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Network changes - 1990s

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A list of the changes to the road network in Great Britain from 1990 to 1999. Includes road openings and renumberings.

Road Openings

Year Number on opening Location County Notes
1990 M42 M5 Northern Link Worcestershire The 0.9 mile northern link at M5 J4a Catshill Interchange was opened on 21 June 1990 per the Land Compensation Notice.
1990 A1 Newcastle Western Bypass Northumberland • Durham The 11km dual carriageway scheme was from the A69 Gateshead bypass, over the new Blaydon Bridge crossing the Tyne, before heading north-east to join the existing Seaton Burn and Wide Open Bypass at Gosforth Park to connect to the A1 northwards. Construction had started in 1987, cost was £117m. Blaydon Bridge was officially opened by Queen Elizabeth II on 1 December 1990.
1990 A11 Thetford Norfolk Thetford Bypass
1990 A17 Coddington Bypass Nottinghamshire 2 mile single carriageway road from Winthorpe Interchange to Sleaford Road, part of the Newark Relief Road Scheme (see A46). Contractor was A.F. Budge (Contractors) Ltd.
1990 A124 Barking Essex Barking Nrthern Relief Road
1990 A1020 Royal Albert Way and Royal Docks Road Middlesex • Essex At grade dual carriageway spine road through Docklands and link to A13
1990 A1055 Tottenham Hale - Ponders End Middlesex New single carriageway road opened in mid 1990
1990 A27 Pevensey Bypass Sussex Also bypass for Westham and Stone Cross. Completed December 1990 per Hansard written answer. Single carriageway. Tender cost £7.71 million.
1990 A34 Hampton Poyle to Oxford Oxfordshire Kidlington Bypass
1990 A35 Charmouth Bypass Dorset The 3 mile single carriageway road was opened on 19 July 1990. Cost £10.7 million.
1990 A36 , A361 B3090 Beckington Bypass Somerset Completed in 1989/90 per Hansard written answer. Work was planned to start in February 1989 and there were construction roadworks in January 1990. It also included the A36 diversion south-eastwards to Standerwick.
1990 A36 Codford Bypass Wiltshire Completed in June 1990 per Hansard. There were 2 contracts. Phase 1 - Rush and Tompkins Ltd. £2.08 million. Phase 2 - HT Construction Ltd. £441,206.
1990 A361 Frome Bypass Somerset There is an accident report for the road in January 1990. Part or all may have opened in 1989.
1990 A3095 Crowthorne and Sandhurst Bypass Berkshire The 2 mile single carriageway road from Rackstraw Road to Bracknell Road opened on 15 August 1990. Contractor was Tarmac Construction, budgeted cost £6.68 million. Net cost was £3.4 million since nearly £4 million was to come from supermarket developments.
1990 A43, A421 Bicester to Hampton Poyle Oxfordshire Dualling and Wendlebury Bypass originally as A43 & A421,later renumbered as A34 in 1990s
1990 A46 Newark-on-Trent Relief Road Nottinghamshire The 3.5 mile single carriageway road from Farndon Roundabout to Winthorpe Interchange was reported as opened by Richard Alexander, M.P., in the 5 October 1990 Sandwell Evening Mail. The adjacent 2 mile A17 Coddington Bypass was also part of the scheme. Contractor was A.F. Budge (Contractors) Ltd., contract cost £31.5 million.
1990 A429 Wellesbourne Bypass Warwickshire Opened 20 June 1990 per a transcription from the Wellesbourne and Walton News.
1990 A435 , A422 Alcester Bypass Warwickshire 3.5 miles. The A435 western bypass included 0.8 mile dual carriageway and a single carriageway bridge over River Arrow. The A422 southern bypass was later renumbered as A46 in mid 1990s. Contractor was Wrekin Construction Co. Ltd., contract cost £8.8 million.
1990 A459 Old Hill Bypass Staffordshire Final phase - the 0.4 mile Heathfield Way was opened on 7 December 1990 by Albert Handley, Sandwell Technical Services Committee chairman. Contractor was A.F. Budge Ltd.. The first phase, the new Highgate section (now A4100 multiplex), had opened two years previous. The full bypass cost £2 million.
1990 A483 , A5 Newbridge Bypass (Ruabon - Chirk) Denbighshire Opened on 8 June 1990 by Wyn Roberts, Minister of State for Wales. 3 mile single carriageway road including the A5 section between Halton Roundabout and Whitehurst Roundabout (this was prior to the Chirk Bypass opening in April 1991). The main feature was the Dee Viaduct, then claimed to be the highest road bridge built over a British river. The 5 span reinforced concrete viaduct is 348m long and 57.3m above river level. Overall deck width is 12.3m with aluminium parapets, a 7.3m carriageway with 1m hard strips either side. Contractor Edmund Nuttall Ltd.
