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Network changes - 1970s

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A list of the changes to the road network in Great Britain from 1970 - 1979. Includes road openings and renumberings.

Road Openings

Year Number on opening Location County Notes
1970 M1 Fiveways Interchange Middlesex 0.5 mile southern extension of J2 and Fiveways Flyover opened 7 July 1970. Both flyover carriageways were used for Northbound flows onto M1 and A1 Watford Way pending the opening of M1 to J1. The NE carriageway changed to a Southbound flow from the M1 to A1 following an Order of 16 December 1978.
1970 M5 Ray Hall - Quinton Staffordshire • Worcestershire Extended from J3 to meet M6. Opened 15 May 1970.
1970 M5 Strensham - Tewkesbury Gloucestershire Extended from J8 to J9
1970 M5 Portbury - Clevedon Somerset Extended from J19 to J20
1970 M6 Great Barr - Ray Hall Staffordshire Extended from J7 to J8 M6
1970 M6 Ray Hall - Bescot Staffordshire Extended from J8 to J9
1970 M6 Carnforth - Penrith Lancashire • Westmorland Extended from J35 to southern end of Penrith Bypass J40
1970 M6 Carlisle Cumberland Carlisle Bypass J42 to J44
1970 M8 Newbridge Roundabout to Dechmont Midlothian • West Lothian The 6.5 mile motorway from the then J2 A8 M9 roundabout just east of Newbridge to 0.7 miles west of J3 at Dechmont to connect into the existing M8 westward section was opened on 30 November 1970. The 0.6 mile connection to the Dechmont temporary junction at the A8 A899 roundabout just north of J3 (which opened on 23 September 1969) was closed then removed. The motorway had dual 24 foot carriageways and hard shoulders. Cost was £4.7 million.
1970 M8 Kingston Bridge, Glasgow Lanarkshire Bridge opened by HM The Queen Mother on 26 June. J19 to J20
1970 M9 Newbridge Roundabout to Muriehall Midlothian • West Lothian The 2.3 mile motorway from the A8 M8 roundabout just east of Newbridge to a temporary junction with the then A9 (later renumbered B9080) 1 mile west of J1 (later J1a) Kirkliston Spur was opened on 25 November 1970. The motorway had dual 36 foot carriageways and hard shoulders. Cost was £3 million, including the Kirkliston Spur.
1970 M9 Spur Kirkliston Spur West Lothian The 1 mile motorway bypass of Kirkliston from the then M9 J1 (later renumbered 1a) to a roundabout junction with B800 0.6 miles north of Kirkliston was opened on 25 November 1970. Later renumbered M90. The B800 was renumbered A8000 and provided a connection to the Forth Road Bridge.
1970 M32 Hambrook - Eastville Gloucestershire Stapleton Bypass
1970 M61
Horwich to Worsley Lancashire Present J1 to J4
1970 A1(M) Birtley Durham Birtley Bypass
1970 A194(M) Birtley - A184 Durham Entire Motorway
1970 A40(M) East Acton to Paddington Middlesex Westway downgraded to A40 in 1998
1970 A1 Blagdon Bends Bypass Northumberland The 2.5 mile dual carriageway between Stannington Bridge and Seaton Burn was opened on 24 March 1970 by Viscount Ridley, Chairman of Northumberland County Council. Cost £700,000.
1970 A1 Alnwick Bypass Northumberland Stage 1. The 3 mile single carriageway was opened on 16 October 1970 by the Duke of Northumberland. It had a 24 foot carriageway with 12 foot verges to allow for future dualling. Work started on 4 March 1968. Contractor was A.M. Carmichael Ltd, Edinburgh and cost £1.25 million.
1970 A1 Morpeth Bypass Northumberland The 4 mile dual carriageway was opened on 11 November 1970 by Viscount Ridley, Chairman of Northumberland County Council. Cost £2.5 million.
