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Lincolnshire Council (Class III roads)

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Lincolnshire County Council use the C prefix for their Class III roads. See also: North East Lincolnshire Council (Class III roads).

Route From To Length


C1 View
C2 View
C3 View
C4 View
C5 View
C6 View
C7 View
C8 View
C9 View
C18 View
C25 View
C53 View
C67 View
C74 View
C103 View
C108 View
C109 View
C110 View
C113 View
C123 View
C124 View
C128 View
C129 View
C130 View
C139 View
C154 View
C158 View
C159 View
C162 View
C164 View
C165 View
C176 View
C177 View
C178 View
C186 View
C195 View
C199 View
C200 View
C201 View
C202 View
C203 View
C204 View
C205 View
C206 View
C207 View
C208 View
C209 View
C210 View
C212 View
C213 View
C214 View
C215 View
C216 View
C217 View
C218 View
C219 View
C220 View
C221 View
C222 View
C223 View
C224 View
C225 View
C226 View
C227 View
C228 View
C229 View
C230 View
C231 View
C232 View
C233 View
C234 View
C235 View
C236 View
C237 View
C238 View
C239 View
C240 View
C241 View
C242 View
C243 View
C244 View
C245 View
C246 View
C247 View
C248 View
C249 View
C250 View
C251 View
C252 View
C253 View
C255 View
C256 View
C257 View
C258 View
C259 View
C260 View
C261 View
C262 View
C263 View
C264 View
C265 View
C266 View
C267 View
C268 View
C269 View
C270 View
C271 View
C272 View
C274 View
C305 Wellingore Walcott 16.11 km View
C306 View
C307 Wellingore Cross Roads Farm, Caythorpe Heath 9.05 km View
C308 Newark Road Sleaford Road 3.74 km View
C311 North Kyme Billinghay 2.29 km View
C315 View
C316 View
C317 View
C319 View
C321 View
C322 View
C323 View
C326 Caythorpe Low Fields RAF Cranwell 9.30 km View
C336 View
C337 Moor Lane, Leasingham Main Street 6.75 km View
C338 View
C341 View
C343 View
C350 View
C351 View
C355 View
C356 View
C357 View
C358 View
C360 View
C365 Digby Kirkby Green 3.50 km View
C370 Deeping St. James Station Road 2.38 km View
C371 View
C374 View
C375 View
C379 View
C382 View
C385 Digby Fen Billinghay Field 4.94 km View
C389 View
C390 View
C393 View
C394 View
C398 Dorrington Dorrington Fen 5.93 km View
C399 View
C400 Billinghay Walcott 5.22 km View
C401 View
C402 View
C403 View
C404 View
C405 View
C406 View
C407 View
C408 View
C409 View
C412 View
C414 View
C417 View
C418 View
C420 View
C421 View
C424 View
C427 View
C431 View
C432 View
C433 View
C434 View
C435 View
C437 View
C438 View
C440 View
C442 View
C444 View
C445 View
C446 View
C447 View
C448 View
C449 View
C451 View
C452 View
C454 View
C455 View
C456 View
C462 View
C466 View
C467 View
C468 View
C469 View
C470 View
C471 View
C472 View
C473 View
C475 View
C476 View
C477 View
C480 View
C481 View
C483 View
C484 View
C487 View
C488 Leatherbottle Farm Fulbeck Heath 7.32 km View
C491 View
C492 View
C496 View
C497 View
C502 View
C503 View
C505 View
C506 View
C510 View
C511 View
C512 View
C513 View
C514 View
C515 View
C516 View
C517 View
C518 View
C519 View
C521 View
C522 View
C523 View
C524 View
C525 View
C526 View
C527 View
C528 View
C530 View
C531 View
C532 View
C533 View
C534 View
C535 View
C536 View
C538 View
C539 View
C540 View
C541 View
C542 View
C543 View
C544 View
C546 View
C547 View
C548 View
C549 View
C550 View
C551 View
C553 View
C555 View
C556 View
C557 View
C559 View
C560 View
C561 View
C562 View
C563 View
C564 View
C566 View
C568 View
C569 View
C571 View
C573 View
C574 View
C577 View
C579 View
C580 View
C581 View
C582 View
C583 View
C584 View
C585 View
C586 View
C587 View
C588 View
C589 View
C590 View
C591 View
C592 View
C593 View
C594 View
C601 View
C602 View
C603 View
C604 View
C605 View
C606 Mill Lane RAF Coningsby 3.29 km View
C607 View
C608 View
C609 View
C611 View
C612 View
C613 New York View
C614 View
C615 View
C616 View
C617 View
C618 View
C619 View
C621 View
C622 View
C623 View
C624 View
C625 View
C626 View
C627 View
C628 View
C629 View
C630 View
C631 View
C632 View
C633 View
C634 View
C635 View
C636 View
C637 View
C638 View
C639 View
C640 View
C643 View
C644 View
C645 View
C646 View
C647 View
