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Primary Destinations
Other Important Destinations
Dalkeith • Edinburgh Airport • Leith • Livingston
Current Highway Authorities
East Lothian Council • Edinburgh Council • Midlothian Council • Scottish Borders Council • West Lothian Council
Berwickshire • East Lothian • Lanarkshire • Peeblesshire • West Lothian
Transport Scotland Roads
M8 • M9 • A1 • A68 • A702 • A720
This article is about the County.
For the Highway Authority, see Midlothian Council

Midlothian is a traditional county in the central belt of Scotland, which has the alternate name of Edinburghshire. It was marginally the largest of the 3 Lothian counties, but the modern council are of Midlothian Council is about half the size, having lost a lot of ground to Edinburgh Council and West Lothian Council in the north west, as well as to Scottish Borders Council in the south; whilst the area around Musselburgh is now administered by East Lothian Council.

Geography & Economy

The B709 in the south of the county

The county is dominated by the large urban sprawl of Edinburgh, Scotland's capital city, and the historic county town of Midlothian. The Pentland hills stretch away to the south west of the city, effectively splitting the more rural parts of the county into two, the urban and industrial strip to the west and the more varied towns and villages to the south east. The far south of the county is also hilly, following the Gala Water through the Moorfoot Hills.

Returning to Edinburgh, it is a modern bustling city which, apart form an interlude of a couple of centuries or so, has been the seat of Government for Scotland since the middle ages. Even in that interlude, many aspects of Scotland's governance were decided and managed from the capital, and this has helped shape the city with some fine homes and multinational company headquarters. On the coast to the north, the docks at Leith helped power the citys growth, whilst Queensferry and Mussleburgh along the Forth to west and east are more like resort towns for day trips away.


The A720 City Bypass

The county is well served by a network of roads radiating out from Edinburgh. These link all of the towns and villages together, although there is a break with no roads crossing the Pentland Hills. This may be one of the reasons behind the western side of the county being transferred to West Lothian Council. It is to the west where Midlothians best connections are, with the M8 and M9 approaching, and feeding the A720 City Bypass, which is a mixed blessing for the capital, bringing as many traffic problems as it has relieved. To the east, the A1 is dualled to the county boundary, but drops to single carriageway through East Lothian on its way to England.

Most non-trunk roads within the traditional county are maintained by Midlothian Council, West Lothian Council and Edinburgh City Council, with a small rural area to the south covered by Scottish Borders Council. The trunk roads include the A1, A68, A702, A720 and Motorways and are managed by Transport Scotland.