1970 A108 Tyne Tunnel Northern Approach Road Northumberland Stage 2. The 5.75 mile road between Seaton Burn and Holystone Interchange was opened on 20 October 1970 by Dr. William Reid, acting Chairman of the Northern Economic Council. It had taken 28 months to construct, 4 months over schedule due to allowing mining subsidence to settle. Cost £3 million. It was dual carriageway except for 2 miles at the Seaton Burn end. There were 11 bridges on route. It completed the Eastern bypass of Newcastle. It was renumbered A1 in 1980s and later renumbered A19.
1970 A444 Bedworth Bypass Warwickshire The £2.2million dual carriageway opened on 23 February 1970.
1970 A4177 Haseley Knob Bypass Warwickshire The 1 mile bypass cost £120,000. It was part of a 2 year scheme to improve the Five Ways to Balsall Common road and effectively create a western bypass for Kenilworth. That scheme was complete in February 1971.
1970 A50 Markfield bypass Leicestershire From Field Head to J22 M1
1970 A59 Chatburn - Billington Lancashire Clitheroe & Whalley Bypass
1970 A74 Mossband Viaduct - Guards Mill Cumberland Dualling, later replaced by M6 in 2008
1970 A85 Glendoick - North Inchmichael Perthshire Dualling, later renumbered to A90 in 1994
1970 A890 Stromeferry Bypass Ross-shire Subsumed former B856 Strathcarron Station to Strathcarron Junction.
1970 A9 Stirling Stirlingshire Stirling Inner Bypass
1970 A9 Helmsdale Caithness Helmsdale Bridge
1970 C22 Sheildaig - Kenmore Ross-shire Part of Applecross northern coastal route; now Highland C1087. Opened 11 May 1970; rest of road to Applecross Bay took until 1975.
1971 M4 Reading - Tormarton Berkshire • Wiltshire English M4 completed from J12-18, December 1971
1971 M5 Tewkesbury - Moreton Valence Gloucestershire Extended from J9 to J13
1971 M5 Moreton Valence - Almondsbury Gloucestershire Extended from J13 to J15
1971 M6 Maxstoke - Bromford Warwickshire Extended from J4 to J5
1971 M6 Ansty - Maxstoke Warwickshire Extended from J2 to J4. Opened 1 July 1971.
1971 M6 Catthorpe - Ansty Warwickshire • Leicestershire Extended from J2 to M1
1971 M6 Caithwaite - Carlisle Cumberland Extended from J41 to J42
1971 M6 Bromford - Gravelly Hill Warwickshire Extended from J5 to J6
1971 M9 Craigforth Interchange - Keir Roundabout Stirlingshire • Perthshire Stirling Bypass Stage 1 from J10 to J11 was opened on 6 April 1971. The 2.5 mile scheme included a bridge over the River Forth and 0.5 mile of dual carriageway to the north of J11 on the then A9, later renumbered as B8033. Cost was £3.5 million. A 150 year old house at the entrance to Keir Estates was taken down and rebuilt 0.75 miles away since it stood in the motorway's path. The Estate was owned by Colonel William Stirling, former wartime Commando leader.
1971 M56 Preston Brook - Hapsford Cheshire Opened 21 February 1971, first section of the M56.
1971 M57 Knowsley - Netherton Lancashire Liverpool Outer Ring Road from J4 to J7
1971 M602 Patricroft - Eccles Lancashire Eccles Bypass from J1 to J2
1971 A1 Seaton Burn and Wide Open Bypass Northumberland The 2.7 mile dual carriageway opened on 22 June 1971. Cost £1.6 million. The experimental surfaces ordered by the Department for Environment were cracking after just 3 years, necessitating £250,000 of repairs.