1990 A50 Tutbury Bypass Staffordshire 0.7 mile single carriageway. Opened in July 1990 by Terry Dix, Chairman of Staffordshire County Council Highways Committee. Cost £3.59 million. Later renumbered A511.
1990 A6 Barton-le-Clay Bypass Bedfordshire Dual carriageway.
1990 A65 Addingham Bypass Yorkshire 2 mile single carriageway road. Opened 17 October 1990. Contractor was Cumbrian Industrials Ltd, contract price £3.67 million.
1990 A68 Newtown St Boswells Bypass Roxburghshire Opened on 29 October 1990 by Malcolm Rifkind, Scottish Secretary. It included a three-span girder bridge across Newtown Glen. Contractor was Shank and McEwan (Contractors) Ltd., tender cost £3.3 million.
1990 A695 Ryton and Crawcrook Bypass Durham The 1st phase around Crawcrook opened in January 1990. The 2nd phase around Ryton was opened on 28 September 1990. Designed and constructed by Gateshead Borough Council. There was a 3rd phase for a further 0.75 mile which started in March 1992. Carriageway was 7.3m. Total cost was £8 million. There was also £359,000 of compensation to 125 householders, which followed a test case that awarded a claim re a house that had not been built when the road was first planned.
1990 A696 Woolsington Bypass Northumberland 3 mile dual carriageway to link Newcastle Airport to the Western Bypass. Opened on 27 September 1990 by Christopher Chope, Roads Minister. Contractor was Miller Construction Ltd., cost £13.4 million.
1990 A75 Dumfries Dumfriesshire Dumfries Bypass
1990 A9 Dunbeath Caithness Dunbeath Viaduct, Opened 23rd May
1990 A9 Dunblane Bypass Perthshire The 3.5 mile dual carriageway was opened on 10 December 1990 by Michael Forsyth, local MP. Contractor Balfour Beatty, cost £18.8 million.
1990 A92 Tipperty to Ellon Aberdeenshire Tipperty to Ellon Dualling and Ellon Bypass later renumbered as A90 in 1994
1990 A94 Forfar - Balnacreich Angus Dualling, later renumbered to A90 in 1994
1990 A94 Strathcaro Angus Strathcaro Junction, later renumberd to A90 in 1994
1990 A94 North Water Bridge - Laurencekirk Kincardineshire Dualling, later renumbered to A90 in 1994
1990 A96 Inverurie bypass Aberdeenshire The 5.25 mile road was opened on 7 December 1990 by Lord J. Douglas-Hamilton, Scottish Office Minister. There was 1.25 miles of dual carriageway at the south end. Contractor was Tractor Shovels Tawse, Inverkeithing, and cost £7.4 million. There had been a plan for a bypass in 1933.
1991 M20 Maidstone - Ashford Kent The 14.4 mile section from J8 Hollingbourne to M20 J9 was opened on 22 May 1991 by Malcolm Rifkind, Transport Secretary. This completed the motorway between Swanley and Folkestone. It included the construction of the J8 roundabout. The J9 roundabout and spur had been opened previously. It was built under 2 contracts, tender costs £55.98 million, total cost £88.829 million.
1991 M40 Wheatley Interchange - Longbridge, Warwick Oxfordshire • Buckinghamshire • Northamptonshire • Warwickshire The final connecting section of M40 from J8 to J15 was opened on 16 January 1991 by Malcolm Rifkind, Transport Secretary. At 47 miles long it was one of the longest stretches to open in one go since the M4 in 1971. There was also a 1 mile spur from J8 Wheatley to connect to A40. Note that the Gazette Notice with a 19 February date appears to have been submitted late.
1991 M74 Millbank - Nether Abington Lanarkshire Upgrade of existing A74 dual carriageway to motorway standard from J12 to J13.
1991 A16 Louth Lincolnshire Louth Bypass
1991 A1079 Market Weighton Bypass Yorkshire The 2.6 mile single carriageway road was opened on 11 March 1991, tender cost £3.96 million.
1991 A207 Bexleyheath Kent Albion Road western segment was completed and the A207 routed along Albion Road to bypass Bexleyheath Broadway
1991 A282 Dartford Kent • Essex Queen Elizabeth II Bridge
1991 A30 Zelah Cornwall Zelah Bypass
1991 A39 Carnon Downs Bypass Cornwall The dual carriageway was opened on 19 July 1991 by Christopher Chope, Minister for Roads and Traffic. Contractor was Costain Civil Engineering Ltd, tender price £3.5 million. It was extended westwards past Devoran in 2007.
