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Moreton Spur

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Moreton Spur
Location Map
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Highway Authority
Highways England
Junction Type
T-interchange and modified diamond
Roads Joined
M53, A551, A5027

Moreton Spur (sometimes known as the Upton Spur) is junction 2 of the M53 and the road running from it, up to the roundabout under the A554 which is part of junction 2A.

The road is often noted for its high-standard considering the places it serves and the lack of traffic, leading to speculation that it may have been planned for other uses. This is exasperated by the fact that the end of the road used to be flared, before the A551 Upton Bypass was plugged in.

The western junction is numbered 2a and includes signs for "Upton (only)" on the exit for the A5027 through Upton, the only legend of this kind on the motorway network. It also features the unusual situation where the lesser road (the A5027 into Upton) gets the flyover while the main route (the motorway leading onto the bypass) crosses a roundabout. The design is supposed to be the most efficient in terms of cost and traffic flow.

In June 2005 the layout of the eastbound carriageway was changed from being two lanes for the M53 south to being one lane for each direction. The signs and markings were also changed to clarify "M53 (N)" and "M53 (S)" - both of these changes buck the usual trend. The chance was also taken to reduce the onslips to single lanes, which is more typical of a modern road layout.


Route To Notes


All Docks, Wallasey, Liverpool


North Wales, Birkenhead, Chester


Moreton, Hoylake (A553)


Upton Google Maps incorrectly shows this as being A551, this is its former number.


West Kirby (B5139) The Upton Bypass - incorrectly mapped as being A5027.


Moreton Spur
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