1971 A1 Allerton Yorkshire Flyover junction
1971 A1 Scotch Corner Yorkshire Scotch Corner Diversion
1971 A1 Great Casterton - South Witham Rutland Dualling
1971 A19 Easington and Seaham Bypass Durham The 6 mile dual carriageway was opened in October 1971. The £4.5 million scheme had started in October 1969. In February 1970 the contractor Carmichaels, Edinburgh went into voluntary liquidation and the County Council stepped in to complete the work.
1971 A21 Tonbridge Bypass Kent The 6.5 mile dual carriageway was opened on 12 July 1971 by Edward Heath, Prime Minister. Construction had started in September 1968. Contractor was Willetts Motorways Ltd. and cost £5.5 million. It included a viaduct over the River Medway.
1971 A38 Lee Mill Devon Lee Mill Bypass
1971 A38 Lichfield Staffordshire Lichfield Eastern Bypass. Cost £2.7 million.
1971 A4 Theale Bypass Berkshire The 1.6 mile dual carriageway was fully opened on 13 December 1971. Bi-directional operation on a single carriageway had started on 4 August 1971.
1971 A5 Capel-Y-Graig - Llanfair Anglesey • Caernarfonshire Opening of Britannia Bridge, later renumbered as A55 in 2000
1971 A591 Kendal Westmorland Kendal Bypass
1971 A63 South Cave - Elloughton Yorkshire Elloughton Bypass
1971 A77 Ayr Ayrshire Ayr Bypass
1971 A898 Erskine - Kilpatrick Dunbartonshire Opening of Erskine Bridge
1972 M1 Stourton - Leeds Yorkshire The Leeds South East Urban Motorway. 2 mile section from the then J43 at Stourton Interchange to J47 at Dewsbury Road opened 15 December 1972. It became J7 to J3 of M621 upon the opening of the M1 to A1(M) extension in 1999.
1972 M6 Gravelly Hill - Great Barr Staffordshire • Warwickshire Extended from J6 to J7 & Opening of Spaghetti Junction. Opened 24 May 1972.
1972 M9 Muriehall to Lathallan West Lothian • Stirlingshire The 10 mile motorway from the temporary junction with the then A9 (later renumbered B9080), 1 mile west of J1 (later J1a) Kirkliston Spur, to J4 at Lathallan was opened on 18 December 1972 by George Younger, Parliamentary Under-Secretary for Development. Contractor was Tarmac Construction Ltd., cost £7.5 million. In 1970 planners had to find a 3.7 mile new route around Philipstoun after retired shale miners told them that the ground was so undermined on the announced route that it would not support a motorway. This held up the start of construction.
1972 M62 Ainley Top - Chain Bar Yorkshire Opened 3 August 1971.
1972 M606 Bradford - Euroway Yorkshire From J2 to J3
1972 M73 Maryville - Mollinsburn Lanarkshire Entire Motorway from J1 to J3
1972 M90 Lochran-Arlary Perthshire Kinross Bypass. First motorway to be built with concrete surface.
1972 A38(M) Aston, Birmingham Warwickshire Aston Expressway
1972 A627(M) Rochdale to Oldham Lancashire Entire Motorway
1972 A11 Cringleford Norfolk Cringleford Bypass
1972 A19 Thirsk Yorkshire Thirsk Bypass
1972 A2 Dartford Kent Second Dartford Bypass opens. Old road renumbered A2018, B2174, A225 & A296
1972 A2 Dover Kent Jubilee Way opens to bypass eastern Dover
1972 A38 Haldon Hill Diversion Devon The 2.25 mile dual carriageway from Haldon Hill Racecourse to the Kennford bypass was fully opened in April 1972. One carriageway for bi-directional running had been opened in early March 1972 and the old road temporarily closed to allow completion work. Carriageways were 24 foot wide and the original twisting route was bypassed. It included the interchange with A380 at the bottom of Telegraph Hill. Cost £1.5 million.