1991 A42 Ashby-de-la-Zouch to M1 J23a Leicestershire The final section of the M42 to M1 link was officially opened on 23 May 1991 by Christopher Chope, Roads and Traffic Minister. The 8.8 mile dual carriageway from Flagstaff Interchange to M1 J23a and Finger Farm Roundabout comprised of 3 contracts with tender cost of £44.29 million. Total cost was £49.742 million.
1991 A43 Blisworth and Milton Malsor Bypass Northamptonshire The 4.75 mile dual carriageway from St. John's Road junction, east of Tiffield, to Danes Camp Way, Northampton (southern bypass) was opened on 21 May 1991 by Christopher Chope, Minister of Transport. It included a new M1 J15a Rothersthorpe Interchange. Contractor was Gallifords. Tender cost £15.08 million, total cost £16.582 million. The section from M1 to Danes Camp Way is now A5123.
1991 A470 Llanidloes Bypass Montgomeryshire Opened on 25 February 1991. Single carriageway. Cost £7.5 million. It was built on the route of the closed Newtown to Rhayader railway.
1991 A5 Chirk Bypass Shropshire • Denbighshire Opened April 1991 per Hansard, cost £12 million. The section built was south of Halton Roundabout since the spur had opened with the Newbridge Bypass on 8 June 1990. It included the 450m long and 26m high Ceirog Viaduct. Contractor Christiani and Neilson.
1991 A500 Nantwich Bypass Cheshire The 2.2 mile single carriageway road from Cheerbrook Roundabout to the B5074 roundabout was opened in March 1991. Tender cost was £5.09 million, total cost £7.268 million. Later renumbered to A51.
1991 A595 Hensingham Bypass Cumberland Opened on 17 December 1991. The 0.7 mile road included a short stretch of dual carriageway at the north end between A5094 and B5295. Cost £4.7 million.
1991 A5027 Upton Bypass Cheshire Phase 2 - M53 J2A Moreton Spur end to B5139 Old Greasby Road. Opened by October 1991. A report describes as A551 but it is not clear if this was used. The road derives from the Moreton Spur extension plan in the early 1970s but not completed then.
1991 A6 Burton Latimer Bypass Northamptonshire The 1.8 mile single carriageway road was opened on 12 October 1991 by Roger Freeman, MP for Kettering. Tender cost was £2.63 million.
1991 A6 Quorn and Mountsorrel Bypass Leicestershire The 5 mile dual carriageway road was opened in October 1991. Contractor was Tarmac and cost was £43.329 million. It included Britain's longest box culverting operation. A third of the road passed over the River Soar floodplain which meant that more than 3,500 concrete culverts, each weighing 12 tonnes, had to be laid underneath the road.
1991 A65 Draughton Bypass Yorkshire 1.4 mile single carriageway road. Opened in December 1991 per Hansard (19 January 1995). Contractor was Shand Construction Ltd, tender cost £2.18 million.
1991 A69, A689 Brampton Bypass Cumberland The 3.1 mile single carriageway road opened on 18 April 1991. Tender cost £4.94 million, total cost £6.17 million.
1991 A650 Drighlington Bypass Yorkshire Opened in 1991 per Hansard.
1991 A7 Dalkeith Midlothian Dalkeith Western Bypass
1991 A76 Cumnock and Auchinleck Bypass Ayrshire The 4.7 mile road was opened in December 1991 by Ian Lang, Scottish Secretary. Contractor was Barr Ltd. of Ayr, cost £7 million plus. The single carriageway was 7.3m wide with one metre hard strips and 2.8m verges. The maximum gradient was 1 in 23 and there was just one intermediate access point.
1991 A9 Dornoch Firth Bridge Sutherland Opening of Dornoch Firth Bridge bypassing Bonar Bridge
1991 B5050 Burslem Relief Road Staffordshire Woodbank Street from A50 Waterloo Road to B5051 Newcastle Street opened on 5 August 1991. Cost £2 million.
1992 M3 Allbrook to Chilworth Roundabout, Southampton Hampshire The 3.8 mile section between J12 and A33/A27 Chilworth Roundabout, Southampton opened on 16 February 1992 per The Gazette. It used the route of the former A33 Chandlers Ford Bypass. Chilworth Roundabout was formerly known as Bassett Roundabout. The M27 connecting spurs at J14 Chilworth Interchange had opened previously. Some maps showed the northern terminus at Compton where the former A31 joined the road but this section was not in the Gazette notice until the 15 December 1994 notice for J10 to J12 (see 1994).
