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List of Abandoned Roads in England

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This page is a list of significant stretches of abandoned road in England.

While the alignment of roads often changes over time, creating Ox-bow roads now used as lay-bys, it is rare for a significant stretch of road to be permanently closed to traffic. Since roads are generally public rights of way, closing one requires a stopping up order and providing justification of why it should be invoked. A complete list of stopping up orders in England and Wales can be found in the archives of the London Gazette.

Roads may be permanently abandoned because of political reasons (most of the A33 Winchester Bypass was removed as a stipulation of completing the M3 over Twyford Down) or because changes in the local geography (such as the abandoned A625 at Mam Tor).

This list is incomplete; you can help by expanding it.
Image Number Road Name Location When abandoned County Map Notes
Abandoned Motorway - Geograph - 3256960.jpg M4 Holyport, Maidenhead 1971 Berkshire
SABRE • Google • geo
Road abandoned and carriageways removed with extension of M4 westwards and construction of Holyport Interchange.
Photo-required.png A1 Baldock 1967 Hertfordshire
SABRE • Google • geo
Upon construction of the A1(M) Baldock bypass, a short dual carriageway section of the existing A1 was abandoned. The remains of the carriageways (at least those which weren't buried under the construction of the new junction) are present and are used for private accesses.
Old A1 - Geograph - 4505879.jpg A1 Brampton Huntingdonshire
SABRE • Google • geo
Quite a lengthy piece of single carriageway replaced by new alignment; most was subsequently buried under the Huntingdon to Cambridge A14 improvements
Photo-required.png A1 Stevenage Hertfordshire
SABRE • Google • geo
A section of the former Great North Road was severed with the construction of Stevenage New Town. The route is now buried under a supermarket car park and parts are used as access to other car parks, and NMU infrastructure.
Old A12 Copdock.png A12 Ipswich Suffolk
SABRE • Google • geo
Most of old route in use as local access, small part totally abandoned.
A18(M) 2006 2.jpg A18(M) Thorne 1979 Yorkshire
SABRE • Google • geo
Small fraction of A18(M) not used when M180 was built.
Former A2 - Geograph - 931460.jpg A2 Ebbsfleet to Singlewell 2009 Kent
SABRE • Google • geo
A2 rebuilt to new alignment.
Old A3 at Hindhead.jpg A3 Hindhead 2011 Surrey
SABRE • Google • geo
Road replaced by new tunnel
Puckeridge- Former Ermine Street (2) - Geograph - 4270601.jpg A10 Puckeridge late 1970s Hertfordshire
SABRE • Google • geo
Road abandoned with opening of Puckeridge bypass. Used for storage of maintenance materials and cycle path with subway under current A10.
OldA23-Geograph-1638015.jpg A23 South of Albourne 1980s Sussex
SABRE • Google • geo
Used to be the course of the A23 before it was realigned to allow for dueling to pass villages to the north. Where this photo was taken is roughly where it changed from a D2 to a S2 from the South.
A38 abandoned Devon.jpg A38 Beam Bridge 1960s Somerset
SABRE • Google • geo
Short section bypassed by new railway bridge
A33 Winchester bypass, Nov. 1994 - Coppermine - 9910.jpg A33 Winchester 1994 Hampshire
SABRE • Google • geo
Road abandoned when M3 was completed through Twyford Down.
OldCourseofIsaacsLaneA273-Geograph-4423441.jpg A273 Haywards Heath 2001 Sussex
SABRE • Google • geo
Course of a section of the road was altered for the Haywards Heath bypass. This now is used as a combined foot/cycle path and farmer access
Photo-required.png A507 Buntingford 1980s Hertfordshire
SABRE • Google • geo
Road abandoned when Buntingford bypass was opened. The section to the east of the A10 provides access to residential properties, while the section immediately to the west of that is buried under a commercial/industrial area. More interestingly, to the west of that there is a section of detached carriageway.
Photo-required.png A414 Cole Green 1990s Hertfordshire
SABRE • Google • geo
The Old Coach Road, abandoned when Cole Green bypass was opened. The majority of the old carriageway remains and is used as a cycle link to the Cole Green Way.
Photo-required.png A414 Oldings Corner 1980s? Hertfordshire
SABRE • Google • geo
Route of A414 here is part retained for supermarket access,and part retained as a pedestrian access.
Abandoned A602 near Watton-at-Stone - Coppermine - 12017.jpg A602 Watton-at-Stone late 1980s/early 1990s Hertfordshire
SABRE • Google • geo
Road abandoned when Watton-at-Stone bypass was opened
The road to Normanton - Geograph - 4812114.jpg A606 Rutland Water 1976 Rutland
SABRE • Google • geo
Various roads including the A606 were submerged when Rutland Water was created. A number of diversions were created around the edges of the valley. The non submerged stumps remain as accesses to properties and/or car parking. See also Fox Bridge and Bull Bridge.
Landslip at Mam Tor - Geograph - 267618.jpg A625 Mam Tor Castleton 1979 Derbyshire
SABRE • Google • geo
Road abandoned owing to continual landslips at Mam Tor.
Photo-required.png B661 Grafham Water 1965 Huntingdonshire
SABRE • Google • geo
Various roads including the B661 were submerged when Grafham Water was created. The two minor roads were not diverted,however, the B661 is more important and was.
20180804-1031 - B1368 looking towards Puckeridge 51.893907N 0.015754E.jpg B1368 Puckeridge late 1970s Hertfordshire
SABRE • Google • geo
Road abandoned with opening of A10 Puckeridge bypass
B3170 Abandoned.jpg B3170 Taunton 1970s? Somerset
SABRE • Google • geo
Probably abandoned in 1970s to allow a better line over the M5
Photo-required.png C137 (Hertfordshire) Hoddesdon 2005 Hertfordshire
SABRE • Google • geo
Abandoned S1 very low clearance (5'0") tunnel underneath the railway line constructed to allow low vehicles to bypass queues at the level crossing. The tunnel was prone to flooding and being obstructed by high vehicles becoming stuck. Sightlines through the tunnel were also poor with no clear priority marked. The level crossing was closed and tunnel fenced off with the construction of a replacement bridge to the north.
Will it ever be a road - Geograph - 5208742.jpg Road to Nowhere Yate 1974 Gloucestershire
SABRE • Google • geo
Road was never opened, currently used by South Gloucestershire Council as a filming location.

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