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Loch na Thull Causeway

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Loch na Thull Causeway
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From:  Laxford Bridge
To:  Rhiconich
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The Causeway from the NE

The A838 between Laxford Bridge and Rhiconich was substantially upgraded in order to complete the northern end of the main west coast route from Ullapool to Kinlochbervie. This road serves a number of important fishing ports, and so sees substantial volumes of HGV traffic. As part of the improvements, a particularly windy section was bypassed by cutting straight across Loch na Thull, just under two miles south of Rhiconich.

The new road to the north of the main causeway section

Loch na Thull is a very irregularly shaped loch, filling a series of hollows in this lumpy landscape, with five main basins connected by narrow channels. In order to cross the loch, three causeway sections were built. The main section bisects the loch, the two stretches of water being connected by a small culvert in the causeway embankment. A short distance to the north, the loch was slightly reduced in size by building the road around its edge rather than cutting into the hill. To the south, the road cuts across the loch again (This part seems to be a separate loch called Loch Creag an Fhraoich, but only just), and whether by chance or design, the section to the east of the road has been reclaimed by the bog, and is no longer open water.

The old road remains open to traffic on its winding course to the west, serving the coastal farm of Skerricha. The farm actually lies off on a side road from the old A838 line, but both arms of the old road remain open.

Loch na Thull Causeway
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