1972 A50 Sudbury Derbyshire Sudbury Bypass
1972 A614 Clifton Bridge (Nottingham) Nottinghamshire The Eastern span was opened to create a dual carriageway. The single carriageway sections of the Nottingham Outer Ring Road between the current A6005 and A606 had also been dualled by 1971. Currently part of A52
1972 A82 Alexandria Dunbartonshire Alexandria Bypass Southern Section
1972 A899 Livingston Road Midlothian Stage 3 - Almond Road to A71 south-west of Mid Calder opened on 28 February 1972. It included a 1000 foot long and 60 feet high viaduct over the River Almond. The D2 road cost £510,000. This completed the Livingston "Spine road" between A8 and A71.
1973 M5 Clevedon - Edithmead Somerset Extended from J20 to J22
1973 M5 Edithmead - Down End Somerset Highbridge Bypass from J22 to J23
1973 M5 Down End - Huntworth Somerset Bridgwater Bypass from J23 to J24. Opened on 18 December 1973.
1973 M9 Pirnhall Interchange - Craigforth Interchange Stirlingshire Stirling Bypass Stage 2 from J9 to J10 was opened on 28 December 1973 (per Edinburgh Gazette), 4.7 miles. There was an official opening on 22 May 1974 by Lord Hughes, Minister of State at the Scottish Office.
1973 M606 Euroway - M62 Yorkshire From J1 to J2
1973 A329(M) Reading - Bracknell Berkshire Entire Motorway
1973 A27 Arundel Sussex Arundel Bypass
1973 A34 Oxford Oxfordshire Oxford Western Bypass Dualling
1973 A38 Ivybridge - Wrangaton Devon Ivybridge Bypass
1973 A38 Sutton Coldfield Bypass Warwickshire The 6 mile dual carriageway from Minworth to Canwell opened on 10 August 1973. Cost £4million. The adjacent A4097 and A446 sections were utilised to form the bypass. The improvement of the former A4097 between Gravelly Hill and Minworth was to be completed in the autumn giving a wholly dual carriageway route from Birmingham to the Derby boundary.
1973 A41 West Bromwich Staffordshire West Bromwich Town Centre Bypass
1973 A41(M) Tring Hertfordshire Tring Bypass,later downgraded as A41 in 1987
1973 A604 A1 - Godmanchester Huntingdonshire Huntingdon Bypass, now part of A14
1973 A74 Mossband Viaduct - Kirkpatrick Fleming Dumfriesshire Dualling, it was replaced by a motorway in 1992 & 2008
1973 A76 Hurlford Ayrshire Hurlford Bypass
1973 A77 Bogend Toll - Fenwick Ayrshire Kilmarnock Bypass
1973 A85 Inchyra - Glendoick Perthshire Dualling, later renumbered to A90 in 1994
1973 A814 Partick - M8, Glasgow Lanarkshire Clydeside Expressway
1974 M5 Avonmouth - Portbury Gloucestershire • Somerset Avonmouth Bridge from J18 to J19
1974 M5 Deane Gate - Wellington Somerset Taunton Bypass from J25 to J26
1974 M23 Hooley - Merstham Surrey Present J7 to J8
1974 M57 Huyton Quarry - Knowsley Lancashire Liverpool Outer Ring Road extended from J1 to J4
1974 M80 Denny Bypass Stirlingshire The existing A80 dual carriageway (opened in 1963 or 1964) from J7 Haggs Junction to Ingliston, 1 mile north of Dunipace, was upgraded to M80 on 22 May 1974. The original Ingliston roundabout connection was removed.
1974 M80 Ingliston - Pirnhall Stirlingshire The 2.5 mile motorway from Ingliston, 1 mile north of Dunipace and the end of the Denny Bypass section, to M9 at Pirnhall opened on 22 May 1974.
1974 M876 Dennyloanhead - North Broomage Stirlingshire The existing A876 dual carriageway (opened on 13 October 1965) from M80 J8 Bankhead Interchange to J2 at North Broomage Roundabout was upgraded to M876 on 22 May 1974.
