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Latheronwheel Bridge

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Latheronwheel Bridge
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From:  Helmsdale
To:  Latheron
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Transport Scotland
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The A9 crosses the Latheronwheel Burn at Latheronwheel on a substantial culvert, banked up as it crosses the narrow gully through which the burn flows. This crossing was built in the early 1970s and replaced the old bridge further up stream, which was built by Thomas Telford as part of his commission on Highland roads and bridges. The old bridge still stands, at the head of a long loop inland as the road navigates round the gully. The southern part of the loop is still public road, serving the scattered houses up the valley, but the bridge and northern part of the old road is now becoming overgrown.

The old bridge is a single stone arch across the river, and typical of the smaller bridges built by Telford. Un-decorated on either side, the squared up parapets run either side of a roadway which is now reverting to nature with grass taking over. The sharp bends at either end of the bridge must have made it increasingly difficult for traffic to negotiate, hence the replacement crossing downstream.

Harbour Bridge

Latheronwheel Harbour lies in a small bay on the shore below the village. It is accessed by a side road or footpath from the A9, the latter crossing the burn to join the road near the harbour. The bridge across the burn is a small 'Packhorse Bridge' without parapets and carrying a grassy roadway over the burn. The single stone span resembles those built on the military roads further south in the 1750s, with a slight hump to the roadway and the arch ring having almost no material above it at the crest. However, this may be a result of damage or erosion, rather than the original design.

Latheronwheel Bridge
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