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Milton Keynes Grid Roads

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Milton Keynes New Town is built on a grid of main distributors. These distributors have numbers that are signed. "Horizontal" roads, going roughly E-W, bear H numbers, increasing as you head south. These roads are all named Way. "Vertical" roads, going roughly N-S, bear V numbers, increasing as you head east. These roads are all named Street. [1]

Milton Keynes Grid Roads

H Roads

V Roads

V roads passing through Central MK (V6, V7 and V9 between H5 and H6) are called 'Gate' rather than 'Street'

  • V1 Shelshall Street
  • V2 Tattenhoe Street
  • V3 Fulmer Street
  • V4 Watling Street
  • V5 Great Monks Street
  • V6 Grafton Street (part A421 spur) / Grafton Gate
  • V7 Saxon Street (part B4034) / Saxon Gate
  • V8 Marlborough Street (part B4034)
  • V9 Overstreet / Overgate
  • V10 Brickhill Street
  • V11 Tongwell Street (part A4146)
  • V12 Fen Street
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