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Manchester Street Roundabout

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Manchester Street Roundabout
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Roundabout Interchange
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Manchester Street Roundabout is a junction of the A62 in Oldham. The junction here marks the point where through traffic must join Oldham Way to bypass the town centre.

The roundabout was rebuilt in 2012 to accommodate the Metrolink extension to Rochdale, and one particular element of the rebuild is notorious for confusing unfamiliar drivers.

As part of the rebuild, there is now a cut-through which allows traffic from Manchester Street a direct right turn onto the bypass. The sliproad onto the bypass has two lanes: the left is signposted Ashton, and forms a link road leading to the next junction (King Street Roundabout), while the right lane is signposted Huddersfield, and leads onto the main line of the bypass.

Although the lanes are signposted in advance on the roundabout, they are not signposted on the cut-through, so unknowing drivers entering from the cut-through have a 2/1 chance of ending up in the wrong lane by accident, through no fault of their own. This is a minor irritation when the traffic is quiet, but at peak times there is no guarantee of a gap in the traffic which is large enough to allow a quick lane change before the two lanes diverge.

If you end up shunted into the Ashton lane, you can turn around at King Street Roundabout and try again. But if you end up in the Huddersfield lane, there is nowhere to turn around safely until you reach Cross Street, over a mile away.

Route To Notes


Huddersfield, Saddleworth, Ashton-under-Lyne (A627),


(M62), Manchester


The Royal Oldham Hospital (A&E), Rochdale (A627(M)), Chadderton (A669)


Town centre Route number unsigned

Manchester Street Roundabout
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