1992 M80 M8 to Stepps Lanarkshire Extended from M8 to former J3
1992 A74(M) Elvanfoot - Paddy's Rickle Lanarkshire Upgrade of existing A74 dual carriageway to motorway standard.
1992 A74(M) Kirkpatrick Fleming - Gretna Dumfriesshire Upgrade of existing A74 dual carriageway to motorway standard from J21 to M6 J45.
1992 A1 Cockburnspath Bypass Berwickshire The 1.4 mile single carriageway bypass was opened on 7 December 1992 by Lord James Douglas-Hamilton, Scottish Transport Minister. Cost £10 million.
1992 A12 Harfreys to Middleton Road Norfolk Gorleston Inner Relief Bypass, built in Great Yarmouth
1992 A16 Ludborough Lincolnshire Ludborough Bypass
1992 A16 Stickford Lincolnshire Stickford Bypass
1992 A264 Crawley South-western Bypass Sussex The 1.6 mile dual carriageway from Horsham Road to M23 J11 Pease Pottage Interchange opened on 15 September 1992. Cost £4.2 million. It was the first road in UK to use a road safety boosting porous asphalt. The banks were allowed to grow naturally rather then planting with shribs and grass.
1992 A3 Liphook and Petersfield Bypass Hampshire The 12 mile dual carriageway was officially opened on 9 July 1992 by Kenneth Carlisle, Roads and Traffic Minister, and to traffic on 10 July 1992 following completion of safety barrier checks. Tender cost £35.84 million, total cost £65.72 million.
1992 A312 Hayes Bypass Middlesex The Parkway. The 2.8 mile dual carriageway from White Hart Roundabout, Northolt to North Hyde Road, Hayes and 0.37 mile upgrading to M4 J3 was opened on 29 September 1992 by John MacGregor, Transport Secretary. The Labour Party organised an unofficial opening 4 days beforehand as they were peeved that John McDonnell, who had campaigned for the bypass whilst GLC Councillor for Hayes, was not invited.
1992 A41/A49 Whitchurch Shropshire Whitchurch Bypass
1992 A47 Narborough Bypass Norfolk Completed in November 1992 per Hansard. In February 1992 Transport Secretary Malcolm Rifkind announced that it would be dual carriageway, and the contractor had arranged for the additional land to be available to buy, but a month later it was announced that there were EC technical and legal reasons stopping this. Contractor was May Gurney, tender cost £2.24 million.
1992 A47 Norwich Southern Bypass Norfolk Easton to Postwick. Opened in September 1992 per Hansard. Four contracts, tender works cost £61.2 million.
1992 A420 Kingston Bagpuize and Southmoor Bypass Berkshire Opened on 17 December 1992. Contractor was Edmund Nuttall Ltd. Tender cost £4.3 million.
1992 A5 Little Brickhill Bypass Buckinghamshire Official opening on 15 December 1992. Tender cost £5.838 million, total cost £8.773 million.
1992 A5 , A49 Shrewsbury 2nd Bypass and M54 Link Shropshire Official opening was on 11 August 1992. Contractors were Edmund Nuthall for Emstrey to Montford Bridge and Alfred McAlpine for the bypass section from Emstrey to Battlefield and link from Preston Island to M54 J7. Tender costs were £63.96 million.
1992 A516 Etwall Bypass Derbyshire The 1.2 mile single carriageway road was completed in February 1992 per Hansard. Contractor was A.F. Budge (Contractors) Ltd., contract cost £2.657 million, total cost £3.5 million.
1992 A523 Macclesfield Relief Road Cheshire Opened in July 1992 by Kenneth Carlisle, Minister for Roads. The section between Flash Lane and Hibel Road was to open on 10 February 1992. There were delays in obtaining the Middleton Way footbridge. Dual carriageway between Bollington Road and Hibel Road. Contractor was Fairclough Civil Engineering (just before the name was replaced by AMEC). Tender cost £18.8 million and full cost £25 million.
1992 A525 Keele Bypass Staffordshire The 1.3 mile single carriageway road was opened on 30 July 1992 by Guy Gibbs, a 7 year old schoolboy, who was given the honour after winning a road safety quiz at the County Show. Contractor was Wrekin Construction, cost £3.2 million.
1992 A590 Dalton to Barrow Lancashire Dalton & Newbarns Bypass
1992 A77 Bennane Hill Ayrshire Bennane Hill Bypass
1992 A82 Dundonald golf club to Luss Dunbartonshire Luss Bypass
1992 A87 Dornie Ross-shire Dornie Bypass
1993 M4 Earlswood - Lon-las Glamorgan The 3 mile eastwards extension from J44 Lon-las between J42 to J44 opened on 26 February 1993 per The Gazette. It was an upgrade of the route of the previous A48 dual carriageway.