C648 View
C649 View
C650 View
C651 View
C652 View
C653 View
C654 View
C655 View
C656 View
C657 View
C658 View
C659 View
C660 View
C661 View
C662 View
C663 View
C664 View
C666 View
C700 View
C701 View
C702 View
C703 View
C704 View
C706 View
C707 View
C708 View
C709 View
C710 View
C711 View
C712 Moulton Chapel St. Catherine's Bridge 4.15 km View
C713 Moulton Brotherhouse Bar 7.89 km View
C714 Queen's Bank Hull's Drove 1.71 km View
C715 View
C716 View
C717 View
C718 View
C719 View
C720 View
C721 View
C722 View
C723 View
C724 Crowland County Boundary (Peterborough Council) 2.64 km View
C725 View
C726 View
C727 View
C728 Radar Corner County Boundary (Peterborough Council) 2.62 km View
C729 View
C730 View
C731 View
C732 Moulton Eaugate County Boundary (Cambridgeshire) 10.10 km View
C733 View
C734 View
C735 Holbeach Drove Raven's Bank 9.64 km View
C736 Gedney Hill South Eau Bank 2.51 km View
C737 Four Horseshoes Sutton St. James 9.62 km View
C738 Parson's Drove Tydd St. Giles 12.30 km View
C739 Hunt's Gate Wisbech Road 2.91 km View
C740 View
C741 View
C742 View
C743 View
C744 View
C745 Roman Bank St. Mark's Road 4.24 km View
C746 View
C747 View
C748 View
C749 View
C750 View
C751 Sutton Bridge County Boundary (Norfolk Council) 7.10 km View
C752 View
C753 View
C754 View
C755 View
C756 View
C757 View
C758 View
C759 View
C760 View
C761 View
C762 View
C763 View
C764 View
C765 View
C766 View
C767 View
C768 View
C769 View
C770 View
C771 View
C772 View
C773 View
C774 Saracen's Head Laurel Lodge 4.55 km View
C775 View
C776 View
C777 View
C778 View
C779 View
C780 View
C781 View
C782 View
C783 View
C784 View
C786 View
C787 View
C788 View
C789 View
C790 View
C791 View
C792 View
C793 View
C794 View
C795 View
C796 View
C797 Risegate Surfleet 4.63 km View
C798 Spalding Crossgate 3.79 km View
C801 Donington Bank Farm House 4.51 km View
C803 Pode Hole Cradge Bank 7.25 km View
C804 Gravel Causeway Cradge Bank 6.14 km View
C806 Marsh Road Austendyke Road 5.22 km View
C807 Spalding Cowbit 4.25 km View
C808 Spalding Cowbit 4.09 km View
C809 Barrier Bank Fen Gate 6.25 km View
C811 Fen Gate Raven's Bank 1.71 km View
C812 Moulton Austendike Road 2.76 km View
C813 Cackle Hill Moulton 4.29 km View
C814 Crowland Brotherhouse Bar 6.21 km View
C815 Nene Terrace Road Holbeach Drove Road 9.42 km View
C816 Shepeau Stow Dosdale Bar 3.31 km View
C817 Saracen's Head Eastern Road 3.21 km View
C818 Holbeach Clough Middlemarsh Road 5.71 km View
C819 Holbeach St. Marks Lundy's Farm 3.81 km View
C820 Holbeach Holbeach St. Matthew 10.69 km View
C821 Eastern Road Holbeach Hurn 2.64 km View
C823 Long Sutton King John's Farm 5.61 km View
C824 Anchor Road Garner's Lane 1.80 km View
C825 Sutton Road Walpole Marsh 2.94 km View
C826 Ravens Gate Holbeach 4.45 km View
C827 Long Sutton Sutton St. James 7.44 km View
C828 Long Sutton Mayner's Dike 5.11 km View
C829 Browns Gate Wisbech Road 1.55 km View
C830 Raven's Bank Gedney Hill 8.95 km View
C831 Westlands Guanockgate Road 3.02 km View
C832 Langriville Farm Mill Lane 2.18 km View
C834 Bunkers Hill Bridge Frithville 5.97 km View
C835 Frith Bank Leagate 12.03 km View
C836 New York Westgate 1.29 km View
C837 Langrick Paul's Bridge 6.14 km View
C838 Holbeach Washway Road 1.46 km View
C847 Short's Corner Sibsey Northlands 3.84 km View
C850 High Bridge Holbeach Road 1.89 km View
C851 Winsover Road London Road 1.07 km View
C882 Gipsy Lane Lutton Bank 2.38 km View
C883 Castle Dyke Bank Leagate Road 3.11 km View
C885 Frith Bank Sibsey Road 3.33 km View
C970 Triton Road Dixon Street 1.79 km View
C971 Nettleham Road Wragby Road 1 km View
C972 Yarborough Road Newport 0.88 km View
C974 Saxilby Road Yarborough Road 2.39 km View
C975 Lindum Road Longdales Road 1.57 km View
C976 Northgate Ruskin Avenue 1.18 km View
C977 Eastgate Wragby Road 0.2 km View
C978 Northgate Wragby Road 0.37 km View
C980 The Avenue Yarborough Road 0.1 km View


A full list and PDF map is available here:

Lincolnshire Council
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