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Holbeck Interchange

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Holbeck Interchange
Location Map ( geo)
Dewsbury Road Viaduct to M621 Westbound - Geograph - 1662615.jpg
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Pottery Field, Leeds
Highway Authority
Highways England
Junction Type
Roads Joined
M621, A653
Junctions related to the A653

Holbeck Interchange is junction 3 on the M621 serving the central area of Leeds. It was formerly junction 47 of the M1.


Original plan for the junction

The junction was designed to connect three of the motorways entering Leeds - M621 from the southwest, which opened in 1975, M1 from the southeast, which opened in 1972 and the never built Leeds North East Urban Motorway. For a period of around 20 years following the opening of the junction the two motorways that had been constructed were never fully connected. M621 eastbound to the then M1 required using the gyratory. This was rectified in the late 1990's when the junction was rebuilt. The M1 was also extended to Aberford so the newly connected motorway was renumbered M621 throughout.


Route To Notes


Manchester, Airport (M62)


London, Wakefield, Hull, Hunslet, Beeston (M1)


City Centre, Skipton (A660)


Dewsbury, City South Retail Park
Holbeck Sweet Street
Holbeck Jack Lane
Pottery Fields Parkfield Street


London, Wakefield, Hull, Hunslet, Beeston


Manchester, Airport (M62) proposed number for M621


Manchester, Airport (M62) proposed number for M621


London, Wakefield, Hull, Hunslet, Beeston proposed renumbering of the M1 if it went west of Leeds

NE M'way

City Centre, York (A64), Harrogate (A61), Wetherby (A58)

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Holbeck Interchange
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- Coppermine - 11177.JPGHolbeck Interchange original.pngA653, Parkfield Street Bridge, Leeds (C) Richard Kay - Geograph - 1662656.jpgDewsbury Road Viaduct to M621 Westbound - Geograph - 1662615.jpg
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