1993 A74(M) Nether Abington - Elvanfoot Lanarkshire Upgrade of existing A74 dual carriageway to motorway standard from J13 to J14.
1993 A1 Brownieside Northumberland Improvement and dual carriageway 1.3 miles.
1993 A11 Stump Cross to Six Mile Bottom Cambridgeshire Dualling
1993 A20 Folkestone to Dover Kent Capel Le Ferne and Maxton Bypass. Dual carriageway. Completed in November and December 1993 per Hansard written answer. It included Roundhill Tunnel. Contractors were Balfour Beatty, Birse Construction Ltd. and Norwest Holst Construction Ltd.. Works cost £64.4 million, total cost £95 million.
1993 A206 Dartford Kent Dartford Northern Bypass. Old A206 renumbered A2026.
1993 A30 Lauceston to Okehampton Devon Lewdown Bypass
1993 A39 , A389 Wadebridge Bypass Cornwall Opened on 8 July 1993 by Robert Key, Minister for Roads and Traffic. Single carriageway. Contractor was Balfour Beattie, tender cost £8.3 million. It included a 450m nine-span bridge across the tidal River Camel.
1993 A41 M25 to Hemel Hempstead Hertfordshire Kings Langley Bypass. Opened in August 1993. Contractor was A.F. Budge (Contractors) Ltd. Tender cost £19.97 million and total cost £32.741 million.
1993 A41 Hemel Hempstead to Tring Hertfordshire Berkhamsted Bypass. Opened in September 1993. Contractor was Amey Construction Ltd. and tender cost £23 million.
1993 A595 Egremont Bypass Cumberland Opened in May 1993. Some sections had opened earlier. It followed the line of a disused railway close to the town. The River Ehan was crossed by a standard 3 span pre-stressed concrete beam structure. Contractor was Alfred McAlpine Construction Ltd. Tender cost £6.67 million and total cost £9.169 million.
1993 A596 Wigton Bypass Cumberland Opened on 7 April 1993. Contractor was Alfred McAlpine Construction Ltd. Tender cost £4.05 million and total cost £6.324 million.
1993 A695 Prudhoe Bypass Northumberland • Durham The 3 mile single carriageway road was opened on 12 March 1993 by County Councillor Sid Knight and world champion Geordie athlete Steve Cram. It was also known as Prudhoe Industrial Link Road. A feature was Stanley Burn Bridge which spanned a wildlife area and incorporated special sound barriers to minimise noise and shield it off. Cost £10.8 million.
1993 A71 Stonehouse Lanarkshire Stonehouse Bypass
1993 A737 Linwood to Howwood Renfrewshire Johnstone & Howwood Bypass
1993 A929 Tarbrax - Forfar Angus Dualling, later renumbered to A90 in 1994
1994 M3 Bar End, Winchester to Allbrook Hampshire The 4.7 mile section between J10 and J12 opened on 15 December 1994 per The Gazette and completed the M3. It included the infamous Twyford Down section replacing the former Winchester Bypass and A33. Allbrook Interchange was previously known as Pitmore Copse Interchange.
1994 M4 New Briton Ferry Bridge Glamorgan J41 Pentyla Interchange, south-east of Baglan, to J42 Earlswood Interchange opened on 12 December 1994. Cost £100 million for the 3.6 miles and the bridge over the River Neath. It was a bypass of A48 Neath Diversion and original Briton Ferry Bridge, filling in the M4 Gap and completing the motorway. It created a spur for the 1.1 mile from J41 to the original terminus of the Port Talbot Bypass at Baglan Roundabout.
1994 M74 Fullarton Road - Maryville, Glasgow Lanarkshire Extension of motorway from the M73 towards Glasgow city centre.
1994 A74(M) Dinwoodie Green - Ecclefechan Dumfriesshire Upgrade of existing A74 dual carriageway to motorway standard from J16 to J19.
1994 A14 Catthorpe - Rothwell Leicestershire • Northamptonshire The final section of the M1 - A1 link road was opened on 15 July 1994 by John MacGregor, Transport Secretary. Contractor was Tarmac Construction Ltd, contract cost £35.62 million. The total cost of the M1-A1 link road had been £210 million.
1994 A19 Easingwold Bypass Yorkshire The 2.5 mile single carriageway road was opened in November 1994. Tender cost £4.58 million.
1994 A39 Penryn Bypass Cornwall The 2.5 mile southern section from Kernick Roundabout to Ponsharden Roundabout was opened on 25 April 1994 to complete the bypass. It included the 3 span Kernick Viaduct. Contractor was Alfred McAlpine, cost £5.7 million. The northern bypass section utilised the previous A394 from Treluswell Roundabout, south of Burnthouse, to Treliever Roundabout and the previously unclassified Mabe Bypass between Treliever Roundabout and Kernick Roundabout which had opened in 1989.