1974 A38 Plympton Devon Plympton Bypass
1974 A38 South Brent Devon South Brent Bypass
1974 A38 Ashburton - Heathfield Devon Coldeast Bypass & Dualling
1974 A38 Chudleigh Devon Chudleigh Bypass
1974 A40 Witney Oxfordshire Witney Bypass
1974 A46 A45 - Lee Wooton Warwickshire Kenilworth Bypass
1974 A82 Fort William Inverness-shire Fort William Town Centre Bypass
1974 A85 Kinfauns - Inchyra Perthshire Dualling, later renumbered to A90 in 1994
1975 M1 Staples Corner - Fiveways Interchange Middlesex The 2.34 mile northbound carriageway from J1 to J2 opened on 27 May 1975. The southbound carriageway opening was deferred pending the North Circular Road flyovers at Staples Corner being completed. The southbound carriageway opened in Summer 1977.
1975 M5 Huntworth - Deane Gate Somerset North Petherton bypass from J24 to J25
1975 M5 Willard - Exeter Devon Sowton & Killerton Sections from J27 to J30
1975 M23 Merstham - Pease Pottage Surrey • Sussex Present J8 to J11
1975 M23 Spur Gatwick Airport Surrey Gatwick Spur
1975 M32 Eastville - St Agnes Gloucestershire Final stage
1975 M54 Priorslee - Cluddley Shropshire Initial section of M54 between Priorslee Interchange and present J7
1975 M55 Fulwood - Blackpool Lancashire Extended from J1 to J4. Opened 3 July 1975.
1975 M66 Simister - Pilsworth Road Lancashire Bury Eastern Bypass stage 1
1975 M898 Bishopton - Erskine Renfrewshire Entire Motorway
1975 A1(M) Newcastle Central Motorway East Northumberland Town Moor - Tyne Bridge, Newcastle upon Tyne was opened on 12 August 1975 by Derek Sleightholme, Chairman of Tyne and Wear County Council. Contractor was Costain Civil Engineering Co. Ltd. The 1.25 mile road cost £15 million. Later renumbered to A6127(M), now A167(M).
1975 A58(M) Armley - Westgate, Leeds Yorkshire Inner Ring Road Stage 3
1975 A11 Newmarket Suffolk • Cambridgeshire Newmarket Bypass
1975 A17 Sleaford Lincolnshire Sleaford Bypass
1975 A19 Crathorne Yorkshire Crathorne Bypass
1975 A2 Boughton Kent Dual carriageway bypassing the villages of Boughton and Dunkirk.
1975 A30 Scorrier - Camborne Cornwall Redruth - Poole - Camborne Bypass
1975 A31 Ringwood - Cadnam Hampshire Section dualled
1975 A38 Findern - A52 Derbyshire Derby Western bypass Stage 2
1975 A429 Ettington Bypass Warwickshire The 1.2 mile road opened in early Summer 1975. Cost was £375,000, which was £59,000 more than the original contract price due to a delay in issuing the contract which led to extra winter earthwork costs. Note that the A422 still passed through the village.
1975 A61 Sheffield - Chesterfield Derbyshire Dronfield & Unstone Bypass
1975 A69 Heddon-on-the-Wall & Throckley Bypass Northumberland The 9 mile dual carriageway opened on 2 December 1975. Cost £6.3 million.
1975 A82 Ballachulish Argyll Ballachulish Bridge bypassing Kinlochleven
1975 A9 Inveralmond Perthshire Almond Bridge
1975 A9 Duncanston-Findon Mains Ross-shire Cromarty bridge approaches
1975 A92 Cammachmore Kincardineshire Cammachmore Bypass, later renumbered to A90 in 1994
1975 C22 Applecross - Kenmore Ross-shire Applecross northern coastal route; now Highland C1087. The Kyle of Lochalsh - Toscaig ferry ceased around the same time.
