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Network changes - 2000s

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A list of the changes to the road network in Great Britain from 2000 - 2009. Includes road openings and renumberings.

Road Openings

Year Number on opening Location County Notes
2000 M60 Middleton to Denton Lancashire M60 Completion
2001 A6 Bamber Bridge Lancashire Bamber Bridge Bypass
2002 A1 Dunbar Bowerhouse to Spott Roundabout East Lothian 1 mile of dualling
2003 M6 Toll Cannock to Coleshill Staffordshire • Warwickshire M6 Toll road by-passing Birmingham and Wolverhampton
2003 A1 Alnwick Bypass Northumberland 2.4 miles dualled between Willowburn and Denwick. Opened in 2003 per,uk North Eastern Branch
2003 A1 Houndwood to Howburn Berwickshire Dualling
2003 A41 Aston Clinton Buckinghamshire Aston Clinton Bypass
2003 A5 Nesscliffe Bypass Shropshire 2.9 mile dual carriageway. Opened on 21 March 2003 by John Spellar, Transport Minister.
2003 A500 Basford - Hough - Shavington Bypass Cheshire The 4.7 mile dual carriageway was opened on 22 May 2003 by Gwyneth Dunwoody M.P.. Cost £28 million..
2003 A830 Arisaig to Morar Inverness-shire New Road
2004 A1(M) Walshford to Kirk Deighton (Wetherby) Yorkshire The 2.9 mile section from Walshford temporary junction to J46 opened on 17 December 2004. It was also reported on Sabre on 19 December 2004 that it was open for 2 lane running each way with a 50mph limit. Note that the Gazette notice stated the opening date as 14 March 2005 and also that the start point was 528m north of Moor Lane Bridge at Walshford. See 1995 entry re this temporary junction.
2004 A1 Haddington East to Dunbar East Lothian 4.5 mile dual carriageway to Thistly Cross Roundabout
2004 A10 Ware to Puckeridge Hertfordshire Wadesmill Bypass
2004 A1068 Lesbury Northumberland Lesbury Bypass
2004 A48 Newport Monmouthshire A48 routed onto newly-upgraded Newport Southern Distributor Road
2004 A63 Selby Yorkshire Selby Bypass
2004 A617 Mansfield Nottinghamshire Mansfield Ashfield Regeneration Route, bypassing Mansfield.
2004 A78 Adrossan Ayrshire Opening of Stevenston, Saltcoats & Adrossan bypass
2004 A985 Kincardine Fife Kincardine Southern Bypass
2005 A92 Dundee to Arbroath Angus Dualling
2005 A1(M) Micklefield to Brotherton Yorkshire The 5.2 mile section from the temporary connection with A1 on Micklefield Bypass (see 1998 entry) to a temporary connection with existing A1 between Fairburn and Brotherton was opened on 6 February 2005 Southbound and 4 April 2005 Northbound. Opening dates from Sabre Forum and BBC News report of 4 April 2005. No notice of opening has come up in a search of the The Gazette. The section on the Micklefield Bypass was an upgrade of the existing A1 dual carriageway.
2005 A1 Dunbar Thistly Cross Roundabout to Bowerhouse East Lothian 0.6 mile of dualling and re-alignment
2005 A167 Chilton Durham Chilton Bypass
2005 M77 Malletshaugh to Fenwick Ayrshire M77 extended to J8
2005 A726 Malletshaugh to East Kilbride Lanarkshire • Renfrewshire Glasgow Southern Orbital
2005 A21 Lamberhurst Bypass Kent • Sussex 1.6 mile D2 dual carriageway, opened March 2005. Contractor was May Gurney.
2005 A5 Weeford to Fazeley Staffordshire Weeford & Hints Bypass
2005 A38 Weeford Staffordshire Junction Improvement
2005 A80 Cumbernauld Lanarkshire Auchenkilns Interchange
2005 A47 Thorney Cambridgeshire Thorney Bypass
2006 A1(M) Brotherton to Darrington Yorkshire The 4.5 mile offline section from a temporary connection with existing A1 between Fairburn and Brotherton (see 2005 entry) to J40. Opening date per Sabre Forum. No notice of opening has come up in a search of the The Gazette.
2006 A228 Leybourne Kent Leybourne bypass.
2006 A505 Baldock Hertfordshire Baldock Bypass
2006 A421 Bedford to Black Cat Roundabout Bedfordshire Great Barford Bypass
2007 A66 Temple Sowerby Westmorland Temple Sowerby bypass
2007 A11 Attleborough Norfolk Attleborough Bypass Dualling
2007 A30 Goss Moor Cornwall Bodmin to Indian Queens
2007 A9 Ballinluig Perthshire Ballinluig Junction Improvement
2007 A8 Port Glasgow Renfrewshire Port Glasgow Town Centre Bypass
2007 A6193 Rochdale Lancashire Sir Issac Newton Way, connecting M62 with A664
2007 A197 Pegswood Northumberland Pegswood Bypass
2007 A606 Oakham Rutland Oakham Bypass
2007 M9 Spur Kirkliston to Queensferry West Lothian M9 Spur extended to A90
2008 A14 Haughley Suffolk Haughley Bends realignment
2008 M6 Kingstown, Carlisle to Guards Mill, Gretna Cumberland The 5.8 mile dual three lane motorway replaced the previous A74 dual carriageway and was opened on 5 December 2008 by Lord Adonis, Minister of Transport. It finished the M6 and Cumberland Gap to complete the motorway from London to Glasgow. Cost £174 million. The opening date was 50 years after the opening of the Preston Bypass, the first British motorway and section of M6. The new Esk Bridge had been in use since 27 March 2008 for the southbound traffic.
2008 A38 Dobwalls Cornwall Dobwalls Bypass
2008 A68 Dalkeith Midlothian Dalkeith Northern bypass
2008 A590 High Newton to Low Newton Lancashire High Newton & Low Newton Bypass
2008 A595 Distington to Parton Cumberland Distington Bypass
2008 A876 Kincardine Clackmannanshire Junction Improvement, Dualling & Opening of Clackmannanshire Bridge bypassing Kincardine.
2009 A1(M) Kirk Deighton (Wetherby) to Bramham Crossroads Yorkshire The 6 mile section from J46 to J44 opened on 31 July 2009. See A1(M) Bramham to Wetherby. It was an upgrade of the existing A1 dual carriageway.
2009 A428 Bedford Bedfordshire Bedford Western bypass
2009 A830 Arisaig to Loch nam Uamh Inverness-shire Upgraded to two lane road.
2009 A69 Haydon Bridge Northumberland Haydon Bridge bypass
2009 A7 Auchenrivock Dumfriesshire Auchenrivock Bypass
2009 A38 Northfield, Birmingham Worcestershire Northfield Bypass
2009 A9 Bankfoot Perthshire Bankfoot Junction Improvement

Other changes in 2000s

May 2009 - M10 downgraded to A414

Network changes - 2000s
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