1994 A40 Whitland Pembrokeshire Whitland Bypass
1994 A419 Ebley Bypass Gloucestershire Stonehouse to Dudbridge. Opened December 1994 per Gloucestershire County Council document of 1999. It utilised the route of the former Midland Railway line between Ryeford and Dudbridge stations. Cost £16 million.
1994 A52 Ashbourne Derbyshire Ashbourne Bypass
1994 A557 Widnes Eastern Bypass Lancashire Phase 1 - the 4 mile Watkinson Way from M62 J7 at Rainhill to A562 Ashley Way was opened on 11 November 1994 by John Watts, Minister for Roads and Railways. Dual carriageway. Named after safety campaigner Ted Watkinson who spent 20 years campaigning for it. A569 Norlands Lane was closed to through traffic. Contractor was Birse Construction. Tender cost £14.6 million, total cost £26.19 million.
1994 A683 Lancaster Lancashire Phase One of Lancaster & Heysham Bypass. A589 renumbered across River Lune as part of works.
1994 A689 Low Crosby Bypass Cumberland 2 mile single carriageway road, costing £2.9 million. Work started in July 1993 with a 66 week contract period. It may have opened later.
1994 A6010 Manchester Lancashire Alan Turing Way - improvement to Intermediate Ring Road.
1994 A830 Morar Bypass Inverness-shire The 1.8 mile road was officially opened on 15 July 1994 by Lord James Douglas-Hamilton, Scottish Office Minister. It was due to be open to traffic by the end of June 1994. Contractor Morrison Construction won a Construction Commendation for the project in the 1995 Saltire Awards for Civil Engineering. Cost £7.3 million.
1994 A90 Brechin Angus Brechin Bypass Dualling
1995 M8 Newbridge to City Bypass, Edinburgh Midlothian Extended from J1 to J2
1995 A1(M) Walshford - Dishforth Interchange Yorkshire The 13.7 mile section from Walshford temporary junction to J49 opened on 27 November 1995 per the Gazette notice. The 2002 Ordnance Survey 1:50000 map showed this junction by the Moor Lane overbridge with a connection to the A168 local access road that had been built alongside the new motorway. The Gazette notice termination point was stated as 450m south of Whixley Lane, which is 0.5km north of the junction. It was an upgrade of the existing A1 dual carriageway with adjacent A168 for non motorway traffic.
1995 A74(M) St Ann's - Dinwoodie Green Dumfriesshire Upgrade of existing A74 dual carriageway to motorway standard.
1995 A74(M) Ecclefechan - Kirkpatrick Fleming Dumfriesshire Upgrade of existing A74 dual carriageway to motorway standard from J19 to J21.
1995 A16 Spalding Common to Boston Lincolnshire Spalding & Sutterton Bypass
1995 A17 Leadenham Bypass Lincolnshire Opened 10 March 1995. The 2.5 mile road cost £3.325 million.
1995 A30, A39 Indian Queens , Fraddon and St. Columb Road Bypass Cornwall The 3 mile road was opened in the week to 22 June 1995 by John Watts, Minister for Railways and Roads. Sections had been opened in 1994 and May 1995. Dual carriageway apart from the section of bypass for Trevarren and Blackcross. Contractor was Tarmac Construction, cost £12.7 million.
1995 A30 Scorrier to Blackwater Cornwall Blackwater Bypass
1995 A39 Glastonbury Western Relief Road Somerset Work started on 11 July 1994 with a completion date of April 1995. It may have opened later. Contractor was Birse Construction.
1995 A386 Hatherleigh Bypass Devon Opened 12 October 1995 by K J Watson, Devon County Council Chairman per plaque. Contractor was Taylor Woodrow.
1995 A390 Probus Bypass Cornwall The 2.5 mile single carriageway road with climbing lanes opened in December 1995. It followed the general line of existing roads including A3078 on the western section. The eastern section between Trevorva and Trewithin opened in the week to 28 September 1995 to divert A3078 traffic whilst work took place at the western end. Contractor was CORMAC, expected cost £3.8 million.
1995 A46 Kirkby Muxloe to Syston Leicestershire Leicester Bypass
1995 A417 Brockworth Bypass Gloucestershire 3.5 mile dual carriageway. It included a new M5 J11a Brockworth Interchange which was opened on 22 December 1995 per The Gazette. Reference was made later in Hansard to a 1994 bypass opening but this is unclear. In May 1994 children started a 60 tonne earth moving machine which trundled across fields and through fences and hedges for a mile before hero PC Geoff Manners climbed aboard to stop the machine before it came to pylons and the A46. The children were arrested.