Route From To Length
M8 Edinburgh, Midlothian Bishopton, Renfrewshire 61 miles View
M9 Edinburgh Dunblane 32 miles View   
A1 London Edinburgh 396 miles View
A7 Edinburgh Carlisle 94.3 miles View
A8 Edinburgh Greenock 68.8 miles View
A68 Dalkeith Darlington 128 miles View
A70 Edinburgh Ayr 75.5 miles View
A71 Edinburgh Irvine 67.6 miles View
A89 Glasgow Newbridge 35.5 miles View
A90 Edinburgh Fraserburgh 146 miles View
A7a Hawick Edinburgh View
A199 Leith Thistly Cross 26.2 miles View
A700 East Preston Street, Edinburgh Princes Street, Edinburgh 1.1 miles View
A701 Dumfries Edinburgh 71.6 miles View
A702 Edinburgh St John's Town of Dalry 83 miles View
A703 Hillend, south of Edinburgh Peebles 17.9 miles View
A704 West Calder Miller's Moss 4.1 miles View
A705 Livingston Whitburn 7.4 miles View
A706 Borrowstounness Lanark 28.5 miles View
A720 Gogar Whitecraig 12.8 miles View
A766 Penicuik Nine Mile Burn 3.5 miles View
A767 Uphall Mid Calder 2.8 miles View
A768 Eskbank Bilston 3.9 miles View
A772 Nether Liberton Eskbank 3.6 miles View
A900 Edinburgh Leith 1.8 miles View
A901 Leith Granton 2.4 miles View
A902 Leith North Gyle 6.9 miles View
A903 Granton Trinity 0.9 miles View
A982 Blackhall Pilton 1.2 miles View
A1140 Jock's Lodge Seafield 1.0 mile View
A6093 Fordel Haddington 10.6 miles View
A6094 Leadburn Wallyford 15.0 miles View
A6095 Cameron Toll, Edinburgh Musselburgh 4.6 miles View
A6096 Meadowbank Joppa 3.1 miles View
A6106 Fordel Portobello 8.5 miles View
A6124 Musselburgh Fordel 4.5 miles View  
B700 Haymarket Lothian Road 0.4 miles View
B701 Drumbrae Danderhall (W) 10.4 miles View
B702 Straiton Loanhead 0.9 miles View
B703 Newtongrange Eskbank 2.0 miles View
B704 Lasswade Gorebridge 4.2 miles View
B705 Leadburn Blyth Bridge 9.2 miles View
B706 Penicuik Walstone 3.5 miles View
B707 Mid Calder Philpstoun 7.2 miles View
B709 Heriot Langholm 57.6 miles View
B710 Bowland Caddonfoot 3.6 miles View
B715 Headless Cross Forth 4.1 miles View
B792 West Calder Wester Woodside 7.7 miles View
B900 Queensferry Road Great Junction Street 3.3 miles View
B901 Picardy Place, Edinburgh Ferry Road, Leith 1.4 miles View
B1348 Musselburgh Longniddry 5.9 miles View
B1350 Leith Walk Montrose Terrace 0.6 miles View
B6362 Stow High Cross 7.2 miles View
B6367 Middleton Mains Oxenfoord Mains 7.0 miles View
B6368 Haddington Crookston 17.3 miles View
B6372 Penicuik Oxenford Castle 14.4 miles View
B6372 Musselburgh Fordel Mains 4.6 miles View
B6373 Edinburgh Road Newmills Road 0.4 miles View
B6374 Elginhaugh Portobello 5.1 miles View
B6392 Gilmerton Road Roundabout, Dalkeith Bonnyrigg (SW) 3.9 miles View
B6414 Dalkeith Tranent 5.8 miles View
B6415 Portobello Millerhill 5.8 miles View
B6454 Musselburgh Windsor Park 0.9 miles View
B6455 Newtongrange Easthouses 2.2 miles View
B6457 Fala Humbie 1.3 miles View
B6458 Tynehead Fala(N) 2.3 miles View
B6482 Newtongrange Dalkeith 2.7 miles View
B7003 Auchendinny (N) Rosewell 2.3 miles View
B7006 Bilston Roslin 1.3 miles View
B7007 Garvald Lodge Middleton 5.8 miles View
B7008 West Calder Crosswoodburn 4.3 miles View
B7015 Wilkieston Fauldhouse 14.9 miles View
B7026 Auchendinny Howgate 3.0 miles View
B7030 Wilkieston Newbridge 3.0 miles View
B7031 East Calder Kirknewton 3.0 miles View
B8046 Mid Calder Old Philpstoun 8.8 miles View
B9085 Davidson's Mains Crewe Toll 1.7 miles View     
T1 London Scrabster View
T26 Carlisle Edinburgh View
T27 Edinburgh Glasgow View
T86 Newcastle Edinburgh View
T89 West of Biggar Edinburgh View


Primary Route
Non Primary Route
Former Motorway
Defunct Route
E Road
Future Motorway
Future Primary
Future Non Primary
Historical Route
Tourist Route
Roman Road
Unbuilt Motorway
Unbuilt Primary
Unbuilt Non Primary
National Cycle Network
Cycle Route
Eurovelo Cycle Route


Main Article: Junctions in Midlothian

Bridges, Tunnels, and other Crossings

Main Article: Crossings in Midlothian

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