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From:  Clackmannan
To:  Dunfermline
Meets:  NCN1, NCN76
Traditional Counties

Clackmannanshire • Fife

Route outline (key)
764 Clackmannan - Dunfermline

NCN Route 764 is a relatively short cycle route which can be easily cycled in one day. The majority of the route is along the former railway line which precedes the Sustrans network and was originally created as the Alloa - Dunfermline Cycle route.


Starting on route NCN76 in the centre of Clackmannan, NCN764 heads east along the B910, under the A907 Clackmannan Bypass and onto the old railway overbridge. Immediately before the bridge a road to the left provides access to the ramp up onto the old trackbed. The route then follows the old railway line for approximately 10 miles east to the edge of Dunfermline with connections to minor roads at Gallows Loan, Oakley and Back Muir. Access can be made at other points but is not so easy.

Buffies Brae in Dunfermline

From the edge of Dunfermline, the route starts deviating from the old trackbed, first around a small housing estate and then briefly along the A907 before zigzagging along footpaths and quiet side roads towards the town centre. After a while the cycle route finds the railway line once more, albeit at street level in Buffies Brae alongside an old viaduct through the town. In 2012 the construction of a new Tesco Store caused the next section to become rather confused, although several of the busier roads through the town have shared footway/cycle paths, so getting lost doesn't necessarily mean competing with traffic.

The cycle track definitely reappears in Leys Park Road, heading east past the Football Stadium, to terminate on NCN1 near Dunfermline's Queen Margaret Station.



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