1976 M5 Wellington - Willand Somerset Chelston-Willand from J26 to J27
1976 M69 Hinckley Road - Enderby Leicestershire Present J2 to J3
1976 M275 Cosham - Portsmouth Hampshire Entire Motorway
1976 A282 Darenth - Swanley Kent Dual carriageway linking the A2 Darenth interchange with Swanley Interchange. Later on upgraded and renumbered as the M25.
1976 A3 Cobham - Kingston Upon Thames Surrey Esher Bypass
1976 A30 Bolventor Cornwall Bolventor Bypass
1976 A30 Launceston Devon • Cornwall Launceston Bypass
1976 A30 Bodmin Cornwall Bodmin Bypass
1976 A38 Liskeard - Trerulefoot Cornwall Liskeard Bypass & Dualling
1976 A41 Thornburn Road - Tranmere Roundabout Cheshire New Ferry Bypass Stage 2
1976 A55 Chester Southern Bypass Cheshire • Flintshire The 7 mile road from A41 at Christleton to Broughton was opened on 23 December 1976. It was dual carriageway except for one mile at the Broughton end. Contractor was Sir Alfred McAlpine and Sons.
1976 A63 Newport - South Cave Yorkshire Dualling
1976 A64 York Yorkshire York Southern Bypass
1976 A66 Brough Bypass Westmorland The 1.5 mile bypass plus 1 mile of adjacent dual carriageway was opened on 27 August 1976. Cost £3 million.
1976 A66 Keswick Northern Bypass Cumberland The 2.5 mile road from Portinscale in the west to High Briary was opened on 27 August 1976. The contractor was Tarmac Construction, Wolverhampton and price £3.84 million. Work started in early 1974. It included the spectacular 120 feet high Greta Bridge viaduct across the Greta Valley.
1976 A69 Heddon - Westerhope Northumberland Heddon, Throckley & Horsley Bypass
1976 A75 Gretna Dumfriesshire Gretna Bypass
1976 A85 Friarton Bridge - Kinfauns Perthshire Kinfauns Bypass & Dualling, later renumbered to A90 in 1994
1976 A9 Drumochter Lodge-Crubenmore Inverness-shire Dalwhinnie bypass
1976 A9 Dalmagarry-Slochd Inverness-shire Tomatin Bypass
1976 A9 Longman Roundabout to Bogbain Inverness-shire Kessock bridge South approach
1976 A9 Newmill-Birnam Perthshire Bankfoot bypass
1976 A94 Brechin Angus Brechin Bypass as single carriageway, later dualled in 1994
1976 B4373 Dawley Bypass Shropshire The 1 mile road from New Road to Heath Hill Roundabout was opened on 9 August 1976. Contractor was Wrekin Construction Ltd. and contract price £440,000. It may not have been B4373 on opening since the Dawley - Donnington Distributor Road was then incomplete. It provided a bypass for the then A442 route.
1976 N/A Arnish Road, Raasay Inverness-shire Hand-built by local resident Calum Macleod; now Highland U4912.
1977 M4 Tredegar Park - St Mellons Monmouthshire J28 to J29A (including what is now A48(M)) opened
1977 M4 Coryton - Pencoed Glamorgan J32-35 section opened
1977 M4 Pyle Glamorgan J37-39 Pyle bypass opened
1977 M4 Morriston Glamorgan J44-46 Morriston bypass, renumbered from A48(M) immediately before opening
1977 M4 Pontarddulais bypass Glamorgan • Carmarthenshire J46-49 Pontarddulais bypass opened
1977 M5 Exeter Devon Exminster Section from J30 to J31
1977 M8 Glasgow - Renfrew Lanarkshire • Renfrewshire Extended from J20 to J26
1977 M69 Coventry - Hinckley Road Warwickshire • Leicestershire M6 to J2
1977 M77 M8 - Dumbreck Lanarkshire Constructed to J1
1977 A31 Ringwood Hampshire Ringwood bypass opened
1977 A38 Little Eaton - Holbrook Derbyshire Little Eaton Bypass. The 3 mile section opened on 3 October 1977. Cost £4.5 million.
