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Luib Bridge (Ledgowan)

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Luib Bridge
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From:  Achnasheen
To:  Glen Carron
Highway Authority
Opening Date
c1815, 1998
Additional Information
Bridge Type:  Arch Bridge
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Crossings related to the A890
This article is about Luib Bridge on the A890 south of Achnasheen.
For Luib Bridge across the River Don on the A939, see Luib Bridge

Luib is a lonely cottage lying about 3 miles south of Achnasheen on the A890, but also where the A890 enjoyed one of the most significant realignments when it was upgraded in 1998. The old road followed the contours to cross the streams that drain Coire a'Ghormachain, with a sharp left turn after the largest bridge. The new road takes a much more direct route, sweeping across the flatter ground near the banks of the Allt Gharagain.

The Old Bridge

The old road

The old bridge was almost certainly built by Thomas Telford when he constructed this section of the A890 as part of his commission for Highland roads and bridges in c1815. It is a simple single stone arch which appears to have been repaired a number of times over the years. There is evidence for a rebuilt parapet, presumably where a car careered off, 4 iron straps pass under the arch to hold the structure together, and then cement has been sprayed over the arch area to reinforce the structure and minimise water ingress.

The bridge carried a single track road, with passing places set back some way in either direction, and the road is still in use as estate access with a gate at the northern end. The southern end of this loop of old road is cut off by the new road, although it appears that that must have been built in stages to maintain traffic flow, as the old road reappears a short distance further on on the same side of the new road, running along the top of the bank before being cut off once more.

The New Bridge

The new Culvert

Hardly a bridge, just a twin tube culvert! The road now crosses the stream some distance downstream, shortly after the fork from the old road line. The culvert is of that cheap modern deisgn, with two corrugated steel tubes running through concrete faced with stone. The road then sits above a grassy bank, making the 'bridge' almost unnoticed from the road. Whilst the old road had one large and one small bridge, along with a number of smaller stone culverts, clever drainage management sees the new road sweep across the boggy valley floor with just this one culvert.

Luib Bridge (Ledgowan)
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