1995 A4042 Newport Monmouthshire Brynglas Tunnels and Malpas Road Relief Road. Old A4042 renumbered as an extension of A4051
1995 A5 Tamworth Bypass Staffordshire • Warwickshire Fazeley, Two Gates and Wilnecote Bypass. 4.75 mile dual carriageway. Contractor Alfred McAlpine Ltd., cost £26 million.
1995 A564 Foston, Hatton, Hilton Bypass Derbyshire 5.8 mile dual carriageway between Sudbury Roundabout and J5 Hilton. Opened 1995 per Hansard. Works cost £19.4 million. Later renumbered as A50.
1995 A5300 Huyton Quarry to A562 Lancashire Knowsley Expressway
1995 A65 , A660 Burley in Wharfedale Bypass Yorkshire Opened in April 1995 by Sir Marcus Fox M.P.. Dual carriageway between Ilkley Roundabout and Burley Hall Roundabout, single carriageway for the section east and A65 spur to Otley Road. Cost £5.6 million.
1995 A689 Newton Cap Diversion, Bishop Auckland Durham The 1.1 mile road was opened on 21 July 1995 by Derek Foster, MP for Bishop Auckland. Also a bypass of Toronto. It included the conversion to road use of the 11 span, 252m long and 32m high stone arch Newton Cap railway viaduct, which had been built between 1854 and 1857 across the River Wear. The conversion of the stone arch viaduct was believed to be a first of its type for the country, although there had been earlier conversions of railway bridges to road use. Work cost £5.85 million.
1995 A87 Kyle of Lochalsh to Kyleakin Ross-shire • Inverness-shire Opening of Skye Bridge
1995 A96 Lhanbryde Bypass Moray The 1.2 mile single carriageway road opened in July 1995. Cost was £2.6 million.
1996 M4 Second Severn Crossing Gloucestershire • Monmouthshire The new bridge and route for M4 of 10 miles from new junctions J21 Awkley Interchange to J23 Rogiet Interchange was opened on 5 June 1996 by Prince Charles. The 16,824 feet (5,128m) long cable stayed bridge with long approach viaducts cost £330 million and was the longest river crossing in the UK at the time. It was renamed Prince of Wales Bridge in 2018 and tolls were removed from 17 December 2018.
1996 M49 Avonmouth to M4 Gloucestershire Opened with new M4 Severn Crossing.
1996 M77 Mosspark to Darnley, Glasgow Renfrewshire Stage 1 extended to J3
1996 M77 Darnley to Malletshaugh, Glasgow Renfrewshire Stage 2 extended to J5
1996 A1 Macmerry to Haddington East East Lothian The 5.1 mile dual carriageway opened in 1996 per
1996 A11 Wymondham Bypass Norfolk The 5.4 mile dual carriageway from the west end of Spooner Row Interchange to Tuttles Lane Interchange was opened on 22 March 1996 by John Watts, Roads Minister. Cost £16.5 million.
1996 A143 Brockdish and Needham Bypass Norfolk Mentioned as open in a Hansard debate record of 17 January 1996, although the Needham and Brockdish Community History Project lists the opening date as 20 December 1996. 3 mile single carriageway. Contractor was May Gurney, tender price £3.5 million, awarded in November 1994.
1996 A1058 Jesmond: Cradlewell Bypass Northumberland The 0.6 mile S4 road from Sandyford Road to Benton Bank was due to open in January 1996. It included a 110 metre underpass and a 4 span viaduct over Ouse Burn adjacent to the existing Benton Bank Bridge. Cost £15 million.
1996 A2016 Erith Kent Tamesmead and Erith Spine Road (known after opening as Bronze Age Way) opened.
1996 A4/A46 Batheaston to Swanswick Somerset Batheaston & Swanswick Bypass
1996 A47 Walpole, Terrington and Tilney Bypass Norfolk Walpole Highway, Terrington St. Lawrence and Tilney High End Bypass. The 5 mile dual carriageway was opened in 1996 per Hansard.
1996 A409 Wealdstone Middlesex George Gange Way realignment in Wealdstone
1996 A691 Witton Gilbert Bypass Durham 1.6 mile single carriageway road scheme with 0.75 mile new section. Work had started in November 1995 so it may have opened in 1997. It included a footpath and cycleway, the first for the County. Cost £4.3 million. Gilbert is pronounced with a "j".
1997 M65 Preston - Blackburn Lancashire Missing link of the M65 bypassing Blackburn.
1997 A39 Trispen Bypass Cornwall The 3.25 mile single carriageway road from A30 Carland Cross to south of Trispen was opened on 5 December 1997 by William Hosking, Cornwall County Council Chairman.