1977 A38 Holbrook - Alfreton Derbyshire Ripley & Swanwick Bypass. The 7 mile section opened on 21 October 1977. Cost £12.5 million.
1977 A38 Kennford - M5 J31 Devon Exeter Bypass
1977 A303 A37 Ilchester Bypass Somerset The 4.5 mile road opened on 28 March 1977. It was dual carriageway except for 0.7 mile at the eastern end where the former A372 was used. Contractor was Cementation Construction, tender price £5,481,000.
1977 A45 Cambridge Cambridgeshire Cambridge Northern Bypass originally as A45, later renumbered as A428 and A14 in 1990's
1977 A46 A45 - Whitley Warwickshire Cheylesmore Bypass originally as A46, later renumbered as A444 in 1989 when Coventry Eastern Bypass was opened
1977 A69 Corbridge and Hexham Bypass Northumberland The 8.5 mile road was opened on 7 February 1977 by Geoffrey Rippon, M.P. for Hexham. It took 2 years to build and cost more than £8 million.
1977 A9 Birnam - Dowally Perthshire Birnam & Dunkeld Bypass
1977 A9 Luncarty Perthshire Luncarty bypass
1978 M66 Pilsworth Road - Edenfield Lancashire Bury Eastern Bypass stage 2
1978 M67 Denton - Hattersley Cheshire Hyde Bypass
1978 M90 Perth Perthshire Extended from J10 to A9, now spur of M90 to the west of Perth
1978 M85 Perth Perthshire Former M85, now mainline of M90
1978 M181 M180 - Scunthorpe Lincolnshire Entire Motorway
1978 M271 Upton - Towton Hampshire Entire Motorway
1978 A1 Warenford Bypass Northumberland Single carriageway
1978 A15 Barton Upon Humber - M180 Lincolnshire Expressway
1978 A34 Oxford - Abingdon Berkshire Abingdon Bypass
1978 A64 Tadcaster Yorkshire Tadcaster Bypass
1978 A64 Malton Yorkshire Malton & Norton Bypass
1978 A48
St Mellons - Rumney Monmouthshire St Mellons & Rumney Bypass & Southern Way
1978 A30 Alphington - Whiddon Down Devon Tedburn St Mary & Crockenwell Bypass
1978 A9 Blackford Perthshire Blackford Bypass
1979 A9 Crubenmore - Kingussie Inverness-shire Newtonmore & Kingussie Bypass
1979 A9 Findon-Arduille Cromartyshire Opening of Cromarty Bridge
1979 A9 Drumochter summit to Calvine Inverness-shire Construction of split level dual carriageway and temporary tie in at Calvine
1979 A9 Dalmagarry to Bogbain Inverness-shire Moy and Daviot Bypass
1979 A9 Avielochan to Slochd Inverness-shire Carrbridge bypass
1979 A96 Huntly Aberdeenshire Huntly Bypass
1979 A75 Newton Stewart Dumfriesshire Newton Stewart Bypass
1979 A49 Ludlow Shropshire Ludlow Bypass
1979 A1 Redhouse Yorkshire Redhouse Junction Improvement
1979 A1(M) Hatfield - South Mimms Hertfordshire Extended from J1 to J2 replacing A1
1979 A3(M) Bedhampton - Horndean Hampshire Horndean & Waterlooville Bypass
1979 A604 Bar Hill - Huntingdon Huntingdonshire • Cambridgeshire Later renumbered as A14 in 1994

Other changes in 1970s

  • A38 Cullompton bypass swallowed up by M5.
  • Kyle of Lochalsh to Toscaig ferry route withdrawn following completion of Applecross coast road.
  • Completion of the reclassification of all the Republic of Ireland's roads.

Network changes - 1970s
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