lanarkshire) • C55 (North Lanarkshire) • C57 (North Lanarkshire) • C59 (North Lanarkshire) • C5 (South Lanarkshire) • C60 (North Lanarkshire) • C61 (North Lanarkshire) • C62 (North Lanarkshire) • C64 (North Lanarkshire) • C65 (North Lanarkshire) • C66 (North Lanarkshire) • C67 (North Lanarkshire) • C68 (North Lanarkshire) • C69 (North Lanarkshire) • C6 (South Lanarkshire) • C71 (North Lanarkshire) • C72 (North Lanarkshire) • C73 (North Lanarkshire) • C75 (North Lanarkshire) • C78 (North Lanarkshire) • C79 (North Lanarkshire) • C80 (North Lanarkshire) • C81 (North Lanarkshire) • C82 (North Lanarkshire) • C82 (South Lanarkshire) • C84 (North Lanarkshire) • C85 (North Lanarkshire) • C86 (North Lanarkshire) • C87 (North Lanarkshire) • C88 (North Lanarkshire) • C89 (North Lanarkshire) • C8 (South Lanarkshire) • C90 (North Lanarkshire) • C92 (North Lanarkshire) • C93 (North Lanarkshire) • C95 (North Lanarkshire) • C97 (North Lanarkshire) • C98(North Lanarkshire) • C99 (North Lanarkshire) • C9 (South Lanarkshire) • Clyde Valley Tourist Route • E05 • E100 • E111 (Old System) • E16 • E31 (via Carlisle) • E31 (via Newcastle) • E32 (Old System) • E33 (London - 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