1997 A465 Aberdulais - Glynneath Glamorgan The 8.5 mile dual carriageway was opened on 24 February 1997. At Glynneath it joined the existing dual carriageway just west of the River Neath bridge to the west of Glynneath Interchange and the temporary section to the Lamb and Flag on Park Avenue, Glynneath was closed. Contractor was Alfred McAlpine Construction Ltd., tender price £45.745 million.
1997 A51 Spur Rugeley Eastern Bypass Staffordshire Stage 1 - A51 to A513 Link Road. 0.7 miles. Contractor was VHE Construction, contract cost £2 million. It may have opened in 1998. It became the A51 route in 2007 on completion of the bypass.
1997 A533 Davenham Bypass Cheshire 2.5 mile single carriageway road. Completed by mid August and July has been mentioned for the opening. Contractor was John Mowlem Construction of Bromborough, total cost £18.15 million.
1997 A69 Haltwhistle Northumberland Haltwhistle Bypass
1997 A9 Logie Easter to Garrick Bridge Inverness-shire Final Section of the A9 Constructed
1997 A92 Montrose Angus Montrose Town Centre Bypass
1998 A1(M) Peterborough - Alconbury Huntingdonshire The 12.8 mile section from J17 Fletton Parkway Interchange to un-numbered junction with B1043 south of Alconbury was opened on 31 October 1998 per The Gazette. There is also a spur from J14 to A1307. See A1(M)/Alconbury - Peterborough. It was an upgrade of the existing A1 dual carriageway. The new local service road was B1043.
1998 A1(M) Micklefield - Bramham Crossroads Yorkshire The 4 mile section from J44 to a temporary connection to A1 on Micklefield Bypass was opened on 18 December 1998 per Gazette but not confirmed from other sources. Part of the M1 – A1 Link contract (opened 4 February 1999). See A1/Improvements Timeline for details about the southern terminus on the Micklefield Bypass. Terminus of motorway was arbitrary where DBFO contract ended. It was an upgrade of the existing A1 dual carriageway.
1998 A299 Whitstable – Herne Bay Kent Thanet Way dualling and offline upgrade (A290 to A291). Old A299 through Whitstable and Herne Bay renumbered as A2990.
1998 A34 Newbury Bypass Berkshire • Hampshire 8.4 mile dual carriageway. The project had been subject to environmental protest and so was opened secretly under the cover of night on 17 November 1998. Contractor was Costain with consultant Mott MacDonald. The original project value was £74 million but this had increased to an outturn cost in excess of £100 million due to security costs of £30 million. The protest led to a long list of environmental measures incorporated at a late stage.
1998 A50 Doveridge Bypass Staffordshire • Derbyshire 5 mile dual carriageway from McDonalds Roundabout, Uttoxeter to Ashbourne Turn, Sudbury. Opened fully on 6 February 1998 per Hansard with concrete surface.
1998 A698 Kelso Roxburghshire Kelso Bypass
1998 A6072 West Auckland Bypass Durham Stage 1 - 0.6 mile eastern section from Watling Road to St Helen's Industrial Estate. Contractor was Wrekin Construction, cost £1.3 million. Later renumbered A688.
1998 A96 Kintore and Blackburn Bypass Aberdeenshire The dual carriageway was opened on 15 September 1998 by Calum MacDonald, Scottish Transport Minister. He was the first to officially drive on the road and was in a vintage steam engine. Cost £19 million.
1999 M1 Belle Isle Interchange - Hook Moor Interchange Yorkshire M1-A1 Link connecting M1 to A1 in Yorkshire opened on 4 February 1999. The official opening was by John Prescott, MP, on 12 February 1999. Original M1 into Leeds renumbered as M621.
1999 A74(M) Paddy's Rickle - St Ann's Dumfriesshire Completion of A74(M) between Abington and Gretna.
1999 A1 Dunbar Spott Roundabout to Oswald Dean East Lothian The 1.5 mile dualling opened on 22 December 1999 per
1999 A12 Wanstead to Hackney Wick (London) Essex M11 Link Road. A11 downgraded to A1199 (Woodford to Leytonstone), declassified (Leytonstone to Stratford) and A118 (Stratford to Bow)
1999 A289 Strood Kent Dual carriageway bypassing Strood. Old A289 downgraded to the B2108.
1999 A33 Reading A33 Relief Road Berkshire The dual carriageway from M4 J11 Three Mile Cross to Reading Inner Distribution Road was opened on 9 June 1999. Cost £20 million.
1999 A35 Puddletown to Tolpuddle Dorset Puddletown & Tolpuddle Bypass

Other changes in 1990s

Network changes - 1990s
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