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List of Regulatory Signs in TSRGD

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The following is a list of regulatory signs in the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2002 (TSRGD) and subsequent amendments.

Image TSRGD diagram number Description Permitted variants or requirements Welsh-language text
TSRGD 601.1.jpg 601.1 Stop
TSRGD 602.jpg 602 Give way ILDIWCH
TSRGD 605.3.jpg 605.3 School patrol
TSRGD 606.jpg 606 Compulsory direction (left)
TSRGD 606A.jpg 606A Compulsory direction (ahead)
TSRGD 606B.jpg 606B Compulsory direction (right)
TSRGD 609.jpg 609 Compulsory left turn
TSRGD 609A.jpg 609A Compulsory right turn
TSRGD 610.jpg 610 Keep left
TSRGD 610A.jpg 610A Keep right
TSRGD 611.jpg 611 Traffic splits; use either side to reach same destination
TSRGD 611.1.jpg 611.1 Mini-roundabout
TSRGD 612.jpg 612 No right turn
TSRGD 613.jpg 613 No left turn
TSRGD 614.jpg 614 No U turn
TSRGD 615.jpg 615 Priority to oncoming vehicles
TSRGD 616.jpg 616 No entry
TSRGD 617.jpg 617 No vehicles
TSRGD 619.jpg 619 Motor vehicles prohibited
TSRGD 619.1.jpg 619.1 Motor vehicles prohibited (except solo motorcycles)
TSRGD 619.2.jpg 619.2 Solo motorcycles prohibited
TSRGD 622.1A.jpg 622.1A Goods vehicles prohibited
TSRGD 622.2.jpg 622.2 End of goods vehicle prohibition
TSRGD 622.4.jpg 622.4 No articulated vehicles Dim cerbydau cymalog
TSRGD 622.4V.jpg 622.4V No track-laying vehicles Dim cerbydau gosod traciau
TSRGD 622.5.jpg 622.5 No horse-drawn vehicles
TSRGD 622.6.jpg 622.6 No horses
TSRGD 622.7.jpg 622.7 No caravans
TSRGD 622.8.jpg 622.8 No explosives
TSRGD 622.10.jpg 622.10 Vehicles carrying dangerous goods within the tunnel restriction code indicated by the sign prohibited
TSRGD 625.1.jpg 625.1 No pedestrians
TSRGD 626.2.jpg 626.2 Weak bridge weight limit PONT WAN
TSRGD 629.jpg 629 Width restriction
TSRGD 629A.jpg 629A Width restriction (metric and imperial)
TSRGD 629.1.jpg 629.1 Length restriction
TSRGD 629.2.jpg 629.2 Height restriction
TSRGD 629.2A.jpg 629.2A Height restriction (metric and imperial)
TSRGD 632.jpg 632 No overtaking
TSRGD 633.jpg 633 Stop - police STOP HEDDLU
TSRGD 642.jpg 642 No stopping (clearway)
File:TSRGD 651.jpg 651 No motor vehicles on the mown verge
TSRGD 652.jpg 652 One way Un ffordd
File:TSRGD 663.4.jpg 663.4 Parking not permitted on verge
File:TSRGD 664.3.jpg 664.3 End of verge parking restrictions
TSRGD 670.jpg 670 40 mph speed limit
TSRGD 670V20.jpg 670V20 20 mph speed limit
TSRGD 670V30.jpg 670V30 30 mph speed limit
TSRGD 670V50.jpg 670V50 50 mph speed limit
TSRGD 670V60.jpg 670V60 60 mph speed limit
TSRGD 671.jpg 671 National speed limit
TSRGD 672.jpg 672 30 mph minimum speed limit
TSRGD 672V40.jpg 672V40 40 mph minimum speed limit
TSRGD 673.jpg 673 End of 30 mph minimum speed limit
TSRGD 673V40.jpg 673V40 End of 40 mph minimum speed limit
TSRGD 951.jpg 951 No cycling
TSRGD 952.jpg 952 No buses
TSRGD 953.jpg 953 Route for use by buses and pedal cycles only Buses may be supplemented with "local"
TSRGD 953V.jpg 953V Route for use by buses, pedal cycles, and taxis only Buses may be supplemented with "local" tacsi
File:TSRGD 953A.jpg 953A Route for use by buses, pedal cycles, and solo motorcyclists only Buses may be supplemented with "local"
File:TSRGD 953B.jpg 953B Route for use by buses, pedal cycles, taxis and solo motorcycles only Buses may be supplemented with "local"
File:TSRGD 953.1.jpg 953.1 Use by tramcars only
TSRGD 953.1V.jpg 953.1V Buses and trams only Buses may be supplemented with "local"
File:TSRGD 953.1A.jpg 953.1A Buses, cycles, and trams only Buses may be supplemented with "local"
File:TSRGD 953.1B.jpg 953.1B Buses, cycles, taxis, and trams only Buses may be supplemented with "local"
File:TSRGD 953.1C.jpg 953.1C Buses, Cycles, taxis, solo motocyclists, and trams only Buses may be supplemented with "local"
TSRGD 955.jpg 955 Cycles only
TSRGD 956.jpg 956 Cycles and pedestrians (shared)
File:TSRGD 956.1.jpg 956.1 Cycles, horses, and pedestrians (shared)
File:TSRGD 956.2.jpg 956.2 Cycles, horse-drawn vehicles, and pedestrians (shared)
TSRGD 957.jpg 957 Cycles and pedestrians (segregated) This may be reversed
TSRGD 958.jpg 958 Bus, taxi, and cycle lane ahead lleol, tacsi
TSRGD 958.1.jpg 958.1 Cycle lane ahead
TSRGD 959.1.jpg 959.1 Cycle lane
TSRGD 960.jpg 960 Contraflow bus lane
TSRGD 960.1.jpg 960.1 Contraflow cycle lane
List of Regulatory Signs in TSRGD
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